TORREY (formerly known as "Trixie")

TORREY IN A NUTSHELL: Torrey has come a long way in her journey to learn to trust people. She is loving and social with her current caregivers and gets along well with other dogs and cats.
Poor Trixie was basically dumped by her owner. She was found as a stray and, when her owner was contacted, she was surrendered over the phone as the owner didn't want her anymore!

Posted on Facebook: "She was found by animal control. Her owner was contacted and they surrendered her over the phone. They don't want her. Trixie is very afraid now that she's in the shelter and making matters worse is that the shelter has her hidden in a dark isolation kennel that is completely off limits to the public-Only shelter staff can see her and they don't have time to sit and interact with her or take her for walks, so she'll only get worse the longer she's there."

UPDATE 7/29: After countless emails about this girl, even though our intake was closed, we simply could not let her down and so we agreed to take her. Thanks to our friends at Husky Camp who picked up Trixie at the shelter on our behalf and will be fostering her until a foster spot opens up for her in Phoenix. Chuck immediately changed her call name to "Torrey" because she didn't need to remember an owner who didn't want her.


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To all of Trixie's faithful & generous supporters, we are eternally grateful...

UPDATE 8/9: Jon and Chuck at Husky Camp have been working hard with Trixie (now renamed Torrey).

UPDATE 8/22: Making progress!

UPDATE 8/26: Kisses from Torrey!!

UPDATE 9/13: Bear, River, Frankie and Torrey go for a romp in the yard at Husky Camp!

UPDATE 9/26:

UPDATE 10/9:

On the road with Benny & Torrey

UPDATE 10/17: Torrey has arrived in Phoenix!

Jon climbs in to bid Torrey farewell
Wendy tries to make friends

Welcome to Phoenix, Torrey!

Kitty tested and approved

Wendy is smitten

UPDATE 10/22: Torrey went home with new foster mom, Wendy, this afternoon. We're looking forward to updates to see how she does as an "only child." We're hoping for some introductions next weekend.

UPDATE 10/24: Wendy reports that she and Torrey have had a "break through" -- she gave Torrey a bath and said that Torrey just stood in the tub and never moved until almost the end, and then she got kisses while she was washing and drying her.

UPDATE 10/26 FROM WENDY: "Big steps. She ate some for breakfast and supper. Not quite 2 cups but some. Then I got a wagging tail for the first time. She is comfortable here but really hates going outside. Wendy also reports that they came across some children on their walk, and Torrey was frightened by them. We're thinking Torrey would do best in a quiet, adult-only household either as an only child or with another (male) dog.

Torrey feels comfy and safe in her crate

UPDATE 11/1 FROM WENDY: "This poor girl has has terrible things happen to her in her short life. She is afraid of everything. All she wants is to be loved and love back. She is very gentle and I have not heard her bark. After 3 or 4 walks a day, she no longer cringes at the sight of her leash. She walks right by my side but it is from fear rather than leash training. She is more comfortable with going outside in the daylight rather than at night. Loud noises scare her at anytime. She only eats at night and only does her business in the morning. After lots of praise and hugs, I finally got a tail wagging, prancing dog. She even ran around the table a few times. She lays down in submission when I approach her crate, but if I let her come to me, she will leave her crate for some petting. She has come a long way and with more self-confidence will be a wonderful member of a loving family."

UPDATE 11/19 FROM WENDY: "We have had many experiences in the last few weeks. Neighbors have stopped by for a visit and she laid beside me with very little shaking. She barked once in the middle of the night, and there were two people right outside. She only barked once and settled right down when I told her everything was okay.

She is eating more when she eats but she doesn't eat everyday. Peanut butter is her favorite treat and she enjoys getting it out of her Kong. There have been no accidents in the house. She doesn't ask to go out but if I ask if she wants a walk, she doesn't hide in her crate. That is the sign that she needs to do her business.

A few nights ago she actually climbed into my lap. She has climbed up beside me on the sofa and laid down so I could rub her tummy. She doesn't stay long enough for a picture but that will come in time. She is slowly getting comfortable and gaining the confidence to show her affection.

Tonight there was a Cheer Team of about 30 people practicing at the park. We stood at the edge and watched. She wasn't very happy and tried to leave. I talked to her and eventually she laid down beside me. We stayed that way for about 15 minutes when she got up and I took her home. About an hour later we went back. She was tentative but didn't try to run this time. We watched for about 15 minutes again and went home. I was very proud of her. When we got home she headed straight for the fridge for her chicken treat. She got two."

UPDATE 12/7 FROM WENDY: "Torrey is really becoming herself. She sniffs the grass at the park, goes in and out of her crate, and sits for treats. She knows she is not allowed in the kitchen nor bedroom.

She is a creature of habit. She gets her treats at the entrance to the kitchen and won't take a treat anywhere else. I took her to the office on the weekend when no one was there. Eventually she whined a little, so I took her to an area where other dogs had been. Would not go potty. Hopped in the car, drove home, took her to the park and she went instantly. Then she jumped up in the air with complete joy. Her smile is wonderful.

When we come in the house, she will wait for me but I only get one foot in the door and she squeezes right past me. Then she runs around the table before she heads for her crate; then runs out of her crate to the kitchen door for her treat. It happens every time.

If I'm crying, she comes over and licks my face. If I'm laughing, she comes over and wags her tail. If I'm napping, she naps too. She loves getting her tummy rubbed, hugs, her ears rubbed and car rides. She has a new stuffed animal and didn't know what to do with it at first, but now she sits with it between her paws and lays her head on it."

UPDATE 12/31: Torrey's foster mom, Wendy, came back from vacation today! At first, Torrey was unsure it was her, but one sniff and she knew!


With the New Year, Wendy is going to start taking Torrey out to public places like PetsMart, Home Depot and Ace Hardware to introduce her to the big wide world around her.

Adoption fee $365.00.

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