We were alerted to a facebook post in October by the person who had been instrumental in bringing senior Gypsie to our rescue last year. It seems a man had passed away -- a man who had a breeding pair of whites. His surviving spouse was not interested in keeping the puppy factory going and had had the adults spayed/neutered. She then reached out for help in placing the FOUR youngsters remaining from the past 3 litters -- one 9 month old male, one almost 2 year old male, one almost 3 year old male, and one younger female (exact age unknown). Another rescue had agreed to take only the female, and we agreed to take the boys after receiving some pictures and a video.

9 months old

Almost 2 years old

Almost 3 years old

Fortunately, Zulu had received some vaccinations, so he was quickly transported to Phoenix (thank you Michael & Bob). He is awaiting his neuter surgery (November 12th), and will be adopted shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the 2 older boys had received nothing; arrangements were made to get their vaccinations as quickly as possible (at our expense) so that they could be safely taken into our hands.

UPDATE 11/10: The boys have received their vaccinations and were transported to Crossroads by our favorite California transporter, Tera. They are safe and sound (although filthy) until we can arrange for transport to Arizona.



UPDATE 12/19: Thanks to our wonderful transport team of Michael and Bob, Reno and Quinn were picked up in California this morning and are on their way to Phoenix. According to Michael, "Both of the boys lay down in the back of the car right away and are riding very nicely. Reno is active and energetic and loves to run and jump and play, and will eat anything green he can get his mouth on. Quinn is more shy, and was very nervous and shaking when he was brought to the office at Crossroads before Reno arrived. We just stopped for lunch in Indio and took them for a walk. They were both excited and probably will need some leash work."

Posing with Joe at Crossroads ~ The coloring on them is motor oil (they were being housed in an automotive repair shop before being surrendered

Reno wants to drive

Quinn (in the back seat) says, "Please don't let him!"

Loaded up with Bob and ready to hit the road

Looking forward to new & better lives

After a stop in Indio for potty and lunch, Michael reports, "It's amazing how quickly these boys lay down after you get back on the road. it's almost like they've been riding in cars all their lives."

The boys rolled in to their temporary foster home in Phoenix about 5pm.

Reno was out first, followed closely by Quinn

Michael with Quinn and Bob (at right) with Reno

First thing the boys did was "meet" the shepherd statue in front of the house

Reno, the older of the boys at just under 3 years, is definitely the leader. He's unafraid and happy to meet you. Quinn is a bit more hesitant at new situations, but with a little coaxing is willing to be friends. The boys have a grooming appointment tomorrow at Sherry's Pampered Pets. We're going to work on getting some good photos of this handsome pair when they're all cleaned up. Neuter surgery is scheduled for Monday.

UPDATE 12/20: The boys saw the groomer today for a much needed bath and brush - both got excellent "report cards" for their behavior and are clean and ready for surgery on Monday.


Reno in front / Quinn in back

UPDATE 12/23: The boys checked in to Dynamite Creek Animal Hospital this morning for their intake exam and neuter surgery. Quinn weighed in at 78, while Reno was 70 pounds. All went well with their surgeries and they are resting comfortably at their temporary foster home. They will be available for introductions after the new year.

UPDATE 1/7: The boys had their neuter sutures removed this evening and both are extremely happy to be out of their e-collars. They'll be seeing the groomer again just for a tidying up and should be ready for introductions as soon as this weekend. They'd love to meet you.

UPDATE 1/11: We "kitty tested" the boys today with mixed results. Both boys were very interested in investigating the cats, but were also content to lay by the tester's side (with the cats sitting in the same room) when nothing was going on. Reno and Quinn were definitely interested in pursuing if and when the cats moved, but were completely under control and able to be distracted. It's possible that there were shop cats in the auto repair shop where they were living; we'll never know for sure. We're going to repeat the test in another week to see if we can get more positive results. At this point all we're safe in saying is that both dogs might be OK with a very dog saavy cat as long as the cat had a safe place to retreat if necessary. Training would definitely be necessary to let the boys know that the cats are part of the family and not to be harmed.


