We had only just picked up Bella from Coachella Campus of Care when we received another video from Michelle on yet another sweet girl. Nala had been picked up as a stray in an unpopulated area of Desert Hot Springs. Michelle immediately fell in love with her.

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Nala & Michelle   Nala in Playgroup

UPDATE 12/15: Nala has arrived in Phoenix. She has an appointment with our vet on Friday to determine if she is spayed and will be updated on shots and microchipped.

Nala and Michelle as she leaves the shelter

UPDATE 12/18: Nala saw our vet this afternoon for her initial exam -- COVID restrictions prevented us from taking our usual photos. Dr. H confirmed her age between 2 and 3 years of age and said she had possibly whelped a litter of pups. Nala's spay surgery was scheduled for the third week in January, after which she will be available for introductions and adoption.

UPDATE 12/21: Nala was moved in with long-time foster family, the Coveys, this afternoon. Daughter Teresa is definitely looking forward to working with Nala.

Initial introduction

Dad Jay gives Teresa some pointers

Introductions with WGSDR alumni Ella go very well

UPDATE 12/24: Mom (Barb) reports, "Nala is responding to Teresa's training wonderfully. They're both very smart girls!"

UPDATE 12/30: Mom (Barb) reports, "I think Teresa is doing a wonderful job with Nala. Nala listens to her, is very responsive to commands. Teresa has her sitting, staying and is starting to work with 'leave it.' We are, for the most part, keeping Ella and Nala apart. If we allow both to be in the same room together we monitor Nala’s perpetual play-nagging. Ella is not interested in training a puppy ... She seems to be mostly tired and just wants be left alone."

UPDATE 12/31: Teresa is working hard with Nala.


Adoption fee to be determined.

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