A shelter is no place for a puppy!!

This little fella first appeared on our radar when a text came in, "Hello! Im Jamaica from the Pima Animal Care Center. We had this white German shepherd [mix?] Male, 4 months old and 27 pounds come in as a stray. Would you be interested? Very energetic and chatty." When we inquired, we were sent the above pictures and our hearts broke. We were told that this baby was still on stray hold, but in an effort to keep him out of the general population at the shelter, he could go to rescue right away and wait out his stray hold with the rescue. With not a square inch of space, we did what we have never done before, and that is to turn to social media for help. We needed a foster, and we needed one fast.

Jamaica was kind enough to send us this additional photo

We had several people offer to foster, including our friend, Cindy, in California (thanks, Cindy!), but only one person (Claire) followed up the offer with the required foster application paperwork. But foster placements take time (home visits are required), so a temporary sanctuary for this as yet unnamed baby was needed while we did the legwork. Our thanks to foster mom Kate's mom, Joyce, for offering her home as a temporary safe haven for our newest shelter orphan. He will be taken to Joyce's house and given a chance to settle in before being moved into a more permanent foster home.

UPDATE 8/6: After receiving confirmation from the shelter that we could pick up our little as yet unnamed bundle this afternoon, Sara headed to the shelter and then to Casa Grande to meet us. Thanks, Sara! Thanks to all who offered their well wishes and assistance to this little guy.

We met Sara in Casa Grande, and he wasted no time in letting us know that he was in charge ... or so he thought

Our newest furkid wouldn't sit still for a good photo, so we asked Sara to pick him up

Very happy to meet Kate ...

... and then to pile into her vehicle for the ride to Joyce's
Hello, Joyce! Let the love fest begin!
Thanks to Joyce, this little man had plenty of toys to choose from

As we sat around at Joyce's home, wondering what we were going to call this little cutie, Sara said, "I've been calling him Simon since I picked him up," and Simon it is ... at least for now.

UPDATE 8/11:

Kate took Wicket, Yoda and her foster furkid, Simba, over to play with Simon, and the two puppies had a ball ~ Wicket tried to referee!

According to Kate, "We survived our puppy play date and we are all tired! Simon was not happy about the other dogs being in his space at first but I think Simba won him over. Simon would follow the big dogs in the backyard but took a while to understand Simba trying to play with him."

FOSTER UPDATE 8/13: "I have told you over and over, Simon, just because you are cute you cannot sit and get a cookie every time!!!"

FOSTER UPDATE 8/14 FROM KATE: "Update from mom on Simon, he is still doing well and follows her everywhere. She is getting tired and he's getting more active and needs more outlet to play. She says he's such a smart cookie and learns quickly. He has the potty training down at night but has the occasional accident in the house when he is out of his crate. He is starting to go to the back door when he wants to potty, or he'll 'tell' mom by barking and giving her 'the look.' He sleeps through the night in his crate and takes a good nap in it during the day. Another week may be too much for mom, as much as she is enjoying playing with him; he is chewing her up like puppies do. She feels bad, but he's an active baby who needs a bit more. Would it be ok for me to bring him to my house this weekend until he moves into his new foster home?" We definitely gave Kate the go-ahead to move Simon until his new foster home is ready.

UPDATE 8/18: We did our home visit with prospective fosters Claire and Tom today and their two wonderful dogs, Gunner and Pippin. They are ready, willing and able to give Simon a foster home and to see if he might be a good fit to add to their family.

FOSTER UPDATE 8/18 FROM KATE: "Simon came home with me this afternoon and has been playing nonstop with Simba. Outside they do great rough housing, but inside they tend to get a little too intense on the couch and have to be separated. Simon is very respectful of the older dogs and Wicket has only smacked him down once."

UPDATE 8/22: Simon was placed into his new foster home today with Claire and Tom. Our thanks to foster mom, Kate, who made the trip up from Chandler to NW Phoenix to handle the "special delivery." It was a bit rough going at first, with Pippin not appreciating the ballsy puppy's attitude, but we know it will take time.

The initial intro with Pippin went well ...

... but Simon was just a bit too pushy

When Pippin objected, Simon went running to Kate

Simon tries his charms on new foster mom Claire

Within hours, we received this picture from Claire

A portal to a new dimension, perhaps? Click to see!

Nope, it's Simon mastering the doggie door!

FOSTER UPDATE 8/23: "Simon (who we are calling Draco) slept through the night from about 10pm-5am when I got up to let him out! We were super surprised by that. I think things are going really well so far! Pip didn't like letting him on the bed and seemed to 'claim' it. But since we allow dogs on the bed, we are going to work on that. We had fun waking Tom up this morning!

One big, happy family

"We took everyone to the lake today for my birthday surprise! Pippin did not care for sharing the backseat so Draco (Simon) sat up front with us. At first he enjoyed getting his paws wet but would go no further than his belly. Once he saw how much fun Pippin and Gunner were having, he took his first plunge! He does really well in the water and seemed to know how to swim properly instead of just doggy paddling; we aren't sure how his upright ears will do so we are going to keep an eye out to make sure they don't start bothering him. We have drops to solve any irritation.

