*NOMENA* IN A NUTSHELL: Cute and friendly.

*JULIAN* IN A NUTSHELL: Cute and friendly. ADOPTED!

We first heard about this pair from Rachel, a volunteer, "Several white GSDs here. I am a volunteer at the county shelter here and am just doing what I can to help these dogs find rescue as this is a high kill shelter. Below, you will find the white German Shepards (sic) currently serving time at the shelter. If I can help you pull them out and coordinate transport to Phoenix or elsewhere, I'd be more than happy to! Just trying to help the dogs survive."


We took a quick look at the dogs that Rachel had sent us and determined that most of them were huskies or husky mixes ... except these two babies. When we asked for more pictures and information, Rachel replied, "Since they are under 6 months old (they are 4 months), I am not supposed to take them out of the kennels unless I hold them in scrubs. I will see if an exception can be made to take them to a meet & greet room. Through the kennel bars, they would not be still and always had their ears cute. They appeared very friendly, not too scared to let me approach them. I believe their kennel card is attached to the email. They are "Nomena" and "King Julian."

Click for video of Julian at Bakersfield

After looking at the pictures and the video of Julian that Rachel had taken, we committed to taking them ... but how to get them to Phoenix? Our "go to" move is to contact our friends at Husky Camp, but they were busy picking up Pearl and Luna from Riverside and couldn't help us. Then an email came in from Rachel, "Through word of mouth on Facebook, I might have found someone who transports animals east from Bakersfield. I contacted her and am waiting to hear back whether this is something she could help us with." The shelter agreed to extend the puppies' time so that we could figure out transport. In the meantime, we updated our paperwork with the shelter to make the puppies' transfer seamless.

However, it was not to be. It turned out that the transporter, Mary, was working with other rescues in Phoenix to bring dogs from shelters to the area. We wondered if our pups could catch a ride ... and Mary said yes!! We had the transport problem solved ... or so we thought. When it was revealed that the puppies had been coughing earlier in the week, Mary said she could still transport them in a kennel together and keep them separated; however, one of the other rescues involved in the transport said no, and so we were back to square one on how to get the pups to Phoenix.

Rachel was going to pull the pups on Monday (August 28th) and bring them to her house until we could figure out transport; however, when she spoke to the shelter supervisor, the pups were granted more time. Not ideal to have such young puppies in a shelter environment, but it was the best we could do.

On August 29th, we received an adoption application from Cyndi. She had just lost her companion about a month before and was looking for a new furbaby to share her life and travels with. We exchanged several emails with Cyndi and in one she mentioned that she was currently in Sacramento, traveling home to the Phoenix area in her RV and would be happy to stop by Husky Camp and pick up Pearl and Luna! We were thrilled with the offer of a ride, but Nomena and Julian were still in a shelter in Bakersfield -- would Cyndi be willing to pick them up instead? Cyndi jumped at the chance to help and arrangements were made for her to meet Rachel at the Bakersfield shelter on Wednesday evening.

UPDATE 8/30: Nomena and Julian are out of the shelter and on their way to Phoenix!!!

Click for video of Pickup in Bakersfield

Rachel with the pups
Meeting Cyndi & her nephew
Cyndi and the pups

Loaded up in the RV
Snacks on the road

NEWS FROM THE ROAD: According to Cyndi, "Julian is no longer shy and timid. He is literally protecting us at the campground. I'll take more along the way as well. She is definitely a lover. He likes to lay in my lap and is the protector. He has taking a liking to me and she has taking a liking to my nephew. These are very sweet dogs and going to be great companionsII"

I almost don't want to send these since Nomena is cuddling my toilet,
but it's cute how they have settled in.

Settling in on the road
All out for a potty break!

Nomena needs some love
Rest stop in Buckeye for the night

UPDATE 9/1: The pups have arrived, safe and sound, in Phoenix! Our thanks go out to Cyndi who brought the pups safely from Bakersfield to their temporary foster home in Phoenix. And the even better news is that she fell in love along the way! She has decided to adopt Julian once she returns from her trip.

Cyndi at left with Julian and her sister-in-law with Nomena

And then there were THREE ~ Nomena and Julian join Frosty (looking over his shoulder)
at his foster home in Phoenix

Thelma takes her mothering role very seriously

UPDATE 9/3: The pups went out for their first playtime on the grass this afternoon. Trying to take a picture of three puppies (Frosty "Pup Tent" decided to join them) and Thelma was like herding cats!!

Nomena to the left, Julian next to Thelma and Pup Tent at the right

Nomena (left rear), Julian (center) and Pup Tent

Nomena and Julian are growing like weeds

UPDATE 9/11: Julian was neutered today and is resting comfortably at his foster home with one of our staff members. He will be going to his new home in about 2 weeks.


UPDATE 9/22: Thanks to foster mom, Betty, Nomena headed off to Tonopah to await her spay surgery on October 30th. She is still available to a foster home prior to her spay surgery. Our fosters are always given the first opportunity to adopt their foster furkids!


Nomena spent the remainder of the afternoon introducing herself to Betty's pack.


"Friends at both ends!"

Kitty time

Adoption fee for Nomena to be determined. Julian has been ADOPTED!

If you are interested in Nomena, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Nomena or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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