ZEUS II IN A NUTSHELL: Friendly, people and dog social 6 - 9 month old puppy.
Just when we thought we didn't have a spare square inch of space (and we literally didn't), this guy popped up on our radar. Our facebook angel, Kathy J, emailed us with a subject line of "Don't shoot me." We almost did until we saw Zeus' picture and video.

Shelter intake photo

But, how to get to him? There was no room at the inn (at Husky Camp), so even if we could figure out how to get to him, we didn't have anywhere for him to go. In stepped Emily and her family. She had seen our plea for a foster online and filled out an application right away, offering Zeus a place to stay. Now our only problem was getting to the shelter and bailing Zeus out. We didn't want this youngster spending one more second than he absolutely had to in a shelter.

Betty to the rescue! Our longtime volunteer, foster, transporter and adopter offered to drive to the shelter and pick up Zeus! Betty will be heading to the shelter on Friday (10/7) and bringing Zeus to Arizona.


UPDATE 10/6: Thanks to Betty and her co-pilots Bob and Shiloh, Zeus was picked up at the shelter this afternoon and is on his way to Arizona!

Pit stop in Ehrenberg with Bob

According to Betty, "He is a gorgeous fellow. His medium-long fur reminds me of a baby version of Blitz. His feet are pretty big too."

Zeus got a bath this morning ~ look at those knuckles!

UPDATE 10/8: Our thanks to Betty and Bob who brought "little" Zeus out for an introduction and a photo shoot this afternoon. While his leash work leaves much to be desired, he had no hesitation in approaching everyone (people and dogs alike) for attention.

Bob & Betty with Zeus

Meeting a new friend

FOSTER UPDATE 10/11: "He doesn't really answer to any name, but he gets the gist and comes. He kinda knows sit and is learning off. At least he is calm enough to understand. He gets shy once in a while, like at night- he walks against my left leg. He jumped away from a boy on a bicycle (it scared him). Someone strange, it's hit or miss if he wanders up to meet or not. But he does like my neighbors Tony and Deb; he tries to climb on her lap and licks her face silly. Licks Tony as well. But he is comfortable there. ... He is a very sweet kid. He will make some family or person a great companion. Not that I want to 'get rid of' him, but his confidence is building pretty quick and his playtime is limited here, I think a real playmate will be good. He is much calmer than Sunshine and Paloma and Pauly. Shiloh doesn't seem to play with the last 2 as I thought; however, on Shiloh's behalf, he has picked his ball up and dropped it in front of Zeus so he can play with it. Considering Shiloh is possessive of all things his, I was proud. He did it also with a stuffy, a blown out stuffy, but he did share. Oh, he did make friends with the stray kitties that hang around and didn't give chase. So that's good."

Zeus is scheduled for neuter surgery on October 19th, after which he will be available for introductions and adoption.

UPDATE 10/19: Zeus (now known as "Teddy") saw our vet for his neuter surgery today. He weighted in at a healthy 47.6 pounds and came through the surgery with flying colors.

Adoption fee $425.00.

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