*SOLO* IN A NUTSHELL: 4+ month old puppy. Totally adorable, outgoing and friendly to all.
We were contacted in late September by our facebook angel, Kathy J, about a 12 week old puppy that needed a new home. His current owners (and I quote), "are already overwhelmed with him and he's got to go." We were told the family got him as a puppy but had "no time" for him. Apparently the family was not prepared to deal with a large breed puppy. We have no idea what their circumstances are or why they acquired Solo in the first place, but it was apparent he needed somewhere to go. Our friend, Lou, who has helped us rescue several furbabies before, went to meet Solo and facilitate his surrender. She also provided us with this video:

The owners were unwilling and/or unable to help with transport from northern California, and so Kathy put out a plea and Renee answered! For the price of gas (and the overnight hospitality of our guest room in Phoenix), Renee agreed to drive from her home in San Diego to pick up the puppy near San Luis Obispo then head out to Phoenix the following day.

Renee and Hazel

UPDATE 10/6: Renee is on the road with her co-pilot, Hazel, after picking Solo up in SLB.

The first thing Renee noticed is that Solo's tail was shorter than a German shepherd's should be. We were completely shocked as none of the photos had shown that. The only photo we have of Solo showing his tail is the one above. We're anxiously awaiting additional photos to check that out.

Meeting the transport in San Luis Obispo

Hazel keeps a close eye on mom while she's driving ~ Solo isn't a happy camper being crated in the back

According to Renee, Solo is being a good boy on the trip, "My Mal had puppies last year, 2 days after getting her from the Apple Valley Shelter. She is a pro momma. She is doing really good with Solo. He is taking correctly perfectly from her."

UPDATE 10/6 1:30pm First Rest Stop ~ Westlake Village, CA: Renee checked in to let us know she had arrived safely in Westlake Village and had an ETA of around 9:30pm for Phoenix.


UPDATE 10/6 8pm: We finally heard from our transporter who reported that she'd hit the WORST traffic she'd ever seen and hadn't even gotten out of California yet after driving all day! In fact, rather than being most of the way to her destination in Phoenix, she'd only made it to the Morongo Indian Casino, which is 127 miles from Westlake Village! It had taken her 6-1/2 hours to go just over 120 miles! We will, of course, be waiting up for her arrival, which is estimated to be around 2am. She's going to need a good night's rest, that's for sure!

And then there were three ... Nomena (center) rejoins the puppy pack at WGSDR.
Frosty is at right, Solo at left.

After Thelma was adopted, the puppy pack didn't have a leader, so we decided to try Aurora out in the position ~ she was a hit! Nomena is at left, Frosty center and Solo to the right.

Solo shows off his unusual tail

UPDATE 10/22: Solo passed his kitty test today!

Hello, kitty

UPDATE 10/26: Solo moved in to his new foster home today! We're looking forward to some very positive updates.

Solo meets foster mom Melyssa and foster fursister Stella
He was also happy to meet the neighborhood kids

Solo thanks volunteer Wendy for the lift
Solo and his new foster family

FOSTER UPDATE 10/27: "Solo had a great first night. He slept all night, not a peep. I'm thinking Stella may just be crazier than most other dogs because she even makes a puppy look mellow. He's had a couple accidents in the house, but he's working on it. He went to the back door when he needed to go out one time."

FOSTER UPDATE 10/29: "Solo is doing great this morning. He is full of energy ... The cat finally came downstairs last night and Solo was interested. He went over to say hi and the cat hissed and he barked a few times, but eventually he got distracted and went to play with Stella. The cat just watched from a distance. I'm thinking once they warm up, they will be fine. It's not like Remi who was eyes locked on the cat 24/7."

UPDATE 11/1: While Solo is doing very well in his foster home, his foster family has decided that they are not able to make a lifetime commitment to him -- their resident dog (a Malinois) is quite enough energy for them -- and so they have made the difficult decision not to adopt him. We are looking for a new foster (or adoptive) home for this personality plus boy.

Adoption fee $425.00.

If you are interested in Solo, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Solo or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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