Toby comes to us courtesy of another rescue in California. They had been called by Toby's original owners approximately three months ago, when they were moving and couldn't take Toby (or their bunny) with them. The rescue had helped place the bunny with a rabbit rescue, but before they could even start looking for placement for Toby, the family gave Toby away to his current family. Over the past several months, that family has not provided the necessary training and/or exercise that every GSD puppy needs, causing a very unhappy Toby. The family has reached out to the rescue again, demanding that they remove Toby right away or they will dump him at a kill shelter! (Emotional blackmail, to be sure, that we see all the time.) In order to help Toby, the rescue reached out to us.

We received an email plea, "Hello my name is Millie and I am with R*****s! We are trying to help Toby find a new home and save his life. ... He will be one in January. He is not neutered. The current owners need to rehome him ASAP. ... We have suggested getting Toby neutered, training with our animal behaviorist and walks to drain his energy. They have not taken our advice. At this time the owners just want him gone. We want to save him from going to the animal shelter. Can you help?"

The rescue was able to provide this information from Toby's original owners, who owned Toby until he was approximately 9 months old: "Toby is housetrained, although he is still 'potty shy' in new places [like out for a walk] so he takes a while to be comfortable going anywhere outside of our backyard. We have tried socializing him with some other dogs and he's reacted well with some but becomes aggressive if he feels threatened, so he may not be good with all dogs unless he gets socialization training. He had a scare with a bigger dog when he was still very little, so I think that's why he acts aggressively when coming across dogs that bark at him. He loves people and we've mostly broken him of [puppy] nipping (we say 'no' and 'bad' with a spray bottle of water when necessary), though he hasn't had much experience with toddlers so it would be hard to say how he would react to young kids. He's still pretty much a puppy, getting over teething now (we give him some chew toys to distract him if he wants to chew) so he's in-progress of training since we have only been able to start training him to sit and stay, etc. the last 2 months. He's very energetic and gets extremely excited to see new people and to go on walks but he will usually calm down if you tell him 'no' and 'sit'."

Toby sounds like a typical GSD youngster to us!


From Joe at Crossroads, "I haven't done much with him yet. Letting him decompress in the kennel. Will let you know more when he's been here a few days."

UPDATE 1/7: Toby had his neuter surgery today and came through without complication. We're hoping to bring him to Phoenix in the next 2 weeks. He sure would love to have a foster home waiting for him! Interested? Send us an email!

Adoption fee to be determined.

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