Our partner rescue, Southwest, received a voicemail from Nikki's owners in early April, asking how to go about surrendering her to rescue. Since the dog was a white GSD, Southwest referred them to us. We made contact with them, asking for a surrender form, which they submitted on April 4th. The form stated their reason for surrender was, "Moving to a place that does not accept dogs," and that they could keep Nikki for approximately 3 weeks.

When we spoke to the owners personally, they explained that the adults were leaving for California that very weekend, but their older daughter would continue to live at the house until May, so we had time. We agreed to contact the daughter to make arrangements to make the 2 hour drive to meet and evaluate Nikki within their 3 week time limit.

One week later we received a voicemail message from Nikki's owners saying their daughter had changed her mind and was "going back to California this weekend," and we needed to either come and get Nikki or they would "have to drop her at the pound." We were stunned. Our 3 week deadline had turned into one that we could not possibly meet. We were unable to commit to taking in a dog we had never met, not to mention our weekend was completely booked, including a Caifornia transport, and we could not make the four hour round trip journey to meet, evaluate and possibly intake Nikki. Our hands were tied by their sudden deadline. When we tried to explain and request the time we were originally promised, we were met with, "Ok. Then I'll just have to take her to the pound."

That was the last we heard but we vowed that we would watch the shelter listings statewide and in California to see if Nikki showed up. FINALLY on April 25th, she did! Our faithful adopter and volunteer Michael (Sawyer & Amy's dad), emailed us a PetHarbor listing for Nikki. When we called the shelter to inquire, we were told that Nikki's owners had surrendered her THE NIGHT BEFORE (April 24th), saying that their neighbors were complaining that they had a dog. Wait! What? The owners had supposedly moved weeks ago. If they had given us the extra time, we could easily have made arrangements to meet Nikki. It didn't make sense to us or to the animal control officer at the shelter, who described Nikki as, "very sweet and friendly."

Shelter intake photo

In any event, we submitted the necessary shelter paperwork, drafted Michael to make the pick up, and made arrangements to get Nikki "outta jail" as soon as we could. Thank you, Michael!!

UPDATE 4-26: Thanks to Michael and co-pilot Bob, Nikki is out of the shelter and on her way to Phoenix and a new life. According to Michael, "Whenever I reached back from my seat in the car to scratch her, she would put her nose to my hand, in a worried/curious kind of way, but not at all aggressive. No moving away, no pushing my hand away, no growling."

Nikki and rescue coordinator Erica at the shelter

Safely out of the shelter and into Bob's hands

Ready to hit the road to Phoenix

Safe arrival!

Someone loves treats ~ thanks, Michael!

Nikki & her road crew ~ Michael & Bob

Nikki wasn't interested in meeting our pint-sized family member, Stella, but
we'll try again after she's had a chance to settle in a bit

According to her surrender form, Nikki had been purchased from a breeder (she's AKC registered) as a puppy approximately 2 years ago. She was currently living with five children aged 2 to 13 and is housebroken. Once we have Nikki safe in our hands, we will update her shots as needed and get her microchipped. She will be available for immediate introductions.

UPDATE 4/29: It's kitty testing day for Nikki.

Hermione immediately came down from her perch to say hello...

... and in typical cat fashion placed herself right under Nikki's nose as she sauntered by her

Hermione positions herself to get a better look; Nikki is intrigued

Hermione then taunts Nikki into following her ...

... then turns and challenges her when she gets a little too close

Kevin, on the other hand, preferred to remain safe under the kitchen table, hissing and spitting

At one point, Nikki became frustrated with the cats and began barking at them, but one simple correction (a "pop" of her leash and a "leave it" command), and she simply turned and walked away. If she was going to get into trouble with the cats, she wanted no part of them.

After her kitty testing, Nikki got a chance to play in the yard with big puppy Loki. She was surprisingly tolerant of the big youngster but drew the line on his 100+ pound body slams!

Adoption fee $375.00.

If you are interested in Nikki, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Nikki or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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