Peter was rescued from the eastside shelter in October of 2010. After training with our rescue for approximately 2 years, Peter was adopted in October of 2012. Now, after 5 years, his adopter has made the difficult decision to return Peter, his best friend, to our rescue as he is moving back east where Peter cannot follow as Peter does not do well with young children.

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Christmas 2013

Christmas 2015

An experienced GSD person (a pack leader) is being sought for Peter. Even at 8 years, he is still very much a powerhouse of a dog and must have a strong leader in order to gain his respect and for him to follow. Peter is crate trained, housebroken and LOVES to play fetch.

UPDATE 10/7: Almost 7 years to the day of being rescued by White GSD Rescue from the eastside shelter (October 20, 2010), Peter moved into a foster-to-adopt home with Gina and the boys. We've got our fingers crossed that Gina has the leadership that Peter needs to make Tucson his new permanent home.

UPDATE 10/9: "Peter is doing very well and we are getting along famously! I'm in the process of teaching him that we can't play all day, just certain periods. I think that I was more worn out the first day, than he was! Peter has made it known to my back neighbor that he does not like her small, yappy dog jumping on the wall! It's always bothered me that she lets it bark incessantly. Peter barked loudly and hit the wall like a freight train. I made him stop and go in the house, but was secretly happy that he made it known that this is HIS yard. I could hear my neighbor chasing her dog around the yard trying to get it in the house; however, the dog has never listened or responded to commands at all. I'm very proud of Peter, he responded very well."

Adoption fee is a freewill donation to our rescue for the right home.

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