RYKER IN A NUTSHELL: Sweet, gentle boy who wants nothing more than your love. He has proven to be reactive around other dogs, and we will be assessing him further in that area. He is calm and steady, crate trained and appears housebroken (at least to a doggie door). He does appear to have some fear of thunderstorms.
The white GSDs are literally coming out of the woodwork in California! We have never had so many calls in just a few short weeks! Kathy J first spotted this boy in the shelter in mid July. When she inquired, she was told he had a CTA (Commitment to Adopt), and so we moved on and committed to taking other dogs. When the CTA failed to show up for him, this boy's situation immediately became dire. We asked for and received the following video:

According to Cindi (who took the video), "Very mellow."

Once we made arrangements to pull, our wonderful transporter, Tera, hit the road to pick him up. She had just completed the run to bring Chadd to us from another shelter, but she dropped him off and immediately got back on the road again! We are so grateful to her and her son, AJ, for their "double duty" today. Once he safely arrived at Crossroads, Cathleen gave him the name "Ryker."

AJ helps escort Ryker out of the shelter

A very happy dog on his car ride to freedom with Tera and AJ

We were told, "...the ladies (Alyssa, who did the pull, and Tera who did the transport) say he's sweet, but a bit shy. He was quite nervous, but Tera said he settled down."

When Tera picked up Ryker, we learned for the first time about the shepherd that Ryker had come into the shelter with. Knowing our policy of not leaving one behind, we inquired about the second dog and, thankfully, he was adopted the following day!

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Linda B
Heather B
Laurie C

Ryker is safe and sound at Crossroads, where he will remain until space opens up for him in Phoenix. He is neutered, up-to-date on shots and will be microchipped prior to adoption.

UPDATE 9/11: Our thanks go out to prior adopters and long-time fosters, Jim and Terri B, for offering to drive to California and bring back Hazel and Ryker. Not only are they willing to transport, but they have also offered Ryker a foster home. Jim and Terri tell us that Ryker will be the TWENTY-SECOND WGSDR dog they have fostered, including 16 puppies, Zoey (they adopted), Charlotte, Cindy, Cali (they adopted) and Bandit (they adopted). We're so happy and grateful to have them on our team!

UPDATE 9/14: Ryker was picked up this morning by Jim and his son, Jason (Terri was too ill to make the trip).

He started off confined in the rear of Jim's vehicle next to Hazel, but decided
he wanted to be up front with Jim and pushed his way forward

Jim & Terri have decided to foster Ryker

An update from Jim later on today revealed, "So far, so good."


UPDATE 9/15: In an unexpected turn on all fronts, Ryker's foster dad has asked that we reclaim Ryker. Jim's long-time buddy, Bandit, passed away over the summer and it was hoped that adding Ryker to the family would be a positive; and, while Jim says that Ryker is a "fabulous dog and any family would be lucky to have him," he's just not ready to put in the time and emotional energy necessary to make Ryker a part of the family ...

Terri brushes out a "spare dog" while Cali snoozes nearby

UPDATE 9/16: Ryker has been returned to our rescue for rehoming. Jim reported that you could do "anything" to this boy and he'd take it and be happy. He did, however, report that Ryker was becoming increasingly possessive of him and his wife as far as the other dog in the family was concerned. We don't know if that could have decreased (or even possibly increased) with time -- there was barking and some growling on Ryker's part when the other dog was receiving affection from the people in the household. Maybe Ryker's preference is to be an only dog, and he would definitely be fabulous at that.

When we shared Ryker's experience in his foster home with the folks at Crossroads, where Ryker has been staying since being pulled from the shelter, we were told, "He was in the house the whole time he was here. Never GROWLED OR BARKED AT ANY DOG. He was next to Miley most of the time. He was also next to Khaki, the Mal we have here. They never even growled at each other." We are mystified.

Ryker is neutered, up-to-date on shots and will be microchipped (if necessary) prior to adoption. He's ready for a new family of his own.

UPDATE 10/2: Ryker saw the vet today for his "wellness exam" and weighed in at a healthy 77 pounds. He was sweet and friendly to all, even though it was obvious that he'd had very few (if any) vet visits in the past.

77 pounds

Heart & lungs sound good
Hermione tried her best to get Ryker to play with her ~ he wasn't interested

After his vet visit, we decided to "kitty test" Ryker to see if the brief encounter he'd had with the cat on his way through the house to the vet was typical or just a happy surprise. No matter how we (and the cat) tried, Ryker simply wasn't interested. Good boy!

UPDATE 10/6: We did a dog introduction this afternoon with Ryker and Hazel. While Hazel wanted to play, Ryker actually seemed fearful of her and tried to get her to leave him alone by giving her a low growl on several occasions. When corrected, he IMMEDIATELY backed off and we didn't feel that Hazel was in any danger at any time. He just wanted to be left alone. We will continue our efforts to get Ryker comfortable around another dog.

Initial approach is good

Hazel sneaks in a kiss

With encouragement, Ryker moves in for a sniff

Did I do ok?

He finally allowed Hazel to sniff without complaint, but he wasn't comfortable unless Bert was right there

Adoption fee $325.00.

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