THUMBELINA IN A NUTSHELL: This is the sweetest, most gentle dog we have had in our rescue in quite some time. SHE LOVES PEOPLE. She's learning her commands slowly but surely, does not countersurf, is housetrained, and doesn't mind thunderstorms! She appears to be fine playing with other dogs outside of the home, but indoors she's not always willing to share. She'll definitely need some strong guidance in that area. She is currently in an "only dog" foster home where her foster mom works outside of the house for 7 hours a day, and Thumbelina is fine on her own.
This beautiful young lady appeared on our radar right after the Fourth of July courtesy of our facebook angel, Kathy J. She was in an already overcrowded shelter, and with the influx of dogs from the holiday, she needed OUT ASAP. Judging by her placement into a kennel with a "roommate," she is good with other dogs.

Thumbelina's Shelter Video

Our thanks to April of Friends of Denali who helped us get this girl to safety; to Shea O'M for the pull; and to Tera, our ever-faithful transporter for the lift to Crossroads and for providing these pictures of "Lina."

AJ is smitten

No looking back, Thumbelina

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Marilyn H
Linda B
Heather B

Lina is tucked safely away at Crossroads in anticipating of her transport to Phoenix in search of her forever home. She is spayed, up-to-date on shots, and will be microchipped prior to adoption.

UPDATE 8/24: Thanks to prior adopters Dusty and Tisha (who adopted Luna [now Beauty] from us in December 2017), Chadd and Lina are loaded up and on their way to Phoenix.


The transport is making great time, and the furkids should be in Arizona mid afternoon. We can't wait to meet them.

The kids have arrived in Phoenix

Wendy took Lina for a walk around the yard so she could stretch her legs

Her welcoming reaction to Bert told us there are no "man issues" here

Her first order of business was to take a tour of her temporary foster home

Thanks foster mom, Wendy

UPDATE 8/25: Foster mom Wendy reports that Thumbelina is settling in well. She hasn't found her favorite spot in Wendy's home as yet, but she's trying them all out, except for the lovely bed that Wendy has for her! Wendy has taken her out on several walks, but no potty as yet; that is, until this afternoon when Wendy let her out onto her patio and Lina immediately went to the gate, scratched on it to be let out, and pottied as soon as Wendy put on her leash and took her into the potty area! Housetrained? Maybe! Lina did well when Wendy left her alone (crated) several times today; the big test will come tomorrow when Wendy goes off to work.

FOSTER UPDATE 8/26: "We didn't have a great night. Her heavy quick breathing woke me up about 2:30. When she started whining I got up and calmed her down. I moved to the sofa and she eventually went back to sleep. I took her for a brief walk this morning and she did her business. I came home at lunch (she'd been alone about 5 hours) and she was a little restless but not bad. After work she didn't jump up on me but did get in my way while I was trying to change my clothes. She does need work on not trying to get on my lap. She just ate for the first time. So she's had about 2 cups since she got here. She's laying at my feet and seems drowsy. A full tummy will do that."

Thanks, Wendy, for sticking it out with this little girl. Considering she only came in on Saturday afternoon, she's doing amazingly well!

FOSTER UPDATE 8/27: "She is definitely housebroken. When I missed her signals to go out she jumped on the patio door. And she was ready. We had a much better night. I didn't realize that a light on even while I'm here would make such a difference. She doesn't seem to be interested in eating in the morning, before or after her walk. But she did chew a little on her chew bone while I was at work. She did really well with me being gone all day and was happy to see me but still didn't jump up. There was a dog barking on television and she went looking for it but didn't bark nor create a fuss. She does like attention and will let you know that she isn't finished with you petting her. But then she's content to lay at your feet."

FOSTER UPDATE 8/30: "We're in the middle of our first storm. We were outside when it started. The first clap of thunder, which seemed to be right over our heads, made her jump but it made me jump too. She preferred to be in the house but there was no whining, cowering nor seeking a place to hide. I left the door to the patio open and she laid right inside with her nose in the doorway."

FOSTER UPDATE 9/7: "We've had an enlightening week. She's not that fond of the vacuum cleaner but all she did was stay as far from it as possible. A car ride is a real treat for her. Once the car started moving she sat perfectly still except for her head which never stopped swiveling. We've only met one person since she's been with me and that is my very fragile 85 year old neighbor. Lina was very slow and gentle while meeting her. I was proud that she didn't get excited and knock her over.

