We were alerted to a facebook post in October by the person who had been instrumental in bringing senior Gypsie to our rescue last year. It seems a man had passed away -- a man who had a breeding pair of whites. His surviving spouse was not interested in keeping the puppy factory going and had had the adults spayed/neutered. She then reached out for help in placing the FOUR youngsters remaining from the past 3 litters -- one 9 month old male, one almost 2 year old male, one almost 3 year old male, and one younger female (exact age unknown). Another rescue had agreed to take only the female, and we agreed to take the boys after receiving some pictures and a video.

9 months old

Almost 2 years old

Almost 3 years old

Fortunately, Zulu had received some vaccinations, so he was quickly transported to Phoenix (thank you Michael & Bob). He is awaiting his neuter surgery (November 12th), and will be adopted shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the 2 older boys had received nothing; arrangements were made to get their vaccinations as quickly as possible (at our expense) so that they could be safely taken into our hands.

UPDATE 11/10: The boys have received their vaccinations and were transported to Crossroads by our favorite California transporter, Tera. They are safe and sound (although filthy) until we can arrange for transport to Arizona.



Adoption fee to be determined.

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