Voyager was a complete surprise! He was evaluated, pulled and transported to safety before we even knew about him! When Clancy and Niko were transported to Phoenix on December 10th, friends of the transporter said in passing, "You still have a boy waiting for transport." We had no idea what she was talking about until the following day when an email to Cathleen at Crossroads told us that, indeed, Voyager had been pulled and was there! SURPRISE!!

Voyager had come into a kill shelter as a stray. After waiting out the stray hold, he was (very) briefly put up for adoption and then made the e-list. Our Facebook friend, Kathy J, asked Joe at Crossroads if he could check out this boy for us. Joe obligingly went to the shelter, liked Voyager and pulled him!

UPDATE 12/14: The shelter called to say that Voyager's owner had called them after seeing a posting on the internet. According to the shelter, the owner was told that Voyager had been "legally adopted" by a rescue and was no longer at the shelter (but was alive)! The owner stated that she had posted fliers when Voyager had turned up missing and had tried to contact the shelter several times, but "couldn't get through." Why she didn't actually GO to the shelter to look for him is one of the questions we will be asking her when we call. The owner said if she couldn't have her dog back, she wanted the "adopter" to contact her so that she could provide some background information.

Once Voyager is neutered, updated on shots and microchipped, we will be placing a call to the former owner to get some details on why Voyager was found roaming at large, intact with no collar, ID or microchip!

UPDATE 12/24: We placed a call to Voyager's former owner today who was on her way out of town for the holidays. She said that she had run across a posting for Voyager online, but had not gone to the shelter because shelter personnel had told her when she called that Voyager and their other dog (a boxer) had already been adopted together. Quite a different story than the one we had been told!

Our staff member explained that we had no knowledge of their other dog but that Voyager was going to be euthanized because the shelter had deemed him "injured." The owner explained that Voyager had had his limp since he was a puppy after being stepped on by one of his parents. When we asked why Voyager was running at large without an ID, she explained that the "stuff" they had used to reinforce the fencing of their yard had blown down during a wind storm and Voyager and their other dog had gotten out -- the dogs' IDs were "in the house." The dogs wound up in a neighbor's yard but by the time they received the neighbor's message (they were at work), the dogs were gone. This tells us that Voyager was left outside in the yard when the family wasn't home -- a big "no-no" for us.

The owner also told us that Voyager's date of birth was November 29, 2015 (making him just two years old), and that he was good with the family's two children (both under 5 years of age). After a brief discussion about the possibility of adopting Voyager, the owner thanked us for saving him and we assured her that he was in good hands and that we'd find him a good home.

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A photo provided by Voyager's former family

UPDATE 12/27: Voyager arrived in Phoenix today, courtesy of Chuck, Jon and Monica from Husky Rescue in California.

The last of our "Pay It Forward" money was put to good use today


UPDATE 12/31: We moved Voyager in with a new foster family this afternoon. Little Nicholas was overjoyed to have a "big dog" in the house!


Nicholas, MacKenzie and Tom with Voyager

FOSTER UPDATE 1/1: "Hes a great dog; very well mannered. We took him to get washed and shampooed, feed the ducks, drive around in the truck -- perfect so far. Nicholas loves him! ... an absolutely fabulous family dog."

UPDATE 1/2: We had our vet review the xrays that were taken of Voyager while still in California. There is no sign of any surgery being done on Voyager -- there is also no sign of a break and/or repair. It does appear that whatever injury Voyager suffered as a pup occurred in the elbow joint. Perhaps he was stepped on by one of his parents, or perhaps he was picked up by his front leg. We'll never know. Thankfully, Voyager is completely mobil on his legs, with the limp showing up only when he has over-exerted himself (or so we were told--we have not seen any limp since we've had him). There is some arthritis in the elbow, and Voyager has been put on a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. All-in-all, Voyager is good to go with no limitations on his activity level. We have asked his foster dad to keep watch and report back if he sees any signs of limping.

Adoption fee $375.00.

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