These 2 girls were picked up together as strays in early March. They were so frightened by the shelter environment that they were locked away in isolation while waiting for their owner(s) to come for them. When we asked for information on the dogs from the shelter, we were told, "The two came in as strays, are dog aggressive and skittish with people." Our thanks to Theresa who went to the shelter to meet the girls and took this video:

Shelter Video of the Girls

Shelter Video of the Girls

Shelter Video of the Girls

Dog aggression? We sure didn't see it. Skittish with people? In the shelter environment, we don't blame them one bit! They looked like 2 dogs that were feeding off each other's anxiety. Again, we didn't blame them.


As the days passed, the girls grew more and more frightened in their isolated kennel. We asked for another evaluation, and Rose P offered to go and meet the girls on our behalf. According to Rose, " I tried to get them to come to the gate so I could pet them, but they stood back and growled. Very skittish, but could just be extremely scared.... He [the shelter rescue coordinator] just said dog aggressive ... typically means they donít want to play in the sand box with other dogs! On the bright side, they are beautiful and look very clean!!

What a difference a few days in isolation had made! The girls needed out; their behavior was deteriorating rapidly. We were also suspicious of the fact that Theresa's visit was in the presence of a female shelter worker (the girls approached her, sniffed her hands and took treats), while Rose's was in the presence of a man (the girls, growled, barked and retreated). Not surprisingly, that does make a difference when doing a shelter evaluation.

Our thanks go out to Pat F and her husband, Paul, who took the afternoon off work to drive Pat and the girls to freedom! Pat dressed the girls up; she didn't even have to crate them for the ride to Crossroads; she says they give kisses. Aggressive? We don't think so!!

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Winter seems to be the younger of the 2 girls; she's a bit smaller, weighing in at 54 pounds. Breeze appears to be an adult, weighing 77 pounds. Ages of the girls were listed as 1-2 years for Winter and 1-3 years for Breeze. We'll reserve judgment until they are seen by our vet. For now, the girls are safely tucked away at Crossroads in California awaiting transport to Phoenix.

UPDATE 4/15: Halo, Breeze and Winter were transported from California today and have taken up temporary residence with one of our staff members.

Halo, Winter & Breeze







Hello, kitty

Breeze did OK on her initial kitty test; we didn't have a chance to test Winter. Both girls are sweet, but have no training at all. Another pair of blank slates. They are up-to-date on shots, spayed and microchipped and ready for the rest of their lives.

UPDATE 4/21: Breeze came out to the park today to take advantage of the last Boot Camp class and train with volunteer Wendy.

Breeze took time out to meet a very handsome fella named Brady, who took the opportunity to slip Breeze a kiss

Breeze is a little timid meeting new people, but she's great with other dogs. We will be working on socializing Breeze and broadening her horizons over the coming weeks. She's a favorite around her foster home, that's for sure.

UPDATE 4/25: Breeze was moved to Doggie District this afternoon to improve her social skills. She is totally fine with other dogs, but can be shy meeting new people. We think Doggie District is just the ticket for this girl to overcome her shyness.

Hello, Kelly

Adoption fee: Breeze $375.00.

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