POLO IN A NUTSHELL: 1 year old male.
The call went out in early December ... an owner wanting to surrender a one year old mama dog and her SIX, 6-month old puppies! When we first looked at the photos, we thought sure they were German shepherds, but as things progressed, we were send a photo of the mama dog (that turned out to be a husky), and the old year old "mama dog" turned out to be a male German shepherd named Polo. We couldn't help with the pups since they were husky mixes who quickly found rescue, but we could offer to take on Polo.

We were told that it was a very bad situation. And to make matters worse, mama husky had already had ANOTHER litter!!

Thankfully help arrived for all of the dogs! Here's Polo and a rescue volunteer:

We are getting bits of information. This is a blended household with a young adult. Her boyfriend got Polo as a puppy and used to walk him. The boyfriend got a job, so the dog ended up with this family. That is how they ended up with 2 unwanted litters of puppies.

UPDATE 12/22: Polo was due to be flown from his home in northern California to the Riverside area, but the flight was scrubbed due to weather. Thank you to Nancy, who volunteered to drive Polo to Lancaster to meet Chuck and Jon.

In Nancy's vehicle heading south

Meeting up with Chuck & Jon in Lancaster

UPDATE 12/24: Polo was neutered and updated on shots today and is settled in comfortably at Husky Camp. Thanks, Chuck and Jon!!


According to Chuck, "He's the shy, silent type. He'll get used to noises down here."

Adoption fee to be determined.

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