Where to begin to tell this little girl's story. She was acquired by her owner, along with her black & tan littermate, when she was about 2 months old in a "trade" with a family member. (Litter sire was a black & tan; dam was a white.) Her new owner, unfortunately (but fortunately for the pups), got herself into some legal trouble and while she was away, the neighbor was feeding and taking care of Spirit and her brother and another dog on the property, possibly the mother. Ultimately, the owner was sentenced to 7 years, which left the 2 puppies and the other dog in the yard at the mercy of whatever might befall them.

No way was the neighbor going to see the dogs, particularly the pups, go to the shelter, but she also wasn't prepared to take care of them for the next 7 years, and so she reached out to a rescue. That rescue agreed to take the black & tan and began searching for a rescue to take the white pup. Our friend, Cindy, got a call from a friend asking if she knew someone who could help, and of course, Cindy did. :)

Spirit on her way to freedom

After a ride in Cindy's truck, Spirit begins the rest of her life

According to Cindy: "She is 34 lbs and got her 1st set of vacc and a worming. Shes got peachy colored ears. She still has baby teeth that are loose some molars coming in. She is shy but wants love. She peed when she saw the cats. A little shy. She's trying now to get cozy with the small dogs. She's not too sure about the Airedale -- hes 100 lbs of puppy still. They do not stop her from following me around. I'm not babying her, just make sure the big dog does not scare her. She took a nap in an x-pen and she was quiet. We will see tonight. She can see the other dogs. She is very quiet in the house. She's checking out a couple of my cats. Playing with my Airedale now."

Spirit and the rest of the doggie pack at Cindy's

Hello, kitty

Am I cute or what?

After a good night's sleep, Cindy reports, "Pup is doing good -- quiet all nite. She is doing good with all the dogs . It's just another day to mine. Learning with the cat. This cat is very tolerant of the gentle grabbing, and the pup is good at 'No Bite'. Spirit doesn't frantically chase her. I will get her around the other cats who won't take it."

Kitty training has begun

UPDATE FROM CINDY: "What better way to leash train a new pup -- use your confident, blind dog Radar at the local thrift store. Both did good. Spirit went up to everyone, kids, men."


UPDATE FROM CINDY 8/1: "Doing good . Sleeping in her crate all night with no fussing. She has graduated to being in her crate when I'm in the room with no fussing. She was playing with Pearl (blind and deaf) tonight -- Keep away with the toy."


Spirit needs a home where someone is not gone all day (i.e., a normal work day). She's only a baby and needs ongoing training, socialization and, of course, lots of love. If you have what it takes to give this baby a happy forever, we'd love to hear from you.

UPDATE 8/13:

From Cindy: She is all packed up and ready

We met Cindy this afternoon in Ehrenberg (at the California border) to pick up Spirit. What a cutie! Cindy reports she is a typical, smart puppy. Has learned sit, is quiet in her crate (once she realizes that you really do mean she has to stay in it), and definitely has the right idea about housebreaking. Cindy says she was just learning to play fetch with her toys.

Cindy was afraid the pavement was too hot

Hey, that's my stuff!

Spirit with new foster dad, Lucien

FOSTER UPDATE 8/14: "Spirit did great last night with all the other dogs and slept well. Not too much crying or whining in the crate. I think she liked having Yuki in the kennel across from her."

Spirit saw our vet today for her intake exam. She weighed in at 34.5 pounds, was microchipped and updated on shots. She will be given some time to settle in before she is spayed and available for adoption.

(from left to right) Yuki, Spirit, Wicket & Yoda
Learning to share and wait for their turn for treats

FOSTER UPDATE 8/16: "Good Morning, Nancy! Just wanted to give you an update. Spirit is a typical puppy... if it gets quiet I check her mouth ...and removed Lucien's flip flop. She is very sweet. Whines when she gets bored. Chases the big dogs and submits when Yuki knocks her down so she can nip and kick from the ground. Spirit is doing really well with sit, leave it, and come. We are working on her jumping up when she gets excited or wants something. I took her for a long walk with Yoda last night and Spirit did really well on the leash. She just trotted side by side with Yoda and took cues from her.

