We first heard about this pair from our facebook angel, Kathy J. Scout and Ruby had come into a California kill shelter as strays in late March; everyone hoped that their family was looking for them ... but it turned out they weren't.


The shelter separated Scout and Ruby in the hope that they might be adopted individually but there was simply no interest. No one wanted adult shepherds when there were so many young ones available in every shelter. Our good friend and volunteer transporter, Michael, had also spotted the pair and send us an email to see if we could help them. We simply didn't have any room and hoped that another rescue would step up for them.

Scout and Jon

When it finally got down to the wire and the pair were in danger of being euthanized, we asked for a temperament assessment from the shelter. We were told, "...are a bonded pair." No help there. But, according to Andrea, a volunteer at the shelter, "Scout is very affectionate and runs to greet you. Ruby is shy but staff says never growls or anything." We had no space at all in Phoenix, and so we called in a favor from our friends at Husky Camp to see if Scout and Ruby could spend some time with them while we made some space. When the answer was yes, we immediately sent Chuck and Jon to the shelter to liberate the couple.

The dogs were overjoyed to be reunited and beyond happy to be in Chuck and Jon's vehicle, heading away from the shelter and certain death.

According to Chuck, "He's very self assured and loves his sister. She's shy but lights up when she's sees him and doesn't raise a lip. We can work with her since she's staying a while."

Arrival at Husky Camp

Our thanks go out to Chuck and Jon for helping us safe this lovely pair. They'll be well taken care of until we can bring them to Phoenix in search of forever. They will not be separated again.

UPDATE 5/1: Scout and Ruby left Husky Camp this morning and are on their way to Phoenix! Watch their videos on YouTube:

Video 1 Video 2

Adoption fee to be determined.

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