Zeke (then named "Lennon") came into our rescue in October 2019 when his family had to give him up. He was fostered successfully and then placed into what we had hoped would be his forever home, but it was not to be -- we found out very shortly that it was the wrong home for Zeke. He was becoming more and more nervous and afraid, and possessive of his new home and dad, to the point where he was barking and lashing out. We moved him immediately, and he's been a dream ever since!

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Our thanks go out to the folks at Sonoran Desert Pet Resort in Anthem (Audrey and John, who have adopted two of our rescue furkids). They agreed to take Zeke on, sight unseen, and give him the structure, socialization and training that he had so far sadly lacked. And, of course, to Michael and Bob, who graciously agreed to bring Zeke to Anthem to begin his training.

Michael and Bob deliver Zeke into Audrey and John's hands
Everyone works to make Zeke feel welcome
Audrey takes the leash and does her best to make Zeke feel comfortable
Meeting Micah, the trainer

We did everything we could think of to "push Zeke's buttons" by walking up to him quickly, standing over him, pushing into his space, but nothing we did (including putting on a baseball cap and pretending to be afraid of him) provoked any reaction at all. He simply ignored it and wagged his tail at our efforts. We left Zeke in very capable hands and look forwards to updates on his adjustment and behavior.

First order of business is a bath
"Here are some photos of getting this guy all cleaned up. We had to pick him up to get him into the bath but once he was there he was just fine and almost seemed to enjoy it. After getting all clean, he went into his suite with food, water, comfy blankets to snuggle on, and all his toys. More pictures to come! My staff loves him!!! They say he is so sweet! Our trainer is on the next three days so we should accomplish a lot. I have everyone getting him use to his new environment, moving him to and from the park. I'd like to work with him getting in and out of the car and walks."

Settled into his new digs

Zeke's first venture into the play area ~ he's not a happy camper (yet)

A day later ~ that's better!

Helping out at the front desk

Best friends with Micah

UPDATE 11/22: According to Audrey and John, Zeke is a typical German shepherd puppy. He needs structure, rules, guidance and a strong, confident leader. "He's a program dog; he wants a routine." Given those qualities, Zeke is putty in your hands. The staff at SDPR just loves him! Zeke was introduced and played very well with a male dingo mix youngster from another rescue. "I walked him through the strip mall over to discount tires for the weird noises, spooked a little bit but easily redirected to a nice sit and hold."

He hasn't met anyone he hasn't liked or shied away from ... and everyone loves him

UPDATE 12/1: According to Audrey, "This guy is just a ball of love! Such a sweetheart!"

Zeke loves his belly rubs

Adoption fee $395.00.

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