SHEEBA IN A NUTSHELL: A sweet, loving girl who could do well as an "only child" or with another (male) dog. She is perfectly housetrained and crate trained. She plays well with others, and is kitty tolerant as well. She has some seasonal allergies that are being managed beautifully by medication. Otherwise, she's in perfect health.
Just when you think you've seen it all ... that people can't be any more cruel or heartless, something happens to bring you up short. In the early morning hours of Thanksgiving, our founder was prodded out of a deep sleep by the words, "...there's a dog tied to the tree in front of the house." It had to be a nightmare ... but it wasn't. Putting on a robe and slippers and heading out to the front yard, it was a scene we didn't honestly believe at first.

She was on a bed, which had been placed on top of a sheet; she was tied to the tree and shivering in the early morning cold. It was all too real. We didn't have the heart to make her stay outside another second while we went in for a camera ... it was unbelievable that someone could be so heartless.

When we approached, she growled softly; we didn't even know if the was "one of ours," but it was apparent she needed our help and we didn't hesitate. Once we had the leash in our hands, she ran to our side and buried herself in our waiting arms. She did have one of our rescue ID tags on an unfamiliar collar, so we began with a microchip scan. A call to the chip company confirmed that she was, indeed, one of ours.

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It was obvious that the last year and a half had not been kind to Sheeba and that she had not received the proper care. Her skin was red and irritated, and she was almost beside herself with the itching. A visit to our vet was the first order of business. We made her as comfortable as we could, made an emergency appointment for her with our groomer and waited out the holiday to make a vet appointment for her.


UPDATE 12/11: Sheeba saw our vet today. She was given a thorough exam and, other than her skin which had not been taken care of properly, she appeared to be in good health. Her coat was rough (probably due to poor nutrition) but her spirits were high.

Sheeba was given a cortizone shot and placed on antibiotics for two weeks for her skin infections. We will definitely be scheduling a follow-up exam in about 2 weeks, and she will be given the best of care in the meantime.

UPDATE 12/14: Sheeba was moved into a new foster home today with volunteer Wendy.


FOSTER UPDATE 12/15: "She finally ate about 9 pm. Went right into her crate and never stirred until 8 am. Went right outside and did her business this morning. Then ate her breakfast. I had to put that liquid on it [a coat supplement] before she'd eat but that worked. She sort of likes to play fetch but not for long. We ran into our first dog on our walk. She got really excited and tried to pull me to it. The pit bull wasn't friendly so it was easy to turn her away. She really wanted to play." We asked Wendy to add some Benadryl into her diet.

FOSTER UPDATE 12/31: "She's chewing her paws again so I'm putting her back on 2 pills [Benadryl] twice a day. She doesn't like the rain."

UPDATE 1/10: Sheeba saw our vet again today. It was obvious that the steroid injection was wearing off as Sheeba's feet showed signs of her chewing. Rather than keep her on steroids, we opted for a different route and opted to put her on "Apoquel," a non-steroidal, oral allergy medication. If Sheeba shows positive results, she will be on the medication (most likely) for the rest of her life or at the very least during allergy season(s). We're going to keep a close eye on her and we know she's in good hands with foster mom, Wendy, who had a "grand-dog" on the same medication.

Other than her seasonal allergies, Sheeba is doing well. She is in an only-dog situation with Wendy, and has no problem being alone while Wendy is at work. She loves her walks and is just an all-round good dog. We're hoping the Apoquel does the trick for her (so far, so good) -- it will be provided to her adopter.

FOSTER UPDATE 1/18: "Took Sheeba to the office for a couple of hours today. She was happy to meet everyone regardless of race or gender. Only issue was that every time someone came in she rushed to get outside. She may have been an inside dog but she really likes it outside. Her tail was going a mile a minute and she ran from person to person and even went upstairs without me. She's a good girl."

UPDATE 2/9: Sheeba had a big day today. First, she was kitty tested and passed!! Then she went over to Doggie District to meet some new friends and play!

Kevin is unafraid

That's close enough!

"Boop" from Hermione

Shyama giving Sheeba some love at Doggie District

Adoption fee $325.00.

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