*SUNSHINE* IN A NUTSHELL: Sweet and loving with people. Does not like to share toys or food with other dogs, so may do better as an "only child."
Just when we thought we couldn't take in one more dog, received a plea from our friend, Michelle, at a California shelter for this girl. Michelle sent us this video to help convince us to make room for her:

UPDATE 8/28: On their way back from dropping Guava off in Blythe, Chuck and Jon stopped by the shelter and picked up the newest addition to our rescue family.

Sunshine is resting comfortably at Husky Camp and will be brought to Arizona at the earliest convenience. She is said to be about 2 years old, spayed, up-to-date on shots and will be microchipped prior to adoption.


UPDATE 9/4: Sunshine is on her way to Phoenix, thanks to Chuck & Jon from Husky Camp and volunteer, Betty.


FOSTER UPDATE: "Very dirty , a messy water drinker, no house manners, and she doesn't have command knowledge. What I mean by no house manners: jumping on sofa and chair, also front legs on counter. She doesn't seem interested in playing with Shiloh, but I'm thinking once she settles in, she'll pick up interest.

Finally settled down for a second or two

FOSTER UPDATE 9/7: "Sunny met the neighbor's 13 week old pug puppy. She did very well with the baby. Not mean, recognized she was a puppy and played appropriately, as if it was hers. I'm proud of her. Haven't bathed her yet, hoping she'll get in the kiddo pool on her own. I did however, wash off the resin glob of stuck fur with Dawn this morning. Looks so much better. Wiped the inside of her ears, didn't go too deep. She likes being brushed, scratched , rubbed and basically doted on. She melts with belly rubs.

Not picking up on sit, or other commands very consistently. She does sit (I usually rub her cheeks to get her attention, then she will sit). She is responding quite well when calling her 'Sunny.' She is also responding to 'heh' for correction surprisingly well. Maybe since I use it a bit more. She is calming down some and enters her crate on her own. Her leash manners are good. She'll start off a few feet ahead, then I slowly move her back to heel position halfway through the short walk and she stays there.

I don't know her weight when I picked her up, but her ribs and vertebrae were horribly visible. She is gaining a bit of weight, enough to where I can notice a slight difference. She is a happier girl now. Wags her tail all the time. Getting more use to being inside.

I think Shiloh was trying to get her attention when he was out and her crated. The same for her. She tried kisses through the crate at Shiloh when she was out and he crated. I will let them get together again without 'his stuffies' to see what happens. I suppose it takes several weeks for females to level out their doggie hormones when spayed. So we'll see what happens. She is eating roughly 4 cups of food per day broken into breakfast, a snack then supper. That 4 cups includes a biscuit or two but doesn't include the wet food which is about a teaspoon added to each breakfast and supper. Her poops and pees are not consistent yet. Mine do their business twice a day. She's kinda whenever, maybe once a day. She did go 12 hours without peeing. Not that I didn't give her many opportunities; she just didn't go. She does drink plenty of water. She still tries to chase the feral kitties, but does mind (calms down a bit) when I correct her, but she does voice her opinion on that. I'm going to give trimming her nails a try whenever I can. If she ends up too wiggly, I'll need your help. I think that's it for now."


FOSTER UPDATE 9/18: "Besides her bath today and socializing her with the neighbors (without their dogs), she has been doing quite well. She knows sit, but sometimes takes some coaching. She even did well with Shiloh today and yesterday. Also she really likes to be brushed, bathed and belly rubs in addition to all the petting one can give. She approaches people with caution, so I frequently socialize her with my neighbors."

FOSTER UPDATE 9/23: "Sunshine is always happy to see me, especially in the morning. Always wagging her tail. Not much for manners other than sit. She is very sweet and wants to explore the outdoors every chance she gets. Not bad with kitties as long as she is on the leash. She kinda gets 'leave it' and follows me when I say 'this way' to divert any possible unwanted reactions or behavior. She is rather a slow learner but haven’t pushed her to learn more."

One big love bug

UPDATE 9/24: We did a "foster swap" this morning and brought Sunshine over to live with one of our staff members. We took the opportunity to get some updated photos of this pretty girl. She has definitely gained weight under Betty's care and will continue to improve with time and TLC.


Adoption fee $385.00.

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