Initial meeting with Hermione

He knows the cat is there, but walks on by

He finally spotted the kitty

We encouraged Reno to "go see the kitty" ~ and he did


Initial meeting with Hermione

Quinn discovers one of the cats under the kitchen table and tries to investigate

Quinn wasn't impressed with Kevin and the feeling was mutual ~ Quinn decided to keep his distance and just watch

QUINN UPDATE 1/14: Quinn had his first introduction with prospective adopters this afternoon; a man and a woman. He was initially shy with both, but after a very short time (and some treats), he warmed up and was happy to receive their attention. He was definitely better with the cats today and they were content to join us in the kitchen/family room area for the introduction.

When we went outside to meet the canine members of the family, Quinn became defensive with the smaller (female) dogs. After a walk, he was definitely better with the one dog that remained out with us, but he was still not comfortable and snapped, catching her with a small nip. After correction, he was content to stand and receive attention from us and pretty much ignored the smaller dog.

We're going to work with Quinn with our own small dog to see where the snapping is coming from. Quinn has lived in a pack of dogs, including his sire and dam, younger and older brothers and a sister (and, probably at more than one time or another, a litter of pups), so we're puzzled at his reaction today, but will try and get to the bottom of the behavior. Our guess? Insecurity, as Quinn has been low man on the totem pole up until now. He is just beginning to learn to be a dog on his own.

Quinn has found his forever home

UPDATE 1/28: After his brother's adoption, Reno needed someone to play with so we checked him in to Doggie District where he will have plenty of friends.

We think it's safe to say that Reno is doing well at Doggie District and is making friends

UPDATE 2/15: Two of our staff members took Reno to the park today and just had to get some new photos of this handsome fella!

UPDATE 3/9: Our volunteer trainer, Jordan, went to Doggie District this afternoon to spend some time with Reno and Alta Luna. According to Jordan, "Reno and Alta Luna are so sweet! I was surprised at how confident Reno was. He wasn’t nervous at all and he was so calm and collected. He is FLUFFY. Haha He knows how to 'sit' and 'shake' but doesn't always want to do it! LOL He just needs some more training and he’ll be amazing! He already is! I brushed him and he seemed to like it and even laid down for me. He’s very curious of his surroundings and of people and dogs but doesn’t bark which is good. ... I loved them both!"


Reno and Alta Luna enjoy playtime at Doggie District

UPDATE 3/12: Our thanks go out to Margaret who offered to give Reno a foster home! We're looking forward to updates as we learn how this boy does in a new home with a sweet foster sister, Lily.

FOSTER UPDATE 3/12: "We're practicing appropriate table behavior :)"

FOSTER UPDATE 3/13: "I worked on training today-- heel and stay. He's a v smart dog and picks up things quickly."

FOSTER UPDATE 3/15: Margaret took the furkids hiking this morning!

FOSTER UPDATE 3/20: When asked how Reno was doing, Margaret replied, "Good overall. He's a very sweet boy and I haven't really needed to use the crate. He doesn't always understand Lily's boundaries and so while they're playing now they've also gotten in a few tussles when he overstepped. He's been pretty good at following her lead generally and letting her be dominant-- it's just in play sometimes."

Reno enjoys an afternoon snooze

FOSTER UPDATE 3/27: "Reno is doing well — he’s an absolute sweetheart, and just wants to be around me all the time. He now knows 'stay' and is halfway there on 'heel' and 'whoa,' and listens to 'sit' 90% of the time. We are still working on that when he *really* doesn’t want to do it. He's the type of dog that has to decide you have authority before he’ll listen to you.

I was leaning toward adopting him, but the past few days hit a bit of a snag. He has taken an interest in Lily’s holiest of holies (the Ball), and as a result she’s been very jealous and is now refusing to play with him; in general she’s being fairly snippy toward him lately. I’d like some more time to see how that shakes out — we are working on them taking turns with the ball, which is working better, but she’s still not thrilled. I think I’m going to separate them for the time being when playing ball to see if her attitude resets. It had been going very well — he was willing to take the submissive role in play, giving her his belly, and they seemed to be having a grand old time — but him suddenly wanting to chase her ball has really changed things. He was initially not interested at all and then for awhile just wanted to chew on one while she played with another, so it hadn’t been a problem having them out together." We're going to give Reno another week to see if Lily will come around.

Adoption fee: $350.00

If you are interested in Reno, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email White GSD Rescue at This questionnaire link is only for Reno and Quinn or other white German Shepherds on our website. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

Please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies by reading ADOPTION BEGINS HERE. THANK YOU.