SOONER IN A NUTSHELL: Very social, gentle youngster, about 18 months of age. Gets along very well with other dogs and seems to be OK with cats (we'll test that further once he's ready).
Sooner is another furkid from HARTT (Humane Animal Rescue & Trapping Team). We were initially contacted by our good friend, Shelli, who also volunteers with HARTT, "I don't know if you have any room or not but I had one of the trappers just reach out to me about a white German Shepherd roaming a Phoenix neighborhood for the last several days that they're going to attempt to trap ... not sure when they plan on doing that. The trapper says not a lots known yet except that he'll follow people walking their dogs and will get close enough to eat from their hands but runs if they try to secure him, I have this one photo she sent me if you think that this is a dog you would like to take on after the owner search I'll put you in touch with Eva."

HARTT had been asked to help secure him because he had been seen in a neighborhood near 24th Street & Thomas for about a week (in mid August) . He then disappeared and showed up about 5 miles away where he was able to be leashed by the people who saw him. HARTT volunteers were able to confirm the markings on the dog today and determined to their best knowledge that it is the same dog. According to the finder, he got along with their 4 dogs fine and we had reports of him following other people out walking their dogs. He is friendly and very chill apparently.

Shortly after agreeing to take on Sooner, we were contacted by the wonderful people who found him! "My name is Tami and I initiated the rescue of a white male German Shepherd that was frantically running in the middle of 24th Street into oncoming traffic earlier this week when I first saw him. Your rescue is about to take him under your care. He'll be coming from AZHARTT. It has been a long 5 days of following this dog, both in sightings on the streets and through social media. He was so skittish that we could not secure him or get him to safety. He just kept going... and going and going and going.

At a HARTT feeding station

His final trek on the last night on the streets was 4.7 miles up what we think was the canal from Thomas and 20th Street to 12th and Glendale. When he was spotted in that area, he continued to stay on the run but then ultimately, out of sheer exhaustion, crawled under a truck and dropped down and just laid there. The kind man crawled under and put a blanket next to him and then scooched him onto the blanket and dragged him out. His words were, 'He was done. He was completely done.'

The dog is very worn out and emaciated. He's an unfixed male. He's young with white teeth and yellow at the very tips of his ears. He has ticks and scrapes all over, even a little road rash.

If you can figure out which dog it is that comes in from AZHARTT, and you would like to keep my number to pass on to the new adopted parents one day, just let me know. I have a picture of him and a short video. I know a lot of people like to know the story behind their new pet. I've only known him from a distance for about a week, but he's quite a dog who deserves a great life. He was trying so hard in his own way and he wouldn't give up; he just kept moving forward. That seemed to be his answer, just keep moving forward. He, if any dog ever deserved a good life, it is this guy!"

Thank goodness they caught me!

Sooner received a much needed bath!


According to Eva, a HARTT volunteer, "They are bringing him to our shelter at 4:30 today and will check for chip then and I will let you know as soon as they check." (Note: No microchip was found)

On his way to HARTT with Judi
Sooner relaxing at HARTT

Making some new friends at HARTT shelter

Here is Sooner giving kisses to one of the HARTT volunteers today ~ he gets along so well with the other dogs

Sooner has a neuter appointment on September 7th, after which he will be taking up temporary residence at White GSD Rescue. He sure would love a foster home!

UPDATE 9/7: Sooner saw our vet for his intake exam and neuter surgery today. He was found to be in relatively good health, considering his time on the run, and came through his neuter surgery without complication. At just under 52 pounds and a "guesstimated" age of 18 months, he's got some growing and filling out to do. He is being treated with antibiotics for the next 2 weeks for a slight skin infection near the surgery site but, other than that, all he needs is time and a few more pounds and he's good to go. Everyone at the vet's office fell in love with his gentle demeanor. On the way into his temporary foster home, he ran into one of the household cats and had no issues going nose-to-nose with her. We'll try for a formal kitty intro (with pictures) as soon as he's feeling up to it.

Adoption fee $275.00.

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