Raylene was first spotted by our facebook angel, Kathy J, in a kill shelter in California in December. Shelter notes indicated, "Just a bit fearful. Not labeled Rescue Partner Only. The release date is just today. You cannot pull until Jan 5th if not adopted. See policy attached."

Shelter image

The shelter was virtually CLOSED (thank you COVID-19), with all dogs being labeled "Rescue Only," even though no one could really get in to meet or interact with any of the dogs! We were baffled on how we could possibly evaluate a dog to determine whether or not White GSD Rescue was the proper place for her, but our hands were tied and so we took a leap of faith.

When Raylene (not surprisingly) became available on January 5th, we sent in a rescue commitment for her and our friends from Husky Camp were there to pick her up.

UPDATE FROM HUSKY CAMP 1/12: "She's doing OK. I would have your vet age her when she goes to see him. She appears to be more like a year / year and a half. No real house manners and she's scared of the cats so she barks at them and runs backwards."

We will be making a run to California to pick up Raylene as soon as time permits. She has an intake exam and spay scheduled for the end of January.

UPDATE 1/19: We brought Raylene in from California this afternoon and all we can say is, "THIS IS A PUPPY!" She's big and goofy with no social graces (or training) ... just like a puppy. She can be initially shy when meeting new people, but give her a few seconds and she's all over you with kisses and wanting to climb into your pocket for attention. Interested parties should be ready for lots of training and socialization for this good sized girl. She knows nothing, so plan on starting at Square One.


Raylene is due to be spayed on the 29th but is available for introductions and to move into a foster or foster-to-adopt home immediately. We will be small dog and kitty testing her in the next week.

UPDATE 1/26: With Nala coming into season this past weekend, we moved Raylene's spay date up to today. She came through the surgery just fine and the vet confirmed our suspicions that she was not 4 years old as the shelter thought, but closer to 2 years or less. She was also updated on shots, as needed, and microchipped. She will be ready for introductions and adoption in about 2 weeks. We will try doing her kitty and small dog testing once she's feeling up to it.

UPDATE 2/5: We took Raylene out of her e-collar this afternoon and had every intention of doing a small dog and kitty introduction; however, she was so excited and had so much pent-up energy that we knew we would never get a good read on her reaction to the other animals. We have decided to take her over to Doggie District for some playtime where she could expend some of that energy and try for an introduction next weekend.

UPDATE 2/6: We took Raylene over to Doggie District today where she can make some new friends and have someone her size to play with. She ran into one of the cats on her way out the door, and it did not go well, so we're going to say probably NO CATS in her forever home.


Raylene was ready to rock-n-roll as soon as she arrived, but Tara is going to take things slow and let Raylene get used to her new surroundings before sending her out onto the playground. Tera said she had the perfect boy for Raylene to play with and burn off some of that energy.

UPDATE 2/8 FROM DOGGIE DISTRICT: "...so we tried Raylene out with a small group yesterday on leash, and two of our calmest dogs this morning and she did not do well. She is definitely looking to start and finish something. I think she needs more structure and training before her socialization issues can be tackled. She won't be able to socialize if we can't get that stimulation down when she sees another dog. ...we have all decided we are not comfortable with her in group. We can continue her doing meets but we don't see the behavior improving in an environment like this."

Anyone out there up for a challenge? Raylene is a super sweet girl; she just has not had the proper training that every puppy should get from day one -- she simply doesn't know what to do and needs someone to show her.

Our thanks to volunteer trainer, Jordan, who will be going over to Doggie District starting this weekend to work with Raylene, and to her potential foster parents, who will also be making trips to Doggie District for training and socialization with Raylene.


UPDATE 2/14: Our thanks go out to Stacy and Don who volunteered to take Raylene out into the park today to work with her. "Hi Nancy, we had a pretty good time at the park. She was very easy-going around other people and she walks on the leash very well! Before we left we did have some people walk by with their dog as we were sitting on a picnic bench and she went berserk! Now I know exactly what you were trying to tell me. It is very concerning if she can't be rehabilitated to have her in an area with lots of other dogs. I'll be interested to know how the trainer does with her tomorrow. Thanks for the opportunity to get to know her today."

Raylene and Jordan

TRAINING UPDATE 2/15 FROM JORDAN: "Had a great session with Raylene -- she is such a sweetie and a cutie! She is definitely still a puppy! She LOVES smelling new things. She walks well on a leash (with proper handling). She needs to work on attention because of her lack of training but I think with time she will get there. At the beginning of the session she struggled with sitting, but at the end of the session she sat easily and quickly. She is a smart girl; she just needs a strong alpha to lead her in the right direction. She responded negatively when dogs would get close by -- I directed her away from the situation and had treats on hand for when she focused on me and would sit. It will just take time for her to get accustomed. She is very sweet and loving."

Raylene and Jordan

TRAINING UPDATE 2/23 FROM JORDAN: "Had another great session with Raylene. She is a million times better at 'sit' than she was a week ago. We are mastering 'down' now! She's doing great with that! She didn't jump as much either this session. She is great on leash per usual--she does need to work on focusing and learning her name. Some more time is needed with her when it comes to exposure to dogs. She is still over excited when she sees dogs. I think this is going to be a long process but will be worth it. She is such a sweetie and LOVES people and sniffing!!!

Here's Raylene enjoying the puppy sounds I was making haha!
She opened up to me more today too -- she rolled over and let me rub her belly!

TRAINING UPDATE 3/20 FROM JORDAN: "Had another great visit with Raylene. I love this dog seriously! She has the sweetest personality and literally loves all humans so much. She has 'sit' down to a T. She knows it so well when just a few months ago had no idea what it meant. She is still working on 'down' but gets the gist. She still is struggling with over excitement towards other dogs. I'm not sure this will ever completely go away... I think it could, but I'm not certain.

I really do think Raylene would love a home where she is the only dog. I think her potential adopters should know that sometimes sacrifices have to be made with a rescue dog and that's OKAY. For example she might not be able to go to a dog park. She would benefit from walks and playing in a big field alone with her owner; she is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met.

I love her so much, I have given her the nickname 'Praline.' I know that whoever is lucky enough to adopt her will be SO HAPPY with her. She is loving and smart. She is GREAT on leash and barely pulls anymore. I had my husband run around with her and she was trailing behind him! He had to encourage her, Lol. I think it will still require some work and lots lots lots of time of exposure to dogs to get her acclimated. I think it can be done. Just with a lot of work. Patience and kindness is key :)"

TRAINING UPDATE 4/11 FROM JORDAN: "Raylene was the best I’ve seen her today. She is starting to act like a dog who wasn’t in a shelter and on the streets her whole life. She sits without being coaxed and also did 'down' for me today without me guiding her. When I call her to attention she looks at me and when I tell her to come she comes and then sits.

She got excited when she saw a dog at the beginning of our session, but at the end she was able to keep herself under control better, with the support of me redirecting her and letting her know that's not the way to behave (in a positive way).

I think she's responding well and she's very smart. She has opened up to me and lets me snuggle her. She gets sassy sometimes but that’s just her personality. She is such a doll!"

Adoption fee $345.00.

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