CHANCE IN A NUTSHELL: Adult gentleman. Gets along with people and other (larger) dogs.
We received an email from our facebook angel, Kathy J. One of the California shelters had reached out to her on this boy to see if we could possibly find room for him in our rescue. According to the shelter, "Here's the boy we just got. Sad story; his owners sold their house and just left him there. The buyers were caring for him while they were going over and fixing thing up to move in. They said when they brought their dogs over, he didn't like them. We dog tested and he did fine. Probably didn't do proper introductions or give enough time. He's very friendly and Chelsea thinks around 7-8 years old based on teeth. He's neutered. His name is Chance. We're beyond full and have sooo many Shepherds right now."

We reached out to our Globe fosters to see if they would consider taking Chance on ... and they said yes!

UPDATE 6/19: Thanks to our friends at Husky Camp, Chance was pulled from the shelter this afternoon and has taken up temporary residence at Husky Camp until transport to Arizona can be arranged.


UPDATE 6/21: We have discovered that Chance is a water dog!!

UPDATE 7/8: Our thanks go out to Chuck and Jon from Husky Camp and our volunteer transporters Michael and Bob! Chance made his way from Husky Camp in California to his new foster home with Dave and Jackie in Globe this afternoon. According to Michael, "Chance is a very nice, quiet boy who rode beautifully in the car. He laid down with no pacing and was quiet the whole trip. He took treats very nicely. When we picked him up, the ground was too hot so we had to do a 'no paws on ground' transfer straight from Chuck and Jon's car to ours. When we arrived at his foster's house 4 hours later he really had to go!! Good boy held it all the way without complaint. He woofed down a cup of dry dog food and had two big drinks of water before he set out to explore his new digs. He was the perfect gentleman. After he was done exploring, he took a milk bone treat and laid down in the living room and devoured it! That's all the comments I can think of right now. More to come later, and I'm sure some from Dave & Jackie will too."

Loaded up with Chuck and Jon

Chance is happy to meet Bob

Enjoying the ride

Dave & Jackie welcome Chance

Chance enjoys a good dinner

Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Bob!!

Foster dad Dave says, "Another baseball fan!"

FOSTER UPDATE 7/11: Dave reports Chance likes to be brushed, but has his limit. He is looking so much better now that his shedding is brushed out. His coat was severely neglected and feels like straw. His ears are black at the tips. I don't know if that is fly strikes or sunburn. He is well mannered and easy to manage. He comes looking for affection several times a day. He is tall, and when he fills out he is going to be large.

Chance loves his morning trips to the park and usually burns off a lot of energy, so he is relaxed the rest of the day. Sunday when John and Beaux came to visit, Dave said Chance was so pooped out, he laid around the house all day.

We adjusted our morning park schedules a little bit so Dave can use the adjacent park when the sprinklers shut off at 6:00. Dave says he likes to plop his belly down in the puddles at the park in the morning (from the sprinklers). That gives Chance, Amy and Rusty the opportunity to see each other and chase around separated by the fence.

Chance came to the park with foster dad Dave this morning!

UPDATE 7/17: From Michael, "We introduced Chance to Beaux at the park this morning. We had success! After the initial scuffles the two males dogs had establishing boundaries, the did very well together. They enjoyed each other's company. I think Chance will do well with another female dog."


FOSTER UPDATE 7/19: "Chance does not know any of the usual commands, but that has not been a problem. He wants to please and is very intuitive. He doesn't sit to get his leash attached, but holds very still. He doesn't come because you call, but because you are looking at him. The one normal training he's had is to play fetch. He will drop his ball and follow it if you aren't throwing it for him, but he prefers to interact. He is a people lover. I have not heard Chance bark, but hear he has barked while playing with his friends at the park. After a hard workout he loves his wading pool. At home he is peaceful ... content to be near family."


Chance has never been fond of thunder, but since lightening struck across the street he really is cautious. The storm has passed, but Chance is still hiding under Dave's desk.

UPDATE 8/15: Chance had his first physical at the vet this afternoon after his foster dad reported that he had been limping. He weighed in at 86 pounds and the vet put his age at 5 years. He went home on medication and we'll wait to see how he does.

FOSTER UPDATE 8/26: "Look how clear Chance's eyes look. He is more alert and more engaged since he came to us and no limp."

UPDATE 9/9: It was a beautiful morning in Globe today, and Chance came out to enjoy himself.



Chance and his buddy, Beaux, have a good time at the park

FOSTER UPDATE 10/16: "From Jackie: Chance and I were just having a conversation. He is a very good listener, putting his paw on my knee if I stop too soon. When Chance came to us, he was never more than a few feet away, but I think he was trying to be invisible – very still and very careful not to look at us. Now he is a frisky 'puppy.' He loves mornings. After his trip to the park he is full of life. He loves to race around and 'visit' with other dogs (separate areas). But he is very good with other dogs now. He has four favorite toys, an orange and blue ball that he chases and plays with at the park, a short rope that is sold as a pet toy that he throws around and sometimes catches before it lands. The next is a large red ball (the one he came with) with a large hole in it. He treats it like a teddy bear. We never know where we will find it. The last is the lizards in our backyard. He has never caught one, and I don't think he really wants to, but they make for a good chase. Food is not a problem, as he eats whatever dry/wet food is put in front of him and hasn’t had any digestive issues. Chance is still concerned about storms, sheltering on the floor in the bathroom (no outside walls) or snuggling close to Dave.