He wasn't really interested in swimming after the toys but he loved swimming out to Tom or me so that we could hold him in the water for a while before he would swim back to whoever was on shore for hugs and kisses. He did venture off a little further than we were comfortable with but with several calls, Pippin would go get him and they would come galloping back together. Pippin still doesn't care to share toys and Draco tried to take toys from Pippin and Gunner several times. They would show their teeth and growl for a sec and he would get the message and come back to one of us to get his own water toy. Everyone is napping now while Tom and I start the smoker and get some chicken going! Perfect Friday in the books!"

FOSTER UPDATE 8/24: "Either Kate trains super fast or Draco was already house trained! The first night we had two accidents, yesterday we had one, and this morning he used the doggy door to run outside and potty! Knock on wood!

We had a little trial with toys this morning and it went OK. Draco tried to take toys from Pippin and Gunner several times. When they wouldn't let him, he played with his toy and then went and laid down. As soon as he laid down, Gunner ran over to him with his tail wagging and gave Draco a toy! We gave lots of praise to Gunner! Pippin enjoyed having a toy again for a little while and playing fetch. Draco followed him around the whole time and even played some fetch of his own. Pippin was okay with him following and running along as long as it didn't look like Draco was going to touch his toy. Now the toys are up and everyone is napping!

Draco does love following me around the house and Pippin always does that as well so now it looks like little ducklings!"

FOSTER UPDATE 8/25: "Draco, Pippin, and Gunner have had access to toys all day today and there were two altercations where Pippin took Draco's toy. Otherwise, everyone was super happy! We introduced Draco to some of our friends yesterday and some more people today and he seems to love the attention. Sundays are typically nap days in our household, which Draco seems to love! Knocking on wood but we are both shocked with Draco's lack of interest in getting into messes or chewing on things he shouldn't be. I'm sure once the week starts and we get busy, he might get a little bored but for now he is behaving SO WELL!!"


FOSTER UPDATE 8/26: "He hasn't peed inside, he's used the doggy door to come out and we take him out quite often as well and remind him to use the potty outside. Pooping is another story. I think due to the food change his tummy is upset, he's pooped inside three or four times and a million more times outside. We aren't sure if it's too much food or what but it feels like he goes poo way more than Pippin and Gunner. Sorry if that's too much information, but we are shocked by the amount and how quickly it moves through his system!

He's definitely more comfortable with everyone today and I think he's come completely out of his shell. He and Pippin have played almost nonstop except for when they take naps. The toys are still a bit of an issue as I said before but there is definite improvement. We just don't LEAVE them out because we don't want there to be any mishaps when we are in another room. Crate training was already done honestly. Like Kate said, he cries for maybe 5 minutes and then waits for us to let him out. Outside of today, he's only been in it for meals and bed time and Tom said that he didn't cry really today when he put him in it. I had him out around 4:30-6am and he and Pippin ran around so I'd assume he was ready for a nap at that point!"

FOSTER UPDATE 8/29: "I just wanted to give you an update on where we are with fostering Draco. He and Pippin get along about 80% of the time but the other 20% they are extremely aggressive toward each other. Showing teeth, growling, body slamming, and biting until we jump between them. No one has gotten hurt, thankfully, but I am afraid that it could happen. There has been one incident where Draco got pretty scared and did the yelping like when you were here.

Pippin seems to be incapable of sharing toys and has even started stealing Draco's toys. He is teaching Draco to be aggressive with toys when other dogs are around and I am obviously concerned that this will negatively affect his future. They seem to almost bait each other into arguments with their toys like setting them down and staring at each other until the other comes up and then snapping at each other.

This morning, Tom told me that he feels this really isn't working for our family or Draco. I must say that I agree at this point. Draco is learning negative behaviors from Pippin which I don't know how to prevent (such as aggression when toys are present) and I would hate for that the become a permanent behavior.

Draco is a great puppy on the whole. He doesn't get into things or become destructive when he has attention and supervision, he goes outside and goes potty when we ask him to, the only time he's had accidents inside are when I'm at work and Tom is working in the office and not paying a lot of attention to them. Draco sleeps in his crate almost through the night before he wakes up and lets us know he needs to go outside. He is cuddly and loves getting scratches and giving kisses. We found out last night that he loves to play in the rain and has no fear of thunder or lightening. Tom really doesn't have the time to properly care for Draco in the mornings like we thought he would and we don't want Draco to suffer or pick up bad habits because of our shortcomings and general lack of time to properly care for him.

At this point I think it might be best for Draco and us if we started looking for alternative arrangements. As I stated before, we aren't going to dump him back on you or anything like that but I do believe in being upfront with what's going on and our thoughts on what's happening. I am truly disappointed to be writing you this email and wish that I knew how to resolve these issues myself in a way that is beneficial to everyone."


Simon Draco meets a new friend

Pending a home visit, Simon Draco will be going to his new foster-to-adopt home on Wednesday.

UPDATE 9/11: Simon Draco went to his new foster home today with Jeff and foster fursister Xenia.

A very short time later, we got the first update from Jeff, "Hasn't taken long for things to settle down at this point. Got one passed out on the floor and one sleeping in a kennel. The video share I provided pretty much explains both being tired at this point. I was expecting the settling in to take longer than this but appears it isn't going to."

Adoption fee to be determined.

If you are interested in Simon Draco, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Simon or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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