Rocky and his buddy, Duke, showed up wearing matching harnesses near Tucson in August. The finder posted notices and attempted to find their owner for several weeks, but she soon realized that no one was looking for them. Already having a house full of dogs of her own, the finder reached out to us for help. "I have a white shepherd and his buddy that showed up at my place east of Tucson, just about a month ago, they both had harnesses on and are very friendly. I have posted them found all over the place and have found no owners. Here are pics of the white one. He is intact, I'm guessing about 2 yrs old, loves to play, is good with his buddy though they have tiffs once in a while. Very rambunctious, but good around my 2 yr old granddaughter (with supervision of course). They are separate from my dogs, but do not fight through the fence. Any help would be great as I really cannot keep them on a permanent basis, as I have 4 dogs of my own."

We asked for and received the following pictures:

Rocky and Duke certainly picked the worst summer to become homeless -- we have taken in more dogs this summer than ever before. But, the finder was more than willing to work with us in order to get Rocky into our rescue, so we naturally said yes to taking him on. Rocky will be neutered and vet checked on 9/28. We're hoping to have an opening for him shortly thereafter.

UPDATE 9/13: We asked for an update on the boys and received these pictures and video:

UPDATE 9/23: Rocky saw the vet for his neuter surgery today. The vet guessed his age at 3+ as opposed to the 2 years his finder guesstimated, and found him to be in excellent health.

UPDATE 10/7: Thanks to our dear friend, "Wolfman John," Rocky will be transported to Phoenix on Thursday and will be taking up temporary residence at Doggie District. He will be available for immediate introductions and adoption (or foster-to-adopt). We will add transport photos of Rocky's arrival later this week.

UPDATE 10/10: John and Rocky's angel Melissa met in Casa Grande this morning and Rocky is on his way to Phoenix. Unfortunately, for now, we had to leave Duke where he is, but if you are interested in meeting him, Melissa would be happy to bring him to Phoenix!

Melissa & Rocky play one last game of fetch

Headed to Casa Grande to meet John

John takes Rocky for a stroll before heading out

Goodbye and thanks, Melissa!

Rocky has arrived in Phoenix and has been checked in to Doggie District for some fun and games!

John & Rocky arrive in Phoenix

Janice wishes Rocky well

Tara welcomes Rocky to DD

UPDATE 10/23: According to Kelly at Doggie District, "He's been doing so well here. Little awkward with playing but super sweet."

UPDATE 10/25: We took Rocky to Soldier's Best Friend this afternoon for an evaluation with Allison ... and he PASSED with flying colors! His new "best friend," Mike, was there to meet him.

Ear touching ~ A-OK

Feet ~ you bet!

This is weird, but OK

Not gonna climb on the table! I'll get into trouble!

He was definitely up for a game of tug

It's gonna take more than an umbrella to scare Rocky

Need help with that basket?

Heading inside for his dog test

Meeting his new best friends, Mike & Brandi

Adoption fee $355.00.

If you are interested in Rocky, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email White GSD Rescue at This questionnaire link is only for Rocky or other white German Shepherds on our website. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

Please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies by reading ADOPTION BEGINS HERE. THANK YOU.