Puppies do not belong in shelters!!
MICAH IN A NUTSHELL: A 7 month old shepherd mix with a personality as big as all outdoors. He's friendly and social and loves people. He's new to our rescue, and we're learning more about him as the days pass.
Just when we thought we didn't have a square inch to spare (and we really don't), Micah popped up on our radar thanks to Sawyer's dad, Michael. He had spotted the puppy in a Facebook post and didn't think the label of "husky mix" fit this handsome boy. Micah's Facebook listing by Luna Siberian Rescue read, "MICAH (Meaning - 'Who is like God?' ). CODE RED !!!! MEDICAL !!!! He has been in the shelter for only 6 days, but he is code red for a significant wound in his right groin area. It looks like he got caught up on something. We said we cannot take any more kiddos but we always try to go above and beyond for Coachella and would if we had a foster home." When no foster home appeared, Micah's plight became desperate. OK, so he's probably a mix (not sure with what ~ the jury is still out), but he needs our help and we can't turn our backs on him -- not with an offer of transport AND a temporary foster home.

Michael's next email read, "I checked with Dave & Jackie to see if they would be willing to foster. [They said yes.] I am sure my vet will see him, and will be cheaper than most vets in Phoenix. My truck is gassed up." So, with a readymade foster AND transport, we asked our Facebook angel, Kathy J to reach out to the shelter for information and we received the following pictures and videos, as well as the one above.



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A final email from Michael, "Dave is enthusiastic about fostering another dog. I plan to introduce him to my pack one at a time just in case I need to bring him up to my house. If he is full or mostly shepherd, that's great. Hopefully you can find a foster-to-adopt right away. Otherwise he will stay here until he is sufficiently healed up (it's been 11 days already [since Micah came into the shelter with the injury]) and neutered and then finds a forever home. ... Vet's appointment is all set up for 10:15 Thursday."

Michael will be on the road to California in the morning to pick up Micah. We anxiously await pictures.

UPDATE 9/18: As promised, Michael hit the road first thing this morning and headed west to retrieve our latest rescue furbaby.

With Michelle at the shelter

Meeting copilot Bob

Ready to hit the road with Michael

Loaded up


Nope, backseat for you!

According to Michael, "This is one very happy boy! He loves people; he is very active, but he settled right down in the backseat of the pickup. He appears to be a quick learner; he learned how to sit in about 30 seconds when offered a treat. He takes treats really well, and he's a very good looking, handsome boy! His wound does not appear to slow him down, but he does yelp if he over extends himself or if the leash crosses under his belly. After we got him in the truck he took a ball, and is quietly amusing himself with it."

Micah's first selfie!

Asking for affection

Once Michael got him home, "Once he has met everyone he is pretty chill. The only time he got excited with me was when I was walking him at a rest stop and he saw someone with another dog. He loves other dogs and wants to introduce himself and play."

Meeting foster folks Dave & Jackie

From foster dad Dave, "He is a beautiful, loving puppy that is very eager to please. Loves attention. He takes treats with a very careful soft mouth. A great personality and loves to run around the back yard. Would be great for a family with kids. Fed him this AM then opened the back door ... went outside by himself to do his duty. He spend a few minutes running back and forth. Groin wound is clean and healing. He has a vet appt today."

UPDATE 9/19 FROM MICHAEL: "Okay just finished at the vet's office, 45 lb, 7-8 months old, his wound is almost completely closed and they gave another 7 days of antibiotics. We have a follow-up for a wound check, and if it is closed, we will schedule neuter surgery. Also give second puppy shot. The vet was very happy with how the wound has closed up. She showed me the scar where it has already healed and it was huge. Oh they [the fosters] love him. He's always calm in the house and does all his crazy running outside in David's backyard. They already have him broken of climbing up on them, but strangers are another story. And of course he needs leash work, he thinks his place walking on leash is between your legs."

UPDATE 9/21: Micah went to the park today!

UPDATE FROM MICHAEL: "We had fun this morning. Biscuit got along well with Micah (no surprise there), but Amy flat refused to play nice and we had to separate them.

At the park we have made friends with a retired gentleman (John) who walks a very calm laid-back sable German Shepherd female off leash. A few weeks ago, the shepherd tore a tendon in her leg and couldn't get herself up so he had to put her down. He was pretty torn up about it. He still comes by the park every 3-4 days to visit with my pack and chat with us.

