Pictures taken at the shelter
Megan was discovered in a north California shelter in September ~ how a beautiful, 6 month old baby like this winds up in a shelter, we were determined to find out.

What we were told initially was that a neighbor of Megan's owner "stole" the puppy and another dog from the property because she believed the dogs were not being properly cared for. In order to hide her tracks, the thief took Megan to one shelter, and the other dog to a different shelter, in the hopes that the owner would not be able to find them. But whether through records or collar ID, the owner was found and notified that their dogs were being held in 2 different shelters; they were given 10 days to pick them up, and an "owner notify" hold was placed on Megan until October 2nd. With so many dogs needing our help, we thought surely the owner of a 6 month old puppy would come for her, and so we moved on to other dogs.

After further investigation once Megan was in safe hands, we found out the true story, "The owner had her for about 4 months. Neighbors would hear hear crying a lot. Never any witnesses. Then, one day the owner had a shovel and was trying to hit her. Another time she was after her with a pipe. Two letters were sent to Sutter County Animal Control about witnessing the abuse. The owner's son sprayed Megan with a high powered hose. The gate was left open. Megan got out, but always returned. Then one time a neighbor rescued her as a stray. She was brought to [a Good Samaritan who] called Animal Control and they said to bring her in. [The Good Samaritan did.] They (Animal Control) had her for 4 weeks. A registered letter was sent to the owner. The owner never responded."

On October 2nd, we were notified that the owner had NOT shown up to claim Megan (we're not sure about the other dog) and that she was ours if we wanted her. Now the problem was how to get Megan from a shelter northeast of San Francisco, to Phoenix! Enter our wonderful friend, Kathy J, who has transport worked out for Wednesday.

UPDATE 10/4: Thanks to the Rescue Coordinator at the shelter, for whom Megan was renamed, our newest rescue furkid was picked up at the shelter in Yuba City this morning by Kathy T.


Megan is free!

Megan seemed to be enjoying her ride to freedom with Kathy

According to Kathy: "She’s very alert, when we got out of the car halfway down she kept an eye out for everything that moved, she didn’t seem timid or afraid of noise and for where she’s been and her age I thought she was very calm. She sniffed around the car just a bit and then laid down the whole way. She very much liked to be talked to and pet - she’s a love and you could tell the staff loved her and really cared where she was going!”

Kathy drove from Yuba City to Fresno, where Megan was picked up by Cheryl and delivered to Bakersfield Airport. According to Cheryl: "She was a little doll. Never moved from the back seat except to look out the window and lay down. She loved Brett and Bob who picked her up for the plane ride. She saw a couple of little dogs at the airport and acted excited like she wanted to play. Brett got her right in the crate, of course he had a piece of liver in it, and she looked like she settled right in. I think whoever gets her will have a good little dog. She will need some leash training as she just wanders back and forth in front of you. Wish I could have spent more time with her but we made it!”

Cheryl and Megan at the airport to meet Brett

From Bakersfield, Megan joined pilot Brett and co-pilot Bob for a flight to Riverside.

On her way to Riverside

Pilot Brett said she did great and he would take her home if he could! He brought her liver, water and cookies! (Lucky girl!)

Safe landing in Riverside

In Riverside, Megan was met by our dear friend Chuck from Husky Camp Rescue where she will remain until transport to Arizona.

UPDATE 10/15: Megan finally completed her long journey to Phoenix this afternoon, thanks to our good friends from Husky Camp Rescue.

Megan stops by "Jerky Mine" in Quartzsite

Transfer in Quartzsite

Little Annie came along to keep Megan
company on the ride home
Am I cute or what?

Welcome to Phoenix little girl

Quite the little "bully" at first with Coco ...
... things were quite different with Ice on the scene! She didn't even try to bully the big boy and was quite happy chasing or being chased by him around the yard.

UPDATE 10/29: Patti and Steve (prior adopters) met us in the park today with Kodi (formerly Cal), to see if our little firecracker, Megan, would be a good fit for their family. The introductions went well, and even Kodi was starting to play, so we're going to give them some time to see if this could turn into a permanent arrangement. We certainly hope so.

Two peas in a pod

Adoption fee $425.00.

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