This morning she whined at 6:00 am which is the time I normally take her out. I got up, took her out and decided to go back to bed. I didn't put her in her crate so she laid right outside my bedroom door and went back to sleep until I got up. This is the first time she has shown any interest in eating breakfast which she did while I was sitting on the patio.

We went on our first field trip to Home Depot! She did very well. Everything was interesting to her but if she paid attention to anything in particular I said 'leave it' and she walked away. They didn't have what I wanted so I went to Ace Hardware who are also pet friendly. All the employees came up to her and she was happy with the attention. No problems at all. She took a milk bone from the cashier with a gentle mouth but spit it out. We just got home and she fell asleep.

My impression is that she hasn't been exposed to very much but doesn't get overly excited when introduced to something new."

UPDATE 9/17: Lina saw our vet today for a wellness exam and checked out just fine. She weighed in at a healthy 58.6 pounds and the vet guessed her age to be about 18 months.

UPDATE 9/18: Thumbelina met her new foster family today, including a potential new fur sibling named Griffin.

We started off with a walk

After a while, we moved into the backyard

We're going to give it some time for Griffin and Lina to get to know one another to see if they are destined to be forever fursiblings. We sure hope so.

UPDATE 9/20: Unfortunately, it did not turn out to be a good match. Griffin and Lina played and ran like crazy -- outside. But indoors, Lina was a totally different dog when it came to Griffin. She was defensive and attempted to prevent Griffin from having freedom to move about in his own home. Griffin finally gave up and retreated to the bedroom, and Lina was delighted. But, that's NOT the way the family wanted things to be, and since Griffin was getting more and more withdrawn, they returned Lina to our rescue to resume the search for her forever home.

There is disappointment all around with this development. We, along with Lina's foster parents, really wanted this to succeed. Even Griffin is moping ... We will continue the search for Lina's forever home.

UPDATE 10/6: After a very promising introduction earlier in the week, Lina was placed into her new foster-to-adopt home in Fountain Hills.

We started off with a walk as we had done before, but when we moved inside, Lina actually wanted to play with this big handsome boy! We had never seen this behavior from her before and were very encouraged. We have high hopes that this will be a forever home for Lina.

FOSTER UPDATE 10/7: "Good morning. Update. Well after a bit of who is the boss in the house last night. Lina went to sleep nicely in the crate in our room and Jaeger went to bed with the boys as usual. This morning she whimpered a bit when my hubby went to work. She was playing with toys. When Jaeger came upstairs she tried to boss him around again. However, he held his position. I decided they needed to go outside for a while. She takes her time down the stairs but is very good at it now. Especially running up the stairs. They played and ran outside. After a while, she laid on the concrete and he came over to her. She rolled on her back being submissive. They then played some more. I finally started to throw the ball for Jaeger and she was very interested. So I started throwing another ball for her. She chased it and picked it up and started playing with it. Now to get her to bring it back to throw it again, don't think it will take long. She is very interested in everything he does. Meanwhile, they are both pooped out and napping right next to each other. No fighting."

FOSTER UPDATE 10/9: "Hello again! New update. Lina loves toys and playing fetch with the ball. She knows to bring them back so you can throw them again. She was a little possessive over the toys but now she shares much better even though they are his toys. LOL They play nicely and she is no longer trying to boss him around. She is happy when he is around and looks for him if she doesn't see him. They both take nice naps together sometimes right next to each other. This evening they ate their food on each side of the water bowl. They did very well for the first time. It looks like they will become best friends soon. Everyday it gets better and better. Yet it has only been 3 days. Also, Erica bought her little foster baby, Bo. She loved him too, like her own baby."

FOSTER UPDATE 10/13: "One week update. Lina is doing very well in our home. She is free to roam the house day and night. Crate is open if she wants to go in it. Lina and Jaeger play throughout the day with rest time in between play sessions. They both are on alert for any strange noises like most German shepherds on the job. She is very loving to everyone she meets but especially to my husband. Lina is learning to have amazing manners by waiting before taking a snack, eating only her food out of her bowl, even if Jaeger is still eating, she just watches from a distance. They drink out the water bowl together, it's too cute. In one week, she is a completely different dog that loves other dogs, people and being spoiled."

Adoption fee $395.00.

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