Yesterday we told John that Micah would be coming to the park today if he was interested in meeting him. John came this morning and played with Micah, thought he was adorable. Hopefully something will result from it, but we'll see. John is going away next week. We'll see what he says when he returns."

UPDATE 9/26 FROM MICHAEL: "I took Micah to the vet this morning for his follow-up appointment. He weighed 51 pounds (up 6 pounds), his wound is almost completely closed, just a small 1/4 inch scab. No more antibiotics, no more washing the area with betadine. He received his next round of puppy shots and is scheduled for neuter surgery on Monday September 30. I will schedule him for a trip to the groomers after his surgery.

He is happy, healthy, playful, readily jumps in and out of vehicles and is an easy keeper. He is almost completely housebroken, but has had a couple of accidents when Dave & Jackie have missed his cues. Now that it has cooled off they leave the back door open hand he comes and goes as he pleases. He has a small selection of chew toys which he uses, and hasn't chewed anything else. He still snatches tissues up and shreds them."

UPDATE 9/30 FROM MICHAEL: "I just picked up Micah from the vet. Neuter surgery does not seem to slow him down. He did very well and he is tucked safely away with his fosters."

UPDATE 10/6: Thanks to Michael for bringing Micah to Phoenix today, where he was introduced to his new foster (hopefully adoptive) family with two time adopters Kathryn and Tom!


FIRST FOSTER REPORT: "Oh my, when we got them home they immediately went straight to playing! Mr. Micah has come in and out of the doggie doors several times! And he has already found the 2nd step of the pool (jumped right in!!). They are having a lot of fun together!!"

FOSTER UPDATE 10/7: "Oh my! This morning was quite the adventure for the kids. They were up early and enjoyed the sprinklers going off in the yard, then proceeded to find all the mud areas they could and you guessed it ... laid in them! (I only have a few areas that are dirt/mud from the construction and they found them all!!). They are having fun running and playing. Although most of today they spent lounging around (I think their play times are first thing in the morning and late evening). They are sharing all toys with no problems (this is a big step for Kaiya!). There are no problems during feeding time (Micah inhales his food, I think he thinks he's starved. This should quiet down when he gets used to the schedule.)


Micah has tried to dig a couple holes in the grass and he has tried to eat one of my outdoor plants, a simple 'No' and he immediately stops (we will need to watch him on these things; however, that is just simple puppy training stuff). We did get Micah a chew toy; he carries it around but he really does not chew on it (not sure if we got him the correct toy). All is going well and the babies seem to be getting along amazingly well!!"

FOSTER UPDATE 10/9: "Sorry, I worked out in the yard all day yesterday (it was an exhausting day); I was to tired to give an update. As I worked the babies ran in and out (played and lounged) as the pleased! Both doggies can come up to us at the same time and get lovin', hugs and kisses (Kaiya sometimes has to be first in line. No big issue there; that will pass in time). They are still jockeying for position in the bedroom at night (also no big issue, to be expected. Each night has gotten a little calmer). I have not seen Kaiya have this much fun running and playing in a long time, it's so wonderful to see that!! I have taken her on furbaby dates but she has not played and had this much fun. And we LOVE Mr. Micah! He has a wonderful personality, he is highly curious, playful, smart and fun (also a puppy handful ... he finds stuff that I'm not sure where he got it!! ...under beds maybe??). Micah also seems to like his new home a lot! (I'm trying to get pics of him exploring the waterfall, getting muddy, climbing the rocks etc… but he moves so quick!!)"


FOSTER UPDATE 10/9: "Oh my, the puppy stages!! Micah has gotten more acclimated to the house and has started getting into more things (moreso when we are sleeping at night). I think we will have to start locking him in the bedroom at night with us so we can keep a better eye on him (contain him) at night, until he learns (mommy there are so many rules! 'I cant dig, I cant chew what I want, I cant poo in the house' oh my, that’s a lot to learn!!). We have gotten him lots of chew toys and bones, he doesn't seem to like any of the bones we got him. I think we are going to break down and buy him some rawhide/or real bones (do you have a suggestion on which one of these are better? Rawhide? Real bones?). He likes all the other toys. Everyone is getting along fantastically!! We are going through puppy learning curves; this is to be expected and Micah has not chewed on anything twice (once he has been told No ... except the digging; he gets a little excited in the backyard sometimes. This will just take some consistent reminders)"

Adoption fee $335.00.

If Micah is not adopted by his new foster family, we will begin accepting applications for his adoption.

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