SYMERON (pronounced "Cim'-mer-ron")

[formerly "Torrance" in facebook postings]

SYMERON IN A NUTSHELL: Symeron is a good sized shepherd who really doesn't know how big he truly is. He's desperately in need of socialization, but once you've won his trust, he relaxes completely and shows you the real boy inside. He's sweet and funny and has had some training ~ at least we've discovered he knows "sit" so far. He just needs a chance to learn to trust and find out about the big wide world around him and to know that not all people are here to hurt him.
Our facebook, Kathy J, knew we had just taken in the pair from another shelter, so she was hesitant to bring this guy to our attention but ... He had come in as a stray and wasn't yet available, so we asked her to keep an eye on him.

We were astonished when, the very day his stray hold was up, he was deemed "rescue only" and (supposedly) put on the e-list! The shelter had labeled him as "needs more socialization." He just looked scared to death to us and we couldn't just walk away without at least giving him a chance!

We immediately reached out to Chuck and Jon at Husky Camp and, even though they could only meet him through the kennel bars, they agreed to go to the shelter and give it a try. Chuck didn't see any aggression, just complete fear due to his surroundings, and so we took a chance.

Torrance (now renamed "Symeron" by Chuck) was out of the shelter and on his way to Husky Camp before the end of the day.

Looking happier already!

Chuck sent this YOUTUBE VIDEO of Symeron enjoying his first meal, courtesy of Husky Camp.

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To all of Torrance's faithful & generous supporters, we are eternally grateful...

Symeron will be given some time to decompress. He will then be brought to Phoenix in search of his forever home.

UPDATE FROM HUSKY CAMP 4/16: Chuck sent this YOUTUBE VIDEO of Symeron learning to trust by eating out of a bowl held by Jon.

UPDATE FROM HUSKY CAMP 4/17: Symeron is allowing Chuck to pet him! YOUTUBE VIDEO. It looks like he's desperate to allow the touch, but is too afraid to just let it happen and enjoy it. We know that Chuck and Jon will win him over before too long.

UPDATE FROM HUSKY CAMP 4/19: Today was "Symeron Day" at Husky Camp. According to Chuck, "...the last picture he actually approached me. No calling from me and no treats." This is a huge step for Symeron and we are naturally thrilled with the improvement. He is scheduled to be neutered on Wednesday and will be brought to Phoenix once a spot opens up for him.

UPDATE FROM HUSKY CAMP 4/24: "He was in the house the one day, never bothered our Dachshund or the other huskies. He did climb his front feet on the couch to look out a window,. Never pee'd in the house. He stays back but after a bit came to me for a temple rub. He does watch how you are with other dogs to gauge whether you're good people. Possibly as only dog he may come around quicker. He is food motivated."

Symeron is now neutered and updated on shots. He will be brought to Phoenix and microchipped once a foster home opens up for him. He is said to be about 3 years old, and as you can see from the above photos, socialization at Husky Camp is certainly improving his outlook on life.

UPDATE 5/3: Husky Camp sent some new videos of Symeron today!

Dinner Time! Wanting attention



Playtime at Husky Camp

Symeron didn't like when cat hissed so he left. Tiva decided cat needed to be taught a lesson. Aka Tiva not cat friendly, Symeron would be ok with cats.

Symeron and Tiva will be transported to Phoenix on Saturday, May 22nd.

UPDATE 5/22: Symeron and Tiva have arrived in Phoenix! Symeron is what my mother used to refer to as a "Caspar Milquetoast." Webster described Caspar Milquetoast as "the man who speaks softly and gets hit with a big stick." The character's name is derived from a bland and fairly inoffensive food, milk toast, which, light and easy to digest, is an appropriate food for someone with a weak or "nervous" stomach.

Arrival in Quartzsite

Do I have to go?

It was obvious that Symeron had attached himself to Chuck and Jon, and approached us hesitantly. Once we arrived in Phoenix and attempted to remove him from his travel kennel, he was not a happy camper and grumbled at us, but offered some treats, we were able to leash him and he came right out. He has not been properly socialized, but underneath is the sweetest boy whose negative behavior is based in fear, not aggression. Once he trusts you, it's all good.

UPDATE 5/28: Symeron has been with us for just over a week now and he's adjusting well. He knows the routine of the household and is perfectly crate trained, although he can be defensive (growling under his breath) with a stranger when he's in his crate with food as he feels "trapped." His foster has not seen that behavior at all since the first day getting him out of the transport vehicle. Now that he trusts his foster mom, he's completely relaxed and sweet and gives her a wagging tail all the time. He's happy to meet other (female) dogs, as long as they don't get too pushy with him as, once again, he can become frightened and defensive. It's all about confidence building with this big boy.

UPDATE 6/6: What a sweet boy Symeron has turned into! He's feeling safe and secure and is blossoming in his temporary foster home. All he needs is to be given time and a chance to learn to trust his caregivers. He definitely has not been treated kindly in the past, and we cannot blame him for wanting to take his time to get to know you.

UPDATE 6/21: We've given Symeron time to settle in and get comfortable and today he saw our vet for his intake exam -- what a sweet boy he was!! He was gentle with everyone while he was being poked (microchipped) and prodded (temperature taking, physical exam, etc.), and stood like a rock without complaint as his ear infection was diagnosed and his ears were cleaned and medicated. He weighed in at 88.8 pounds (up from 81.8 pounds at the time of his neuter in April). His next stop will be the groomer.

UPDATE 7/8: Symeron made a connection with prospective (and former multi-dog adopter) Ann this morning, so she decided to give the big boy a chance at a forever home.


FIRST FOSTER UPDATE 7/8: "He was great on the way home and went outside to poop right away. Still pacing the house but I think he will be happy here -- he loves the big grassy backyard."

Symeron looks worried, but we know he'll be fine with Ann's love and care

FOSTER UPDATE 7/10: "[He's doing] Really well! We had planned to host a dinner last night with a family of 3 young children. Introduced Sim one at a time and he did fine. By the time we we eating dinner he just laid down next to us at the table. Took him in on an off leash walk thru the vineyard this AM. He stayed real close. He is quite attached to Ann right now, but I suspect that will mellow as he gains confidence. Sim and Opal are co-existing peacefully."

Resting after morning walk through the vineyard

He is loving the socialization of the tasting room ~ in the tasting room off leash

A photo from one of the customers at Hannah's Hill Vineyard who loved Symeron

Adoption fee $365.00.

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