From Dave: People say that Chance is much bigger now. He is not, he is about the same weight as he was, but his ribs are not obvious. The biggest difference is that he stands straight and proud. Head up, ears erect and no slouch. He loves to chase his small ball and race around the park and visit with other dogs in the other areas. He is very friendly with the park workers and people that walk by. Chance is definitely not only a morning dog, but a 'water' dog as well. He has a wading pool out back that he loves, and WILL find every puddle at the park after they have watered in the AM. Big thing this morning. There were still distant rumbles of thunder, but going to the park won out over them. He was disappointed that no other dogs were there, but quickly ignored the distant thunder to play. He switches foods easily, and I am introducing 'Healthy Weight' dry foods. It's all grain free foods, and does get about 1/2 can of GOOD wet food on occasion. I'm also giving him glucosamine pills on occasion and he takes them well with a pill pocket."

UPDATE 12/14: Chance and foster dad, Dave, had a fun early morning in the snow!


FOSTER UPDATE 1/13: From foster mom Julie, "His tail was wagging a mile a minute. He loves to play and is really a people pet. He goes to the park every rain free morning. He runs and jumps, chases the ball or runs with the other dogs although each are in different fields. He's a little stiff some mornings and Dave gives him an aspirin. The stiffness doesn't stop him though."


Chance has learned to drink from a water bottle

FOSTER UPDATE 3/27: "Chance's digestion is mostly very good with normally good bowels now. He is getting IAMS Proactive Health as his dry food, and 1/2 can of Pedigree Chopped or ground as his breakfast after we return from his morning park visit. Grain free dry foods and ANY wet dog food with a gravy, are too rich for him. If we let him have a meat scrap or two, his droppings get quite soft, but I spoil him a bit anyway. His treats are a chunk of Chicken jerky, or BLUE brand health biscuits. He really likes the bacon, egg and cheese ones. As cold as it's been here, he is also getting a coated 325mg aspirin in the mornings and at night. and is doing quite well.

He is getting much better on a leash, except when we first get out of the car at the park when he wants to hurry. He has learned to drink from a water bottle and would make a great hiking dog with a bit more work. A 'NO' and a sharp chain yank are the methods I've been working with him on not pulling so hard.

He is very friendly people, as long as he knows them, or I tell him 'OK' .. We are working on NOT being quite so friendly with guests. and is quite friendly with other dogs as long as they do not growl at him or try to bite his legs. and loves to run around the park fence with a dog running on the outside. He has played with 2 dogs inside the park and done well. Since he is so big, most other dogs are a bit afraid of him and his playing. Both times, there were not issues, but the other dogs wanted out after a bit, as Chance's play (size) is a bit much, even for another big dog.

He is getting very good at not attempting to exit the house when the door is opened, as long as he has been told 'Wait' or 'You Wait'..., not saying that, he assumes that it's ok to go.. 'Wait' is also used to get him to stand still while I do, or, undo his leash or close the car door after he gets out. Other words and commands are 'UP' to get into the car. He knows the word 'ball' and they are his favorite items. He's not interested in any of the soft toys. He loves the big red ball he came with, and the orange & blue balls that are the heavier rubber. He will shred a tennis ball in minutes. He loves to chase the orange ball at the park, usually, he will bring it back for more, but if he's had enough for a bit, he will just drop it somewhere.. And, of course, he will play the 'it's mine' keep away .. He will drop it and then snatch it back up when you try to pick it up..

If you tell him to 'get the ball' or 'find your ball', he will normally go and get one of his balls. On rare occasions, he will just look at you with the 'not interested' look, and has been know to, on occasion, go to his ball and either look at it, then you, then walk away, or pitch it up, look at you, drop it and walk away.. Like 'See here it is dummy'...

I have a good video of him in the snow that I will send, and I'm sure there is more to tell, and will send it when / as I remember."

FOSTER UPDATE 9/25: "The gates are off at the T-ball fields, so we don't get to see Mike in the mornings and Chance doesn't get to run with other dogs - separated by the fence. We still go to the park in the mornings, and he walks / chases his ball off leash. And plays in the sprinklers, although a lot less now that it's cold in the mornings. Good for me as it forces me to walk around with him. He's very good about staying within the boundaries I've set for him... not to say he doesn't try to push them on occasion, but is usually very good about returning to me when I tell him to. He spotted and chased a cat this AM, but did NOT head down the hill after it when I told him 'no.'

He is standing more with his rear feet close together, closer than I think is normal, and the cold weather is causing him to limp a bit (rear feet) until the aspirin kicks in. He is getting one 3 times a day now. He DOES know where his rear feet are, and will immediately pull it flat if I tuck one under, but does run and walk a bit funny... Hips I think, but he doesn't let it slow him down.. He has really bonded and 'protects' the house...but is very friendly when we are with him. He's not aggressive with other dogs, but wants to play but is a bit big and rough for most. It would take quite a special person to adopt him, but maybe there is one out there. That's not to say that we won't keep him as long as needed. He still will not allow brushing, or most other grooming. I've ordered some deodorant spray as he is getting 'doggy.'

I will also pass on the story of the baby spotted skunk in the house. No, he did not spray Chance or in the house, just the coyotes that chased him into the yard and, I assume, Chance then chased him into the house. Still did smell pretty gross. I managed to corral Chance and herd the skunk out. It was not much bigger than a large hamster."

Adoption fee is a freewill donation to our rescue.

If you are interested in Chance, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Chance or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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