Sweet Zeus is typical of the countless dogs we see being surrendered by their owners; he's 3 years old and has had no real or formal training, zero socialization, along with lack of leadership. This unfortunate and common situation stems from the belief that German Shepherd Dogs can raise themselves, coupled with lack of time to fill their need for physical exercise, mental stimulation and regular human interaction. Walks, along with rides in the car and exploring the world outside of their own property, being with their people, are the things GSDs need, want and live for. And this is exactly what Zeus requires..simply the stuff he missed out on.

We generally work with providing such dogs with the social skills, confidence and training they need to be ready for their forever home, but in order to do it, Zeus needs a foster home so that we have regular access to him for his rehab. His current owners simply don't have the time to help us help him.

If you think you can give Zeus the chance he needs, please visit OUR FOSTER PROGRAM and if you meet the criteria, submit an application....THANKS!

He has a really nice core temperament, he's young and ready for new beginnings so we're eager to get started on preparing him for adoption but we need a place to put him.

Zeus is a friendly BiColor neutered male, current with vaccinations, housebroken, chipped, and has been left loose with indoor freedom. He has never been exposed to cats, does not do well with very small dogs and has lived and done well with kids over 12 years. He is uncertain around strange dogs due to his lack of exposure, yet fine when in the hands of a staff member/leader. We will be testing him further around dogs unfamiliar to him.

He has allergies to Bermuda grass for which he takes medication..we plan on revisiting his current protocol to see if it's the best choice for him.

This is a lovely dog that, with a bit of work, will make someone who has ample time for him, a super companion.

Adoption fee to be determined.