Steff teaching a reactive dog to leave it!

This is a conceptual class, rather than an obedience class. It focuses on:

    >The importance of Pack Leadership

    > How Your Dog Learns & the Skills You Need to Teach

    > Breaking Bad Habits that are Standing in Your Way

    > Handling Skills

    > How to Properly Respond to Inappropriate Behavior

    > Exercises that Increase Your Dog's Focus

    > Establishing a Firm Foundation from which to do Obedience Training

Training the Trainer is offered to all dogs adopted through our rescue on a freewill donation basis, as schedules permit.

Available to all others at $95 for ONE 2-hour private session, by appointment.


When owners are about to surrender their German Shepherd Dogs to rescue but are sincerely willing to consider alternatives that would enable them to keep their companions, SWGSR will always endeavor to provide assistance in that regard. Since time and resources are limited, candidates must be ready to make the commitment and expend the effort it takes to do what is needed. More often than not, this involves training and education to make up for what was not done previously.

Complete this questionnaire even if you are not sure you are ready to re-home your dog so that we have the information needed for your consultation.

It is important that you answer all questions completely; if you don't know the answer, indicate answer is unknown

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