Tally today
TALLY IN A NUTSHELL: Tally's pictures and videos tell the story of the life she's lead -- her distrust of humans has been well earned. She is slowly coming around in her foster home, but whether that will transfer into a new family ... we're not quite ready to test that it will.
It took us some time to be able to post Tally's bio. We were waiting for the "after" pictures (which we received today 8/6), to show her healthy and strong and ready for her spay surgery.

TALLY'S DISCOVERY: Tally was discovered in the middle of the street in Devore, California, by Faith of Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue. She was so filthy that Faith misidentified her as a husky.

Tally was standing in the middle of the street -- maybe where she was dropped off by her uncaring owners -- who knows how many days or weeks she'd been out there, wandering the streets looking for them and trying to stay alive on her own. She was filthy and unrecognizable as a white German shepherd. In the dim light, she looked like a dark grey dog...

Somehow Faith and her team managed to get Tally out of the dangerous intersection where they attempted to get her turned around and headed in the right direction.

With the help of some local gentlemen, Tally was caught.

Tally was loaded up into Faith's vehicle and after a few miles she seemed to be enjoying the ride

The first stop for Tally was the vet's office.

She was x-rayed and found to have a stomach full of garbage. We can only imagine what she had been forced to eat just to survive.

Safe at last, Tally falls into a deep sleep

Due to her poor physical state, Tally remained at the vet's office for weeks until she was well enough to be taken to Crossroads for boarding.

Tally before and after

UPDATE 8/6: Tally has been under the care of Cathleen and Joe at Crossroads and, as you can see from her pictures, she is doing well. She is scheduled for spay surgery this week and will be transported to Phoenix as soon as a foster spot opens up for her.

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UPDATE 10/3: We finally have an open foster (thank you, Kate & Lucien) AND a transport (thank you, Cathleen & Sharlet) to Phoenix set up for Tally on October 19th.

UPDATE 10/19: Tally and her friends (Olivia, Carlo, Paloma and Miley) arrived in Phoenix this afternoon, thanks to our dear friends Cathleen and Sharlet, who actually rented a van large enough to hold 5 crates loaded with German shepherds and made the round trip from Riverside (California) to Phoenix and back in one afternoon to bring the furkids to us! Now, that's friendship for you!

Kate welcomes Tally to Phoenix

Cathleen reassures her

Cathleen makes the introductions

Kate approaches gently

Tally & Kate take some time to get acquainted before heading for home

Sharlet, Tally & foster mom Kate

FOSTER UPDATE 10/19: "Thank you again for letting me take the time today to get comfortable with Tally before we headed home. She was sweet and quiet on the ride home and came out of the car confident. Lucien spent a few minutes out front letting her sniff then we moved to the backyard. Tally was very curious and startled by neighborhood noises. She attempted to jump the wall and I believe she could do it so she'll be on a leash until she gets more familiar. She got more and more comfortable with both of us petting her and is now settled in her crate after eating all her dinner. Let Cathleen know it was her kind of food soaked. Tally saw Wicket and Yoda from a distance in her crate and had no reaction either time. Such a sweetheart!"

FOSTER UPDATE 10/20: "Tally update: today was pretty quiet. She slept well in her crate and seems to feel safe in the spare bedroom. She's seen the other animals through her crate and kitty gate we set up in the doorway. No noise at all. She only made one low growl when Yoda whines and then quieted down immediately when I said no. Our cat Dabi, who was a stray, seems to have found a kinship and keeps Tally company in her room from time to time. Outside we have Tally on a long lead so she can do her business and spend supervised time outside. She'll usually potty, drink water and lay down watching us. Lucien has been feeding her treats. Tally is so painfully shy. When we go back indoors she heads straight back to her crate. Tonight we went on a little walk and she was SO happy. Her tail was up and she had an easy smile. When we returned to the house she let me pet her all over with an easy stance before heading back to her crate. Such a sweet soul this one is."

FOSTER UPDATE 10/22: "We are continuing our baby steps with Miss Tally. We started walking her with Yoda in the evenings and they do great on leashes together! Last night we walked in tandem until we were at the park, then side by side in a wide open space. Tally was shyly interested in Yoda and would even get close to check her out, then give space. Tonight Tally even leaned in to sniff what Yoda sniffed and then pulled forward to walk closer with an easy gate. She loves her walks! At home she's still shy and prefers her crate but she willingly comes up to me now or looks at me when she's unsure. She's still cautious of Lucien and will move away from him, but allows him to take her out to potty. In her crate she'll whine if she needs a bathroom break. We are taking it one day at a time, but she is relaxing little by little. Lucien is determined to win her heart and already wants to keep her. So she's probably going to be the most spoiled of all the fosters we've had!"

