*CHEYENNE* IN A NUTSHELL: Very sweet girl, a little shy initially but warms up quickly. Good with dogs and cats.
We first heard about Cheyenne from personnel at Pinal County Animal Care & Control in late September, "This sweet girl just came in and as soon as I saw her I thought of you. :) She is on a 5 day hold but her owner is medically incapacitated. I don't think she's leaving the hospital. She lived with 8 other dogs (small and large) and 10 cats, so she is pretty dog/cat savvy. I don't think any of them were in the best living conditions as the officer's note stated, 'I impounded 7 dogs from the address. The house was in poor condition and the animals were without food or water.' She's a very sweet dog, just terrified being here so she just hangs out in the corners of her kennel. We have her aged at 2 years old, I don't believe she's spayed, the system says she isn't. We were unable to find out what her name was.The owner collapsed and was rushed to the hospital before any of us got out there. She is now unable to communicate according to the notes, so if I happen to get her name within the next couple of days I'll let you know."

Giving paw

On October 21st, we inquired as to Cheyenne's status and were told, "I apologize for the delay. Sadly, we are in a bit of a waiting space custody-wise for Cheyenne. Her owner is in a care facility and not yet willing to give up ownership and we are required to give her an opportunity to reasonably reclaim her. Legally it is in a bit of holding point right now while the attorneys decide what that time line will look like. We will reach out as soon as we have a solid time line in place for this sweet girl." So, there was nothing we could do except move on to help other dogs in need.

Finally, on October 19th (after we had agreed to take in SIX other dogs -- Warner, Clint, Dee-Dee, Apollonia, Huerro and Denver) we received an email update from the shelter, "Okay so good news the custody issue has been resolved and Cheyenne is in need of placement. Cheyenne came from a home with 10 cats and 10 dogs of various sizes. She was very timid upon intake but has warmed up well and has been going on walks and yard play dates with staff and volunteers without issue. Please let us know if you are interested in pulling her!" Needless to say, this was NOT the news we had been hoping for!

We asked if Cheyenne was on a deadline and, "She can be a little timid to leash up in the kennel if you are a stranger, but once leashed she walks very well and doesn't pull. She warms up really quick and is a super sweet girl! We will keep you in the loop. We do not deadline dogs who are not a danger to the public or severely medically compromised." Thankfully that gave us a little time to drum up a foster and, thankfully, volunteer Wendy stepped up!

UPDATE 10/29: Cheyenne was picked up at the shelter this afternoon by one of our staff members and volunteer, Wendy, who graciously offered to foster Cheyenne.

Ready for freedom!
It was obvious that she and shelter worker, Robbie,
had a special connection

Robbie was thrilled that Cheyenne was going to rescue
Checking things out at Wendy's
This is one beautiful girl

FOSTER UPDATE 10/30: "[Last night] mostly went well. A while later she stood at the door so I took her out. She did her business. The third time she pulled a lot and didn't do anything. The fourth time I put the prong collar on her and she did much better but she didn't do anything. We had a little chat about when she should ask to go out and she hasn't asked since. She finally came to me and we played chase. It was a hoot. She only had one bout of panic but it didn't last long and she came to me when I called her. She just now ate three or four pieces of food but she goes to the fridge for her chicken treat when we come in from a walk. She's being making her way from the patio door to my feet and is finally laying here now. She is a sweetheart."

FOSTER UPDATE 10/31: "Cheyenne is a very special little girl. She has had training and knows sit, stay, heel and quiet. She walks right beside you when asked to. Otherwise she is a typical puppy and wants to explore and smell everything. She gets very excited when she sees other dogs but has never barked at them. When you say 'leave it,' she goes back to what she was doing. Cheyenne's tail is usually wagging but every now and then she gets a lost and sad look. She then comes to me, puts her head on my lap and goes back to happy after I pet her. If given the opportunity she will climb up on your lap and probably lay beside you if you let her. She has been loved and is missing that. She does like to go for walks and needs the exercise. She's very fast when she runs, at least faster than me."

Cheyenne will be seeing our vet this week to determine her spay status. If she is spayed, she will be available for immediate introductions and adoption. If not, she will be scheduled for spay surgery. Please check back for updates from foster mom, Wendy.

UPDATE 11/8: Playtime!


FOSTER UPDATE 11/9: "Cheyenne has become very protective [of me]. On recent walks she is excited to see people and other dogs. We stopped to visit with a neighbor and she stood beside me with her tail wagging until they came to within about four feet when she barked at them. As soon as I said 'quiet,' she stopped. After that she stood and never moved. Cheyenne loves to play fetch. She tries to catch but her coordination isn't quite there yet. I gave her a tug rope and it was obvious that she had never been exposed to one before. She stands perfectly still when you brush her. She sits when you say 'wait,' at least until her puppy impatience kicks in. She does love her treats."

UPDATE 11/9: Cheyenne saw our vet today. She weighed in at just under 60 pounds (she definitely needs to gain more weight). She was shaved and a spay scar observed. It was thought that she was spayed young as it does not appear that she has ever had a litter of pups. She was pronounced healthy and microchipped.

Adoption fee $395.00.

If you are interested in Cheyenne, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Cheyenne or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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