Samson and his young son were turned in to a north California shelter. The owner told the shelter that Samson had "come from another country." What that country is, we don't know for sure, but we're guessing either Germany or Switzerland where, unlike here in the United States, the coated white GSDs are very common.

It wasn't too long before the beautiful pair attracted the attention of a local German shepherd rescue. The dogs were evaluated and the rescue made the decision . . . to pull the son and leave the dad behind!! When contacted, the rescue said that both dogs passed their evaluations with flying colors, but since they could only take one, it was a "no brainer" for them to take the younger dog. We were dumbfounded.

Now alone in his kennel, Samson waits ... but he hasn't given up hope

We have never taken one dog and left its partner (be it son, daughter, brother, sister, mate or friend) behind.

Nate & Lola

We knew we had to do something as Samson's time was running out in the small, rural shelter. Never having dealt with a shelter this far away, we reached out to our traveling friends, Jon and Chuck, who happily agreed to go and pick up Samson on Saturday and bring him to us!

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Thanks to all!!! Your help is very much appreciated for this deserving boy.

UPDATE 9/23: Samson has been picked up at the shelter!!!! We are awaiting photos. According to the shelter worker who released Samson today, the rescue that came in to evaluate the dogs (and took only Casper) told them that Samson was "untrainable" and "a lost cause!" We are mystified as (1) how could they have formed an opinion like that based on one, short evaluation; (2) that is not the information we received from the shelter or from our transporters at all, not to mention that the rescue told us that they only passed on Samson because he was the older (at 2-1/2 years) of the two dogs!! Someone is not giving us the straight "poop" and we're pretty sure it's not our transporters.

With 2 shelter workers at time of pickup

According to Chuck, "Nice guy with lots of energy. Just happy to be out of the shelter. The girls taught him sit and he's getting it. Just busy but that could be from being in the shelter. Took his burrito nicely."

Safe at Husky Camp


UPDATE 9/27: Samson has been groomed, neutered, wormed, updated on shots and microchipped. He will be transported to Phoenix on Sunday, October 1st. We can't wait to meet his handsome teddy bear.

Samson (at left) and Coco ~ awaiting their ride to Arizona and forever

UPDATE 10/1: The furkids have arrived in Phoenix! Our staff member and volunteer Wendy made the drive out to Quartzsite this morning to pick up our two newest rescue additions.

Samson was more beautiful in person than he had been in the pictures we'd been receiving of him (especially now that he'd been cleaned up) and a lot bigger too! He loves the camera and did not tire of posing for our pictures. How this boy could wind up in a shelter is completely beyond comprehension. He wasted no time in coming up to us for attention, and did not take no for an answer when it was time to crate up and continue his journey east. He seems larger than his 80 pounds, but we'll leave that for the scales to determine at a later time. He's definitely going to need some training!

UPDATE 10/4: Samson and his traveling companion, Coco, are settling in slowly. Both seem a little under the weather today, so we are watching them closely to make sure they are not coming down with kennel cough. We've started both of them on antibiotics and, hopefully, by this weekend, they will be back to their normal selves. We'll keep a watchful eye just to be sure. They are sticking pretty close together for now, so we're allowing them their time and space.

We tried to do a small dog introduction with Samson, but he just wasn't in the mood to behave, so we decided to try again another day. Maybe he thought our little dog was a rabbit. We're hoping to move Samson to a foster home where we can learn more about him and what type of home would suit him best. We're thinking an only dog situation might be ideal for him, but we're going to try and find out so that we can find the best situation for this deserving boy.

UPDATE 10/5: Well, as we predicted, Samson is coming down with kennel cough. He will be in isolation for at least 2 weeks -- we are going to try and quickly get Samson into an only dog foster situation as he is currently in a multi-dog foster home. Hopefully we can keep his appetite up as he is at least 10 pounds underweight -- he is just under 80 and should weigh in the 90 pound range. Any volunteers to foster this baby through his bout with kennel cough?

UPDATE 10/8: Our thanks go out to Jean who offered Samson a place to rest while his kennel cough runs its course.

Samson feels terrible, but Jean is determine to cheer him up with lots of spoiling

Still under the weather but receiving all the pampering that Jean can offer

Adoption fee $425.00.

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