SARGE (ala Simba)

SARGE IN A NUTSHELL: Sarge is another personality plus boy -- he's very mellow for his size, and is just a big Goober. We're not sure how he'd do living one-on-one with another dog, but we're going to give him some time to settle in and then test him with one of our friendly girls. As far as people go, he's one of the best!
We first heard about Sarge (labeled "Simba" by someone along the way) when he was posted on facebook in mid-July with a very alarming message, "DIES TODAY!!" And another reading, "CODE RED - MUST EXIT 07/25/19 NO PUBLIC OR RESCUE INTEREST." We have learned to turn a deaf ear to such posts as the people who post these kinds of messages RARELY (if ever) actually check with the shelter to see if, in fact, the dog is even IN the shelter, let alone whether or not the dog is in danger ... which apparently he wasn't.

When the end of July approached and the postings continued, even though we don't have a SQUARE INCH of spare room, we decided to inquire about Sarge. The "helpful" shelter person told us basically that we could check the shelter's online listings and, if the dog was listed, he was still there. That was the extent of their "help." Facebook continued with offers of fosters (in Ohio, Illinois and Oregon), which were unfortunately no help to Sarge.

Our facebook angel, Kathy J, was scouring facebook for information on this boy when she saw several screen shots which had been posted. Contents of screen shots sent to Kathy J: "I came up to meet him since they wouldn't give me details about him over the phone. I was able to take him out of the kennel and interact with him for a few moments. He is super sweet and the caretaker said he has been mellow the entire time he's been there. He was good on the leash when I had him, didn't really pull but was naturally curious and wanted to smell his surroundings. He did have some nasal discharge and was sneezing, so probably kennel cough.

"I asked for the reason his owner brought him in: 'son was allergic to him.'"

Once we received this video from Anett C, who described Sarge as "really sweet," we knew we had to save him:

Shelter Video

We are grateful to Tina from ARK Charities, who arranged the pull, and to Shea who transported Sarge from the shelter to Crossroads where he will remain until space opens up for him here in Phoenix.

Leaving the shelter - thank you, Shea!!

Arrival at Crossroads

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UPDATE 9/15:

On the way to the airport with Karolyn

Ready to board

With pilot Tim & wife Marie

Checking the map before takeoff

Sarge has taken off from Hawthorne, California, with Pilot Tim and is heading to Phoenix. He should touch down at approximately 9pm and we will be waiting for him.

Crossing the border into Arizona

At approximately 9pm, Sarge landed safely at Deer Valley Airport, where he was met by Nancy from White German Shepherd Rescue and Steff of Southwest German Shepherd Rescue. When we first laid eyes on him, we were told, "He's perfect! He's a gem!" The pilot's family wanted to take him home and told us it was a good thing we were there to pick him up as they were ready to take him home with them!

Sarge and the flight crew

Marie says goodbye and wishes Sarge well

Steff loads Sarge up ...

... and gives him a chance to stretch his legs upon arrival at his temporary foster home with one of our staff members

UPDATE 10/2: Today was "Kitty Testing Day" for Sarge. While his energy was high due to excitement, and the cats were not as comfortable around him as they had been around Hazel and Ryker, Sarge made no move to harm the cats in any way and took a hissing/swatting NO from Kevin in stride.

Kevin just said NO

Oh, boy, a cat that's friendly

Hermione plants her traditional nose "boop"

Hey, you booped me!

Sarge tries to plant a kiss ...

... and moves in for a closer inspection

Up close and personal ...

Finally, the cat swiped and Sarge ducked and retreated

All-in-all Sarge's kitty test was a positive. It should be noted that he was tested with dog saavy cats who know not to turn and run around a German shepherd; however, even when Kevin hissed and spat at him from under the table, all Sarge did was retreat. We think in a home with dog saavy cats (and people who are also cat and dog saavy), Sarge would do well or at least be able to peacefully co-exist.

UPDATE 10/6: We did a dog introduction this afternoon with Sarge and Hazel. Sarge was initially VERY excited and got pushy with Hazel; all she wanted to do was play. After giving him some time, he seemed to calm down and realized that he could play with her without having to bully her. It's our guess that Sarge had been used as a breeding dog and thus has learned what he thinks he's supposed to do with a female. He has come quite ways since first arriving; neutering has done wonders for him -- get rid of the testosterone, and the brain comes in!

Sarge was anxious to say hi ...

... and moved right in with a kiss for Hazel

Initially intimidated, Hazel decided to invite him to play

When Sarge got too excited, Hazel lay down and he calmed down

Hazel really wanted to play

We will be working with Sarge to introduce him to some additional girls when they arrive on the 19th. We think, with proper introductions and the right girl, it could be a match made in heaven for the big boy.

Adoption fee $325.00.

If you are interested in Sarge, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Sarge or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

Please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies by reading ADOPTION BEGINS HERE. THANK YOU.