Meet "Will" from Willcox. Yes, we know he's not a white, but he was just too sweet to pass up.

Can you get me outta here?
You bet we can!

Will was spotted on a facebook post by the very small Willcox Animal Shelter. He is said to be about 10 months old and a real sweetheart. He was picked up as a stray in a little town just outside of Willcox. The lady who runs the shelter single handedly, lived in the same small town where Will was found and tried desperately to find his owner(s), to no avail.

Will appears clean and well taken care of. When transport and a temporary foster were offered, we just had to say YES and our volunteers were at the shelter to pick him up bright and early this morning. Once they met him, he was christened "Will."


According to our volunteer, "His ears are only up when he's very interested in something; the rest of the time they are in the submissive position. And he's a very nice submissive boy. He loves to show you his belly. He needs to be neutered. He's a big puppy full of puppy energy! He loves people, has no problems with the other dogs, he knows sit. He also takes treats very nicely. Pictures don't do him justice."

A stop at the park

Our thanks go out to Dave and Jackie in Globe who have offered to temporarily foster this boy for us. According to Jackie, "Looking out the front window. He is curious about everything."

Front window viewing and with foster dad Dave

"After digging out smaller ball from under the China cabinet and the couch we got him a bigger ball. He had a good time chasing it then kicking it to chase again."

Will is settling in to his foster home. He appears to be housebroken, and we have discovered (so far) that he knows "sit." Please check back for updates. Current plans are to bring Will to Phoenix on September 9th or 10th.

FOSTER UPDATE 9/3: "It's a little early for an update, but Will really makes an impact. He is a beautiful, happy, energetic puppy. He is an ace at fetch and tug-of-war and sometimes plays them both at the same time.

He is always right next to one of us which means he's been run into by Dave's desk chair and caught in the foot of the recliner. That's okay with him, but he moves out of reach if I pick up the dog brush.

Will seeks attention. He will work up under your hand or nudge between the chair and your hand until your hand is strategically placed to pet or scratch his head. Not all of his attention seeking activities are cute. He uses his mouth to get attention, nipping or grabbing. It's going to take consistent discipline to stop it.

Another behavior that needs to be addressed is his attempts to put his paws on your shoulders and look you in the eye. Yesterday when we yelled at him to get down he gave us a 'what is wrong with you?' look. Today his look says 'Oh yeah. You don't like that.' I'm calling that progress.

Will is going to make someone a great companion. He is a very big 10 month old with normal 10 month old behaviors. His future family just needs to remember he is a baby despite his size."

UPDATE 9/10: One of our staff members picked up Will in Surprise this morning. Fosters Dave and Jackie were on their way to Utah and graciously offered to meet us along their route. Will had no hesitation whatsoever in approaching or meeting our staff member. He wasn't too keen on getting into the crate in the back of her vehicle, but other than turn into a wiggly puppy, his protests were harmless.

Will and Dave

Quick Update: Willy is back home resting, sailed through his surgery. He weighed in at 61.7 lbs and our vet confirmed his age at between 10-12 months. This super sweet teenager is going to require basic obedience training and ongoing socialization; it appears he's spent his time growing up as a free spirit. This past weekend he had a preliminary intro to Stella, the teeny new dog ambassador and initial exposure to one of the resident cats. They will all meet again soon in a bigger space.


So far, it appears that he considers cats boring unless being chased..we'll see.

Will was neutered today and we'll give him about a week to recover, after which we will update his bio. Please check back.

Adoption fee $395.00.

Please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies by reading ADOPTION BEGINS HERE. THANK YOU.