FOSTER UPDATE 10/26: "Guess who gave her foster mommy kisses and laid down for a belly rub? And wags her tail when the mommy comes around the corner? Tally!

Today we tried off leash in the backyard and she has been amazing. She walks around to investigate, hasn't startled at the neighborhood noises, and when I come to sit on the patio she follows and lays down a few feet away.

This girl loves her sniffy time! Her favorite is walking in the park. She now walks side by side with Yoda unless she gets startled then she's at my hip. Yoda reacted to a dog barking in our walk last night and Tally jumped in between us then sniffed Yoda, checked on me and was happy to resume our walk. She's a smart girl! We are happy to see her starting to come out of her shell! I forgot to add she's good with cats. They stand in her way through out the house and she was hesitant to cross their paths but now she'll stop for a sniff and boop before carrying on."

UPDATE 10/29: "Hi Nancy! I discovered that the kitchen is even cooler than my kennel and I don't mind my mom watching the Real Housewives because she lets me tag along. I go on walkies every night with Yoda. I kinda love her. Tonight I even tried to get mommy to run with me, I was SO excited! I’ve been really scared of my foster dad but after lots of treats I’ll let him scratch me on the scruff. Tomorrow, he said we are going on a jog!"

FOSTER UPDATE 11/2: "I wish I could get better video but she runs and grabs the ball and speeds around the pool. She just bounces everywhere now! Lucien can pet her all over and she particularly loves when he gives her butt scratches. She'll play the zoomies with him too! She'll still back up when he approaches but more out of habit. The wariness has diminished a ton!"

FOSTER UPDATE 11/3: "Tally met Wicket off leash today and they did great! At first she was a little nervous but warmed up quickly. She loves to run after him when he chases the ball. She's also started to investigate toys! My brother-in-law Dave was over last night and she was wary but not afraid. When I called her in the house she trotted past him, close enough he could touch. She also attempted to counter surf my lunch but got down as soon as I spotted her."

Tally & Wicket poolside

FOSTER UPDATE 11/8: "Tonight on our walk Tally met kids! Our neighbor kids are used to our dogs (they all want to pet Wicket but know he’s too afraid of them). Yoda gives them all kisses. They asked if they could pet so I told them Yoda only because Tally is a shy rescue. They loved on Yoda and Tally gently moved forward to investigate them, sniffed all their hands while they stood still and even let the little boy pet her head. She was shy but not afraid and came right back to my side when she got nervous. No reaction to fireworks going on nearby either. Good girl! I’m so amazed by her!"

FOSTER UPDATE 11/14: "I know I’m long winded but I have to tell you, I get stopped almost every night on our walks by someone in the neighborhood or driving by to ask what kind of dog Tally is and to tell me how beautiful she is. People slow down to look at her, she’s such a supermodel! Now that her personality is coming out I think she’s pretty young. She plays and has a ton of energy. She makes Lucien work hard to get close to her, some is fear and some is sassiness. She did well on Monday when we had two friends over and she met the pit bull Goose. They played really well. But when it comes to me she gives hugs and nibbles and even climbs up in my lap. She shared affection well with the other dogs. Lucien is SO jealous and working to gain her trust."

FOSTER UPDATE 11/22: "Rain or shine, Miss Tally has gotten her walks every evening! The rain hasn’t bothered her much. She prefers we lay down rugs if she must be outside. Lucien calls her my shadow."

FOSTER UPDATE 11/27: "Miss Tally continues to do well. She follows me everywhere and plays so well with Wicket and Yoda. In the mornings she sits on my feet while I put on makeup. She still doesn’t want Lucien close by and will hide behind the kitchen table and groans when I’m gone. She’ll tolerate his pets if he gets close. Last night when he came home for lunch she barked when he came outside. I corrected her and she settled down immediately. Even though he hand feeds her, there is something she distrusts about him. Other than that she’s a sweetheart. Great with the cats and dogs. Loves her walks and wants to meet other dogs we might see on the way (she doesn’t get to but she tells me she should)."

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