Mia is an approximately 16 month old German shepherd that came into a high kill California shelter in late May. Several people, including the shelter, reached out to us to see if we could help. Mia's paperwork said she was not good with other dogs, but we asked that she be re-tested after she was allowed to decompress at the shelter. Our request was granted and, on the retest, the assessor wrote, "Took this dog into the play yard and had a very large Caucasian Mountain Dog in the adjoining play yard. Mia went up to that dog through the fence and showed no aggression at that time. She tried to give kisses thru the cage. I took out a female Doberman to walk around Mia and she went nose to rear with the dog and had no hackles raised and showed no signs of aggression. Tail was wagging and she was happy. Upon taking her back to her cage I walked her along next to a few very aggressive dogs and she did go after the cage of a few males, but she ignored the females. This dog does become defensive if provoked. ... On the Dog-to-Dog, she scored a 3 out of 5. She is still controllable, just defensive."

Our friend, Lisa, also checked Mia out. "She is a sweet girl a little dog reactive but young enough to change that. Out of time. She is rescue only because of other dogs . Very ok with people."

Also from Lisa, who was desperate to save Mia, " I got this from a trusted friend who had her out. 'Very, very sweet, young, just not socialized with other dogs but young enough to train out of it. She [meaning our rescue] is her only chance; she is a dead dog walking.' This is so sad she is already on death row and I got her saved 'til Tuesday."

By the next day, there was a plan in place for Mia: Lisa will be at Lancaster 11:15 Tuesday. An email came in first thing on Tuesday morning from our Facebook friend, Kathy J: "We got her. Lisa said she has kennel cough and can hear in her chest. Wish we could’ve got her on weekend but just couldn’t work the schedule. The shelter didn’t say anything about it, so no meds."

The sweet taste of freedom

Ready to go with Megan

It's a dog's life for sure!

Ride to freedom and the rest of my life

According to Lisa (who pulled Mia): "In my opinion they did not understand her she definitely should not have been rescue only. She is very sweet. Unless she's not feeling well at all and this is not her true personality. But she gave me kisses she's as sweet as can be and those soft eyes she just looked up at me like thank you."

According to Megan (first transporter): "She's very sweet; she’s thin. Can hear her coughing."

According to Cindy (last leg of transport): "She was good in car, drank a lot of water, but wouldn’t take treats. Maybe not feeling so good."

Mia is currently at Crossroads in Rialto awaiting transport to Phoenix, which is scheduled for June 10th. She is spayed, up-to-date on shots and will be microchipped upon arrival. She would love to meet you.

UPDATE 6/17: Marsha, Yuki, Richie and Mia were brought to Phoenix by two of our staff members. Their bios will be updated tomorrow with pictures. Please check back.

Ready to hit the road

A goodbye kiss for Joe
Safe arrival in Phoenix ~ Hello, Annie!

Time for a nice safe bed

Adoption fee $385.00.

Mia is a sweet girl about 16 months old. She is spayed, up-to-date on shots and microchipped. She gets along well with other dogs and is pretty calm for a youngster her age. She is ready for forever...

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