Spirit was a little scared when she was in the water [Yuki accidentally knocked her into the pool]; just waited for me to come get her as she held onto the side, but once she was scooped out she was fine. Went right back to playing with Yuki, so Yuki laid on top of her. They roughhouse really well together. I'll take her in the pool with me this evening so she will have a positive experience and show her where the stairs are. She isn't left outside unattended, so I don't worry about her getting in on her own.

Today was Spirit's turn to go to work with me. My company has been great about all the dogs coming in and out of the office recently. We had our weekly company meeting with about 30 people this morning and Spirit sat or laid by my side and paid attention. She was great meeting all the strangers and did not scare when everyone clapped, though she did look to me for reassurance. Above Spirit is pictured with FOR Energy's VP of Sales, Dan, and the CEO/owner, Sean."

Spirit has taken up her foster fur-sublings' bad habits and prefers pillows now

FOSTER UPDATE 8/20: "Hope you had a great weekend! Spirit and Yuki are both doing great. Spirit got to go swimming again and it seems to confuse her, but not in a bad way. We are still working on jumping up, but other than that she is a sweetheart. Spirit and Yuki play so well together, Yuki lets Spirit crawl all over her and puts her to the ground if she gets too rough. Yoda will even get in on the play time with the puppy so Yuki and Wicket can play ball sans ankle biter. Both dogs enjoy cuddling the humans on the couch. Yuki especially likes to chew her wubba on top of my chest."

Spirit really likes to sit wherever Yoda is allowed to sit...

FOSTER UPDATE 8/26: "Spirit is doing well, a little less active since her playmate Yuki went home which has helped in her training! We have been working on her jumping up and have since a lot of improvement. She comes in hen called and sits before she’s allowed in the door from outside. We’ve done some cat intros, apparently all new dogs want to be up close and personal with Duck and she’s starting to get a bigger head. Spirit sits and investigates, then tries to play but backs up with a hiss or growl. Our other cat Dabi is currently stalking Spirit... the puppy is learning kitty respect! Her other past time is laying in the middle of the kitchen while I cook or make candles."


FOSTER UPDATE 9/5: "Spirit is doing great, a little on the thin side but she eats like a horse! We’ve started doing leash training and that’s going well. The no jumping idea is an ongoing goal. She is a sweetheart. Got bit on the nose when she went under the bed for a kitty and has kept her distance when she checks on them regularly. I think she is big enough for spay surgery if you think she’s ready. Let us know!

Spirit definitely picking up our dogs’ lazy weekend habits

Foster pups seem to get very comfy at work

She finally got to snuggle Wicket (he mostly pretends she doesn’t exist)

Another work pic

She is honestly a very gentle puppy. During the day she likes to be near you, sleeping, or in her kennel, sleeping. Evening time she likes to play and have a lot of attention but as far as puppies go she is low key but that might have to do with taking cues from my dogs who have their routine. She loves other dogs.

I did take her over to my friends’ house on Saturday solo where she met a two year old and was super polite."

As difficult as it is going to be to say good-bye, since she has become such a part of their family, Spirit's fosters have decided to let her go (and be adopted elsewhere) so that they can continue to foster more dogs for us. We are so grateful to our fosters who continue to be the backbone of our rescue efforts.

UPDATE 9/10: Spirit's spay surgery has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 11th. After a suitable recovery period (approximately 2 weeks), we will begin scheduling introductions with prospective adoptive families.

UPDATE 9/11: Spirit had her spay surgery today and came through just fine. She will spend the next several weeks recovering at her foster home, after which we will begin scheduling introductions.

Please make the room stop spinning...

UPDATE 9/20: Our girl is doing well and healing beautifully from her spay surgery. She will have her sutures removed on Wednesday (9/26) and will be available for introductions this coming weekend.

Happy to be cone free

UPDATE 9/26: Spirit had her sutures removed and is out of her cone and raring to go!

UPDATE 9/29: Spirit and Ramona found themselves at Doggie District this afternoon for introductions. Once Spirit settled in, it was a full on puppy free-for-all!!


For the most part, Ramona (the older and larger of the two) played the "under dog" and allowed Spirit to "win"

Adoption fee $450.00.

For those families interested in adopting Spirit, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at WhiteGSDRescue@AOL.com. This questionnaire link is only for Spirit or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

Please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies by reading ADOPTION BEGINS HERE. THANK YOU.