Junior (at left) and Trooper (at right)
TROOPER & JUNIOR IN A NUTSHELL: Trooper & Junior are littermate brothers. They were raised in the same household for approximately 5 years before being recently surrendered due to a move. It is obvious the boys have been well loved. They are used to staying on their property and walking with their owner (but not on leash, so leash manners are a mystery to them right now). These sweet, loving boys would love a home together.
Junior and Trooper are littermate brothers. They have lived in the same home with their family since they were just about a year old, when they were obtained from a local breeder. The family is moving, and the dogs cannot go with them -- we did not press for details.

According to their current owner, the boys are both neutered, up-to-date on shots, good with children of all ages, other dogs (of all sizes) and cats. They have had no formal obedience training, but are easy going and housebroken, with Trooper being the leader and Junior the more laid back of the pair.


We have been given a three week deadline in which to find placement for the boys, which puts us into the second week of January -- we are looking to place them together, if possible. We will be arranging transport as soon as possible.

UPDATE 12/29: Our thanks go out to Michael and Bob who have volunteered to make the trip to California next week to pick up the boys and bring them to Phoenix. They will be taking up temporary residence with one of our staff members, and the search for a foster or adoptive home will begin immediately.

UPDATE 1/2am: Michael and Bob hit the road from Globe early this morning and picked up the boys in California. According to Michael, "Nice boys." We can't wait to meet them.

The boys know something's up as Bob prepares his vehicle for the trip to Phoenix

UPDATE 1/2 5:30pm: The boys (human and canine) have left Quartzsite and are on their way to meet with our staff member in Avondale.

Michael with the boys in Quartzsite

The boys have arrived in Phoenix, safe and sound

UPDATE 1/4: The boys are settling in slowly. To our surprise, Junior has had the easiest transition and has been outgoing and friendly and not phased at all by the move. Trooper, on the other hand, is in mourning for his lost family but we're doing our best to keep his spirits up. He's eating just fine now (Junior never missed a meal) after skipping dinner on his arrival date, and will be back to his usual self in no time at all.

We are hoping we don't have to separate the boys, so, if there is a home out there that would like to give them the rest of their lives together, we'd love to introduce you. Both boys have seen their family's vet recently, but will be seeing ours for a brief intake exam prior to adoption.

UPDATE 2/5: We took the boys out to the park today to meet some potential adopters -- coincidentally, friends of their original surrendering owner! We had high hopes that this would be a good match but, sadly, Trooper was not the "cat friendly" dog his owner said he was, and the resident cat was a smaller, three-legged feline, so we decided to err on the side of caution and continue looking for a better match for the boys. (We must note, however, that Trooper was fine with the cat in his temporary foster home with one of our staff members.)

It was obvious that leash manners are sadly lacking in the boys but they were, nevertheless,
happy for the adventure and were friendly and happy

UPDATE 2/23: Our profound thanks go out to long-time foster dad, Tom; his daughter, MacKenzie; and son, Nicholas, for offering the boys a foster home.

Baby Nicholas is smitten with his two new furry friends

Introduction to little Belle

"He's soft!"

Foster family

Soaking up the love

FOSTER UPDATE 4/2: "The boys have adjusted well to their new temporary home. Nicholas loves having them around, as does Mackenzie. They are gentle giants around the kids and definitely seem to like them better than me They put up with all the usual stuff a 3yr old can do to a dog with no aggression or negative behavior whatsoever.

They are pretty laid back dogs, and although will go on walks, car rides etc., they really seem to like to just lounge around; that is, until they are in the woods, then they would rather go on a 4hr walk through the woods to sniff everything. They are pretty good on a leash once they settle down from the initial excitement of going for a walk.

They have pretty good manners around the house, but you have to remember to leave the toilet seat down and no food left around (Nicholas?). Nice loud barking that would keep anyone away from the home, but it can get a bit old sometimes.

So thatís it for now, good laid back dogs that wouldnít hurt a fly!"

Taking a snooze in the woods

FOSTER UPDATE 4/14: "Trooper and Junior are doing well. Just hanging out playing, eating, and waiting for fun. They are both good on a leash, great if you only walk one at a time! They definitely like Nicholas better than me, but whatís new? Love spending time in the yard watching Nicholas play in the dirt. Trooper and Junior definitely love to be outside. If you have a bigger piece of property, I think thatís what they're looking for, and a family too. Not a big fan of water, didnít like the kiddy play pool or the hose at all. Laid back just enjoying the ride!"



Treat time for the dog brothers!

UPDATE 5/2: Due to some overcrowding at our staff member's home, we moved the boys to Doggie District today for some fun and games.

Tara made sure they felt welcome

Adoption fee $345.00/both.

If you are interested in Trooper or Junior, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Trooper or Junior or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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