Rocky's shelter pic ... such a sad boy
Rocky first came to our attention thanks to our facebook angel, Kathy J, in early March. We asked for a video, and the shelter happily complied (although a bit on the fuzzy side):

We weren't looking to take in any new dogs, but we are not a rescue that lets a good dog die if there's any way we can help ... and their was a way.

We were initially told that Rocky was on "owner hold," meaning that he had ID (either a collar or microchip) and that his owner had been notified. That gave Rocky a stay of execution for approximately ten days. We waited out the ten days and were told that Rocky's owner did not even respond to the notification that his dog was at the shelter! The first thing the shelter did was to test Rocky to see if he could be put up for adoption.

The shelter brought Rocky out into the play yard, and he was absolutely over the moon to be outside and free (see pic at left). However, when they brought a young neutered male into the play yard with Rocky, the other dog was a bit too pushy for Rocky and invaded his space, and Rocky snapped at the dog (the key words here being "snapped at"). He made no contact and did not pursue an argument, but he was immediately deemed unsuitable to be put up for adoption. In other words, "Rescue Only." Rocky stood ZERO chance of making it out of the shelter alive without our help. According to the shelter, Rocky is, "Super friendly! Extremely social. He is a great dog, and when walking by other dogs he was okay but the correction he gave [to the other dog] made adoption staff pass on him. The helper dog was a neutered male; they were okay at first and the helper dog got too much in his space and Rocky snapped in his face as the correction."

We immediately gave Kathy the green light to put things in motion to save this boy. If he can get to Crossroads by Sunday, he can join Luca on the trip to Phoenix.

UPDATE 3/14: Rocky is out of the shelter and on his way to Crossroads where he will be safe until we can get him to Phoenix. Thank you, Tera!

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To all of Rocky's faithful & generous supporters, we are eternally grateful...

UPDATE 3/17: Rocky has arrived in Phoenix.


It may not show in his photos, but this is one BIG boy! He's good natured and sweet with (unfortunately) very little training, but anyone willing to give him the time, love and attention he so richly deserves will be well rewarded.

UPDATE 3/23: Rocky came out to the park today to meet some potential new family members. He was the perfect gentleman to all. He will be moving in with Stuart, Penny and Carly (adopted in December of 2012) within the next week or so.


UPDATE 3/28: Rocky moved into his new foster home today with Stuart, Penny and fursister Carly ~ let the games begin.


Adoption fee $395.00.

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