Shirley has been in a foster home with a disabled vet for the past several months. The plan was for her to be adopted and then enter the assistance program to become a service dog for her foster/adopter dad. Unfortunately, fate was not on Shirley's side.

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Shirley's foster dad's family member has been diagnosed with cancer. The emotional upheaval that is going on in the household is unbearable for all concerned. Shirley is completely distraught at the breakdown of her person. There is no option -- her foster dad must remain in the house, and he feels asking Shirley to go through what she cannot understand is unfair to her. A difficult decision had to be made to return Shirley to our rescue for rehoming.

Shirley will be taking up residence at Doggie District to wait for her forever family to find her. She does well with older children, say 10 or 11 (we don't know about the younger ones as she has not been around them), and would love another dog to play with. She is sweet and friendly in her home environment, but has not been properly socialized and is uncomfortable traveling to places like PetsMart and Home Depot -- they're just too much for her. She may never be a service dog (due to lack of socialization and confidence); however, she can be a wonderful companion, playmate and protector for some lucky family.

UPDATE 12/10: Shirley was moved to Doggie District this afternoon. She totally remembered the place and even some of the staff! We're hoping she can catch up on that lack of socialization with their help.

Tara makes Shirley feel welcome ~ Shirley says thanks

UPDATE 12/22: Thanks to our wonderful fosters Kate and Lucien, Shirley was offered a real (foster) home for Christmas! Kate reports, "I think Shirley is going to do very well here! She is so sweet it hurts. Here is another one. She is snuggling me so hard. Argh I love her !"


FOSTER UPDATE 12/26/2018: "Shirley has been great in our home.  She follows me everywhere, is sweet and so gentle when she plays!  Her favorite thing is to be chased and play hide and seek behind the bushes or cactus with one of the other dogs.  When all three play she can get overwhelmed, and lets them know, but still wags her tail having a good time.  We had about 7 people over yesterday and Shirley was timid at first but quickly started greeting and getting pets.  She was content to sleep in the middle of the group and be stepped over.   We did a cat intro and she gently sniffed Duck but kept a polite distance.  She was curious but not overly so when Duck was on the ground.  After a minute or two Shirley just went off to check on the dogs in the kitchen.  I absolutely love her!

At play
Yoda and Shirley chase each other around the yard. Today Shirley is at work with me to get a little more socialization and because she waits/softly whines when I am not around.  She was nervous coming into a new place, but sniffed all the people she's met so far!"

At work

FOSTER UPDATE 1/2: "Pupdate on Miss Shirley: She was not a fan of fireworks at all so she followed Wicket to lay in the kitchen. Shirley has grown very attached to me. When I am gone (at work or taking a shower) she whines softly and looks for me. She will find a sweater or socks that I've worn and drags them around the house, but she doesn't chew. Shirley is fine in the kennel at night now that we've moved it into the bedroom with me. She also does fine in the dog bed out of the kennel all night. Kitties are no big deal to her. They jump up next to her when she sits on the bed or couch and she gives them a good sniff. I nearly had a heart attack when Dabi jumped up onto the bed right in Shirley's face, but Shirley didn't move a muscle and watched her walk by, then rolled over for belly rubs. There has been no cat chasing, but she has given a couple kisses. I have never seen a dog so calm around cats or trusted a foster to roam around the entire house like this. She is just content to be close to her person."

Shirley and "her" kitty

Shirley is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on shots. She'd love the opportunity to steal your heart.

Shirley is so chill with the kitties. Dabi is not amused...

FOSTER UPDATE 1/16: "Shirley is doing great! Her personality has come out and she loves to play! Stuffies are her favorite but she doesn’t like when the other dogs tear them up -- they’re supposed to be cuddled."


Click to see Shirley & Yoda at play

FOSTER UPDATE 1/16: "After reading all the sadness, we decided to take the dogs to Verde today to play on the ranch. Shirley met horses, ponies and ranch dogs. I wish I’d gotten more video but we were running around 5 acres with the dogs and Shirley never stopped! She ran and ran and had the time of her life! They were all passed out after a couple hours of play."

Click to see Shirley, Wicket & Yoda at the ranch

While Shirley is blossoming in her foster home, she prefers a quiet, gentle lifestyle. She is still jumpy at loud noises and quick movements (even those of her foster parents, whom she trusts completely). She is looking for a gentle, loving forever home so that she can continue to blossom and grow into the wonderful dog we know she can be...

Before ... and after ~ "The dogs approve of our new “dog car”


Shirley and Dabi napping together

Shirley will be moving to her new foster to adopt home the first week in March.

Adoption fee $385.00.

If you are interested in Shirley, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Shirley or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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