*LAREDO* IN A NUTSHELL: 4 years old, housebroken, good with other dogs, cats are an unknown, good with people.
Laredo was adopted from our rescue in 2019 into a military family. That family has had some significant challenges this year, with one its members (Laredo's primary caregiver) being forced to go into a care facility where Laredo cannot follow. Friends and family members are not in a position to take him on. This move is going to take place on May 19th, so Laredo will have nowhere to go unless we can help him.

Laredo came into our rescue as a puppy from Pima County Animal Care in Tucson.

Click here to see Laredo's journey from a Tucson shelter to what was supposed to be his forever home

According to his family, "Laredo was born April 5, 2019, and has been a good boy ever since. An affable doggo, Laredo responds in kind to playful growls and howling. He also loves to play fetch (until he doesn't and simply stares at the toy rolling into the abyss or decides it's his toy to lay down and chew on now). He enjoys going on walks outside, and no walk is too great. When other animals or people are seen while walking, he keeps his cool even if the other dogs are barking and attempting to meet him even at a close distance.

He responds well to verbal commands and picks up on tone of voice. Some commands he is familiar with are 'C'mere/Come on,' 'Go [away],' 'Lay [down],' '[Go to] bed,' and 'sit.' With 'go to bed,' he usually goes to the nearest one. However, saying 'No' and 'Go to bed' while pointing in the direction of the correct bed (even if in another room) is sufficient for him to understand.

When he wants attention, he will approach where you are seated and gingerly place his head on your lap. If he can't access your lap, he'll put it next to you. If you're doing something like watching a video on your phone, he will observe what you're watching for a bit if you show him; he's very intelligent.

He is socialized, loves people, and will positively engage with them. He is trained not to climb onto furniture, but will occasionally test the waters if you're being playful by putting his paw(s) on the furniture. He's tentative around pools, but we have been getting him used it, and he will venture out on occasion to meet with a coaxing swimmer. On rare occasions, he has cannonballed into the deep end to splash a playful owner.

Laredo is a joyful, yet respectful dog. He is highly intelligent and attuned to his owners. His attitude towards other animals is laissez-faire, and he seems to have a notable affinity for bonding with female humans."

Adoption fee to be determined.

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