This little girl came in to a California shelter the third week in August. Word from the shelter was that her owner came for her but had no money (to bail her out) and didn't want to spay her (dreams of a puppy factory perhaps?) and so he walked away. The race was on to find an outlet for this girl and get her out of the shelter as quickly as possible.


Thanks to our facebook angel, Kathy J, plans were immediately put in motion to get this girl out as soon as her stray hold was up. Her name was a name we could not pronounce, so we quickly changed it to Ramona! According to shelter personnel, Ramona has lived and done well in a family with children and other dogs. We don't know about cats.


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UPDATE 8/29: Thanks to our favorite transporter, Tera, Ramona is out of the shelter and headed for Crossroads where she will recuperate for about 10 days and then head for Phoenix in search of her forever home. Tera said she was still pretty loopy from the anesthesia, so she didn't press her too much for pictures.

Leaving the shelter

Please make the ground stop spinning

Click for arrival video

UPDATE 8/30: Ramona is still a bit woozey from her spay anesthesia, but she's a sweet girl and should be back to her happy self in no time.

UPDATE 9/15 & 16: Ramona has arrived in Phoenix! She's a puppy (possibly younger than a year or right at it), but what a sweetheart! She does not appear to have been mistreated and just about loves everyone. She was introduced to a small dog (6-1/2 pounds) and 2 cats at her temporary foster home, and did fine with all.

Ramona is crate trained (loves her crate) and appears to be housebroken, although we would not suggest testing that theory by leaving her loose in your home right away! She knows to sit automatically (you don't have to say a word) for treats, and takes them very gently from your hand. She appears to be perfectly comfortable where she is, even though she's only been here for less than 24 hours. She also appears comfortable as an "only dog."

Thanks, Joe for taking such good care of me
My ears have a mind of their own

Ready for fun

She's a beauty for sure

Meeting Jake thru the fence
Kitty intros went well

She made herself right at home in our staff member's office

Ramona meets the Queen of the Office, Stella, and tries to sneak in a kiss (2nd pic) to win her over

When the cats and Stella ran from her or tried to avoid her, Ramona was intent on catching up to them, but once she did and got a chance to sniff, she quickly lost interest as did the cats and Stella. They all soon realized that Ramona was only chasing them because they ran, so they all stopped! Ramona is desperate to get the cats or Stella (the little dog) to play with her. One of the cats (the one sitting above her in the video) has taken to playing "cat & mouse" with her. The other cat is not having any part of her, although she has not been pushy or aggressive with either of the felines. If they hiss, she backs up immediately.

Ramona will chase the cats (in play) if they run from her, but if they stop and/or she catches up to them, the game is over and she retreats. The cats are not afraid of her and do not avoid her by any means and continue to move freely about the room(s) she is in. These are very dog saavy cats and know what triggers a dog's prey drive. She is happy to lay by her foster mom's side for a nap or go out into the yard for play. As long as she's with you, she's happy.

Ramona seems to have chosen a favorite kitty. She will pester, chase, play with and annoy the kitty, trying to get her to play, but when told to "stand down," she does. She's a typical puppy and wants nothing more than to play and, if a cat is her only option, she's going to give it a whirl.

Ramona is a friendly, outgoing puppy in need of some training, but with a mind that's willing to learn and a heart that's ready to steal yours...

Ramona swoops in to give Stella a kiss while Hermione watches from above

Ramona wants her kitty to stop sitting still and play with her

Ramona couldn't quite fit into the cats' bed, but she sure gave it a try

Where there's a will, there's a way ... well almost!

UPDATE 9/29: Ramona and Spirit found themselves at Doggie District this afternoon for introductions. Once Spirit settled in, it was a full on puppy free-for-all!!


For the most part, Ramona (the older and larger of the two) played the "under dog" and allowed Spirit to "win"

UPDATE 9/30: With our staff member (Ramona's foster mom) being called out of town, Ramona moved in with Spirit and her foster folks, Kate and Lucien. Ramona and Spirit picked their friendship right back up where they left off yesterday ... let the fun commence!! According to new foster mom Kate, "Ramona is settling in nicely! Yoda gave her seal of approval, and Spirit is playing and more stalking. I think she’s going to do just fine here!"


Adoption fee $425.00.

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