Matt comes to us from, you got it, another California kill shelter. We found out about Matt on February 1st, but he wasn't available for several days. So, we waited out his hold time and went to meet him.

" He's very sweet and rode in the car loose giving Joe kisses the whole way"

Safe and ready for his trip to Phoenix

Matt is approximately 3-1/2 years old (best guess), neutered, up-to-date on shots and will be microchipped prior to adoption. We look forward to getting to know him.

UPDATE 2/11: Matt has arrived in Phoenix!

Excuse me, can you tell me if this is Phoenix?

Happy to be on solid ground

Good focus

Loaded up & ready to head for Phoenix

UPDATE 2/12: The first thing that we have discovered about Matt is that he has kennel cough! We're doing our best to isolate him in a multi-dog foster home, but a foster home without any other dogs would be ideal to help Matt get over this. He has no interest in food, but is drinking so we're not too concerned about his ability to get through this without complication. We put him on a round of antibiotics just to be on the safe side. He'll soon be back to his old self again and we're looking forward to finding out just that that "old self" is!

UPDATE 2/21: Matt is finally over his kennel cough and is feeling much better. He is a "soft" but not timid dog. He's crate trained, but we're not sure about his leash manners as yet. He's definitely getting used to being spoiled around here ~ if he feels his foster mom isn't moving quickly enough with the food bowl, he starts "talking" (not barking). He's very sweet.

We are going to be moving Matt to a foster home in the next few days to give him a taste of living in a real home. We'll see if he can get alone with a toddler and a small dog. We think Matt is up to it.

UPDATE 2/25: Matt moved in with foster dad Tom and family this afternoon. Little Nicholas was thrilled to have a "big doggie" in the house again. Matt did beautifully with Nicholas and little Belle (a small Jack Russell Terrier). We did discover that he LOVES to play ball!! It was quite a surprise. He knows sit and drop it and plays quite nicely.

We look forward to receiving updates from Tom as to how Matt is doing with a household that includes a toddler, a teenager and a small dog. He's going to be one busy boy!

FOSTER UPDATE 2/26: "I know I sound like a broken record, but another great dog! Heís great with Nicholas, great on the leash too. I got some good pics Iíll send in a day or two. Canít imagine why a great dog ends up in this position."

FOSTER UPDATE 3/20: "Matt is a fantastic dog! He has been around the block and then some. He prefers Home Depot over Lowes. He loves the warmth of family by his side. He is very protective of his family; he loves a good truck ride, and he can catch a speeding ball 10ft off the ground. He is a very fast dog!

Matt & baby Nicholas playing "house"

MacKenzie's a fan, too

Matt & Belle enjoying the freedom of northern Arizona

He has adapted well to our family. He definitely loves children and loves to be the center of attention. A very cuddly soft lover. His manners are impeccable; however he will let you know when you are not showing him enough attention, and you may need to remind him who the boss is. He complies immediately. Never an accident in the house, or in certain circumstances out of doors, he holds it well but letís you know. He doesnít chew on anything, he has never had an accident, and certainly one firm toned EH! And he stops whatever he is doing and stares at you for further direction.

He definitely needs to meet new people in a controlled environment, meaning whoever has the leash should be very aware and able to control a large dog that can pull. I have seen the hair on his back go straight up, but once he is reassured it is a non-issue and once shown that the person is a friend, that person is completely welcomed aboard. This is the one caution I have with the Matt, however a good owner/leader would know this.

He has spent plenty of time around young children, many hours driving, many hours in retail stores, and of course a few hours when we are not around. My daughter, like others, believes he does have some cat like features. He does talk, whine, cry. etc., but it is never out of neglect. He just wants to hang out. He thinks the people & life centers around him, however when he finds out it doesnít, he may whine a bit. 10 out of 10, absolutely terrific, I have no idea why I am fostering him, but I and the family are thoroughly enjoying it. Very alert, and very protective; spent three nights in the White Mountains of Arizona with a lot of coyotes and assorted wildlife about. Perfect behavior, a true companion of a dog. My two year old Nicholas plays all day with this dog and Matt loves him and is extremely protective after only one month.

Not sure how he ended up in our hands, but Iím glad he did, Matt is a 10 out of 10."

UPDATE 3/26: Matt went to the CABRA (Coalition of All Breed Rescues of Arizona) vaccination and microchip clinic this afternoon for an update on his rabies vax. When asked how Matt did with the crowding and commotion that are normal at the clinic, foster dad Tom said, "Didn't even flinch. There was one other German Shepherd. Matt didn't seem bothered at all."

Matt now @ 88 pounds

Did someone say "shots"!?

Afterwards, Matt found a girlfriend at the park

Matt is having a wonderful time with baby Nicholas

Adoption fee $395.00.

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