Look what was dropped off in the Night Drop Box at the Casa Grande Shelter! Can you believe it?

We were alerted to this girl's presence by our dear friend, Shelli, and we immediately called the shelter. We were told that she was on "HOLD" until Saturday and that we could call back on Saturday morning to see if she was still there (or had been claimed by her owner). Even though we were scheduled to be in Clarkdale on Saturday morning, doing Ice Lily's adoption, we started calling promptly at 9am, only to receive voicemail, time and time again. We finally left a message for a callback, which never came.

Our dear friends and transporters, Michael and Bob, offered to drive to the shelter on Saturday morning on the chance that this little beauty would still be there. So, we took a chance ... and when Michael and Bob arrived at the shelter at 9:20a, there she was!

Leaving the shelter (that's Bob under the mask)

When we returned from Clarkdale, Michael and Bob met us with the new baby.

Penny and Michael

A kitty standoff

Arrival at WGSDR

Her tail never stopped wagging

Love at first sight

It didn't take long for her new foster mom, Sarah, to come and claim her. We gave her the honor of naming her and, along with her first update, our furbaby had a new name.

Penny meets her big brother, Finn

FOSTER UPDATE 8/23: "She is the perfect puppy, I feel pretty lucky to have the 3rd time be a charm, twice! So I think she is my lucky Penny! She didn't whine at all last night in the crate, she loves the horses, and is a fan of the play pool but didn't know what to make of the big pool yet!"


UPDATE 9/3: Penny saw our vet today for her intake exam and was given a clean bill of health. Her age was estimated to be about four and a half months.


Adoption fee to be determined.

We are not accepting questionnaires for Penny at this time as she is in a foster-to-adopt home.

Please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies by reading ADOPTION BEGINS HERE. THANK YOU.