May was surrendered to our rescue in November 2016, by a Good Samaritan who had adopted her at a local shelter to prevent her from being euthanized. Knowing he could not keep her, he immediately reached out to our rescue and we gladly accepted May into our rescue.

May was quickly adopted into what we had hoped would be her forever family. All was going well initially; however, once the family's circumstances changed and there was less time to spend with May, she became more and more anxious. The family knew that their was going to be even less time to spend with May as their family activities increased and they spent more and more time away from home (5-6 nights per week, in addition to a full work week) ... and so they made the difficult decision to return May to our rescue for rehoming.

Read about May's rescue and early days with our rescue

UPDATE 2/12: May was returned to oiur rescue this afternoon and immediately began training at Boot Camp with volunteer Wendy. She was not the confident girl we had sent off to a new family several months ago, and was obviously shaken by the turn her life had taken. She was a little challenging for Wendy to handle, but she soon settled down and began to work.

Flooding circle ~ not a problem!

She is in a foster home with one of our staff members and is already re-acquainting herself with her old dog buddies. She'll soon be ready for introductions.

May is housebroken, crate trained, spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on all shots. She is ready, willing and able to meet her new forever family. May would do well with an active family that has time to spend with her. An adult-only or a family with older children would be best for May. She will occasionally do some mouthing (NOT biting or using her teeth) when she is stressed (like when a young child comes up and wraps their arms around her to hug her), and younger children might be frightened by the maneuver.

UPDATE 2/26: May came out to Boot Camp this afternoon to meet some potential fosters, John & Deb, who have fostered for us many times in the past.

First a walk in the park ...

... then John & Deb decided to give it a try

FOSTER UPDATE 2/27: "Morning, May did well last night sleeping on a dog bed in the living room. We tried to coax her into our room at bedtime but she stayed out in the living room. That's ok. In time she may decide to join the rest of the family at bedtime. She has a lot of energy! Tried to play with Rosa a few times but Rosa has not engaged in play yet. So May just comes to us to throw the ball. Sadly she has cowered a few times when something scares her, like Deb opening the pantry door and when I first came out into the living room this morning. But all in all, doing well."


FOSTER UPDATE 2/27: "May is doing great. Kind of a Nervous Nellie, scared of a lot of things, especially loud noises like thunder, fireworks and hammering. So we are socializing her with walks, hikes, trips to Home Depot etc. She has found her comfort zone in our bed and that's where she sleeps every night. It's a little crowded, but she's happy. She also likes to curl up with us on the couch. May has full run of house, never crated and we have left her for as long as 3 hours while we ran errands and no issues. Being a youngster, she has a lot of energy and wants to play, mostly chasing the ball. She and Rosa have only played together a few times and just briefly. May would rather interact with us. She likes walks to the park and hiking and does pretty good heeling and sitting. May loves meal time and acts like she has never eaten before, so we went to a slow feeder. This is a really good girl!"

FOSTER UPDATE 2/27: "May is still very nervous about a lot of things, like for the last 2 nights she has been scared to go outside and potty for last potty break before bedtime. So we leash her, which she gets excited about, then take her out and she goes fine. We have absolutely no clue what brought this on. ... The rest of the day she's fine going out. May sometimes acts scared if I have something in my hand, like a tv remote. Overall she is a very happy, playful girl. Mostly wants us to throw ball, but on occasion she does a drive by play bite at one of the other dogs; it's cute and funny. When scared, she finds comfort in our bed or next to us. She can be dog reactive when out on a walk, but it may partly be because she wants to play. But due to her youth and energy we don't let her interact with strange dogs, cause her play may be too much. ..."

May (at left) with her dog buddies Ghost (a senior male GSD also available for adoption) and Rosie

FOSTER UPDATE 3/22: "May is having a good day today. She went on 2 hikes (her fur siblings only got 1 hike cause they're not as young and full of energy, lol). Then she went out to breakfast, home after to play ball, where she fell in the pool for the first time. Did not freak her out though, just wanted to keep playing ball!"


UPDATE 3/27: May came out to the park today with her foster family. She met some new friends, and did well in Boot Camp class.

An introduction with Jethro

Heeling in Boot Camp

FOSTER UPDATE 3/31: "May went on a nice hike the other morning. She had a blast chasing lizards. We did some recall training and she did awesome!"


FOSTER UPDATE 4/19: "May update. She is doing good. LOVES to play ball! May had a busy night recently. She sleeps in bed with us and about midnight there was a loud crash. May evidently was dreaming and her legs kicking and she knocked something off nightstand which started a chain reaction for things falling, glass breaking etc.. Two hours later, she must have been in another deep sleep rolled over and fell out of bed! She ran around the foot of the bed and jumped right back up with a look of 'what happened?' What a goofball!"

The ultimate ball dog
(Click for video)

Adoption fee $395.00.

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