MILEY IN A NUTSHELL: A slightly under-socialized little girl who take a bit of time to warm up to her new surroundings and trust those around her. Once she does, she's a pretty easy keeper. She did well with the household cats at her foster home -- she was very interested and did constantly follow them around, but she backed off when swatted. She was sent to Doggie District (a doggie daycare facility) to help with her socialization.
We received an email at the end of August, "I have been asked to take a female white shepherd owner surrender. She is just under 2 years old, good with other dogs and kids. Lived with 2 other dogs. Isn't spayed yet but they will have it done. Said she is an absolute sweetheart. Housebroken." We literally do not have a square inch of space, but the sender wanted to keep her out of the shelter, and it sounded like that's where she was headed unless someone stepped in. What could we do?

Thanks to Sharlet, Miley has avoided the shelter and is tucked away, safe and sound, with our friends, Cathleen and Joe, at Crossroads near Riverside. She will be coming to Phoenix as soon as space opens up for her. When we inquired, Sharlet stated that she doubted Miley had ever SEEN a man before coming to her. (She lived with 2 women.) It took her about 30 minutes to warm up to her husband, after which she loved him and was giving him kisses!

Arrival at Crossroads

UPDATE 10/19: Miley and her friends (Paloma, Carlo, Tally and Olivia) arrived in Phoenix this afternoon, thanks to our dear friends Cathleen and Sharlet, who actually rented a van large enough to hold 5 crates loaded with German shepherds and made the round trip from Riverside (California) to Phoenix and back in one afternoon to bring the furkids to us! Now, that's friendship for you!

Miley & Sharlet

Sharlet shows Miley how to pose "like a shepherd"

Miley was initially timid with us and stuck pretty close to Sharlet, but once Sharlet was out of the picture, Miley immediately attached herself to her foster mom. She's still not quite sure what to do about men yet, but we're going to keep an eye on her and see how she does when she has to be around one on a daily basis -- it's obvious she has no problem warming up to women. We're definitely going to take our time and get to know this lovely young lady. We may even move her to Doggie District for some socialization with dogs AND people. As of right now, she is completely fine with her new foster mom -- no hesitancy in her approach whatsoever in less than 24 hours.

UPDATE 10/20 KITTY TESTING ROUND 1: We did Miley's kitty testing today, reintroduced her to Bert and introduced her to our volunteer Wendy -- she did well with all.

Miley and Wendy

She wasn't very interested in Hermione

We're going to try again with the kitty testing to see how she does and continue to introduce her to more people.

UPDATE 10/23 KITTY TESTING ROUND 2: We repeated Miley's kitty test and she did just fine. She ran into Kevin just as she came into the kitchen, and he hissed and swatted at her -- Kevin is not our most dog-tolerant kitty. All Miley did was back up, and very quickly. She then spotted the 2 cats under the kitchen table and tried to introduce herself, but the cats were not having it. She stuck her nose in several times in an attempt to make friends, but received a hiss and a swat for her troubles. At no time did she escalate to barking. When Kevin had had enough, he ran for the livingroom and Miley gave chase, but she did not pursue past the portable gate that was up. When told "NO" and to "LEAVE IT," she returned to her foster mom and sat down, and then went back to trying to meet Hermione under the table. Kevin did come back to the gate to taunt her -- typical cat!

Wanting to make friends

Miley tries to get in a "kiss"

UPDATE 10/24 KITTY TESTING ROUND 2: We brought Miley out again around the cat (Hermione was game, but Kevin refused to play). She absolutely KNEW what we were up to and immediately checked under the kitchen table for the cat -- no luck. What she didn't know (yet), was that Hermione had moved the game to the livingroom where Miley eventually discovered her on the window sill after a thorough search of the house.

How much is that kitty in the window?

This kitty's NOT for sale!

Miley was having fun until the kitty sprang out from behind the drapes and swatted at her ...

... and Miley barked once, retreated and continued to watch from a safe distance

We had no trouble at all calling Miley away from the cat; she complied instantly and crated up without complaint. Her tail was wagging the entire time and neither we, nor the cat, felt the feline was in any danger.

UPDATE 10/25: We took Miley over to Doggie District for some much needed socialization. There she will be allowed to play with lots of other dogs and be subjected to quite a few different people who will be there to care for her and play with her. We think it's just what she needs to come out of her shell. She has been doing beautifully at her foster home, which she settled into within 24 hours, but new people, places and things are not Miley's strong suit and we need to step things up a bit for her so that she's ready for a family and the rest of her life.

Shyama makes Miley feel welcome

UPDATE 10/30: Our thanks go out to new volunteer, Jordan, for taking Miley out to the park this afternoon. Looks like everyone had a great time! According to Jordan, "They [the folks at Doggie District] leashed her up for me and she just was really unsure of me at first and she was shaking. But the longer I was with her she opened up and started showing me her personality. It was such a joy. I was pleased with 'sit' today and it seems like she already knew how to 'shake.' I don't think she knows down so I will work on that with her, as well as focusing more when walking. She takes treats really well so that's good! Here's some pics if you want to use them."


TRAINING UPDATE 11/5: "I am at the park today with Miley. She is so good today. She was not as nervous to leave Doggie District. She has done really well today with 'sit,' 'shake' and 'down.' Last time she did not do 'down.' Very pleased with her on the leash today as well. She is such a good girl and I wish I could keep her. LOL Must get my husband to come next time to get him to love her too! Haha I am going to come back another day this week and this weekend hopefully. She was so good today. I also forgot to add that I brushed her today and she absolutely LOVED getting brushed! She did so good and was very patient. She also played with the ball at the park (on leash) she is starting to open up. I can’t wait to see who gets put in Doggie District next. I really hope this does them good! It seems to have boosted her confidence for sure."


Adoption fee $375.00.

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