*PAULY* IN A NUTSHELL: Six month old neutered puppy. Housetrained, good with people, other dogs and children. Needs socialization.
Pauly is an owner surrender whose owner did not want to give him (and his "sister") up, but circumstances beyond his control have forced his hand. We were initially contacted by our friend, Debbie, who brought Pauly to our attention and asked if we could help. We are drowning in dogs right now, but we could not let this youngster wind up in a questionable home, and so we said yes, we'd make room for just one more. Debbie sent us this video of Pauly with his fursister taken by Rosie, who is the narrator in the video:

Rosie was the contact person who worked with the owner when she found out he was going to give them away on Craigs List. She even found a donor for the transport fees in order to help Pauly get to Arizona in search of his new home! We are very grateful to both Debbie and Rosie for working so hard to get Pauly to us.

According to the owner, "He's a really good boy, really calm, doesn't like playing fetch as much as the other dog. He said he likes his water bowl full. Pauly loves hugs, walks around the neighborhood and loves relaxing in a crate inside house with air conditioning and a fan blowing to his direction. Pauly loves chilling, relaxing, calm, cool, collected. He loves naps and sleeping." That's all the information the owner would share except to say that Pauly had been around young children in the home and did well.

UPDATE 9/17: Pauly was picked up at his home this afternoon by Chuck and Jon from Husky Camp. He will spend tonight at HC and begin his journey to Arizona in the morning.

Pauly is concerned about the turn his life has taken as be begins his long journey to Arizona in search of his forever family

Pauly arrives in Blythe and Lucas is there to meet him and bring him the rest of the way to Phoenix

UPDATE 9/18: Pauly has arrived in Phoenix!


It took a little coaxing to get him out of Lucas' vehicle, but he was easy on the leash to walk into the house and even met the resident cat on the way in without a fuss. He's still too shell shocked for a true temperament assessment, so we're going to let him chill a bit, pair him up with a "partner" and see how he does over the next couple of days. We already know he's good with other dogs and kids!

UPDATE 9/19: We were able to charm Pauly out of his sleep crate and out into the yard this morning. Paloma was a bit too much of a play partner for him, so we tried our matron, Lila, and she was just the right speed for him. Afterwards, Pauly found his crate again and settled down for breakfast and a nap. We're already getting tail wags! After seeing Pauly in person, we're convinced that there is a little smidge of something else in there besides shepherd. He definitely has the ears, but he doesn't have the larger bone structure that you would expect to see on a male shepherd and probably won't be a very large adult. Either way, he's as cute as he can be, gaining confidence and waiting for love.

Hey! It's time for me to come in!

UPDATE 9/23: Pauly is settling in and doing beautifully in his temporary foster home. He's happy and sweet and generally an easy keeper now that he's become familiar with his surroundings and feels safe. This boy is going to be something special for one very lucky family.

UPDATE 9/24: We did a foster swap this morning with Pauly and Sunshine and moved him into foster with Betty, who has a large white GSD (Shiloh, recently adopted from us) and two smaller dogs. At first, all Pauly wanted to do was get back to our staff member -- he has been with her for the past 5 days -- but as soon as Betty brought Shiloh out, Pauly definitely wanted to meet the big boy and was wagging his tail within minutes and snuggling in Betty's lap.

Once at Betty's Pauly quickly made himself at home.

A quick meet with Betty's dog Chase

Pauly immediately found an open crate and hopped in

Visiting my neighbors Deb and Tony with Chase

Getting kisses from Deb


Relaxing at the neighbor's

FOSTER UPDATE: "Pretty much the sniff you see in the pic [meeting Chase] -- didn't really care. I had to carry him into the home; wanted no part of the stairs. We'll work on that. Didn't want to come out of truck until Shiloh jumped out and he immediately followed. He sniffed and wasn't really interested in Bella. It is only his first few minutes here. He'll be fine. He'll be going out with Shiloh every chance he can. He came out of the crate for about 20 seconds to explore then back in. He wouldn't eat his biscuit until I gave one to Shiloh, then he decided it was ok. I'm leaving the crate door open so he can venture at will when he's comfortable. He is relaxed enough to lead me home and with slight hesitation, he took the steps without thinking about it again."

FOSTER UPDATE 9/24PM: "He is quite comfortable. He’s been in and out of his crate to explore and get his attention from me many times since he’s been here. Didn’t take long. Not bad for a few hours. He does need to learn not to put his paws on the counter. We’re working on that. But for the most part, he is quite calm inside. He doesn’t think twice about the stairs, as long as another pup is using them first. He is a great follower and will learn much from his roommates. He definitely likes his hugs, cuddles and petting from his foster mom and approaches quite often for the attention. He is one of the happiest pups I’ve had the pleasure of fostering. He is a special pup and will be a special addition to the right family."

"Well, this once under confident boy has gone outside (down the steps) and in again without the lead of a fur sibling! Bravo Pauly!!

Adoption fee $375.00.

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