Mandy is a purebred white German shepherd born on February 3, 2017. She has been with the same family since puppyhood, but now her main person has passed away, and the remaining family members are unable to continue to care for her. They reached out to our rescue to see if we could possibly help, and in the spirit of the holiday season and in an effort to "Pay If Forward," we said yes.

We will be picking up Mandy on Sunday in the Tempe/Mesa area and she will be temporarily housed with one of our staff members.


UPDATE 11/26: Mandy was surrendered to our rescue this afternoon and our hearts broke for her surrendering owner who had lost 3 family members in recent months and who was now having to give up Mandy as well. In her 70s and quite frail herself, she was simply not able to give Mandy the time, training and exercise that she needs and so, in her best interests, she gave Mandy the opportunity to find a new forever home.

What We've Been Told About Mandy:

  • Loves kids
  • Prefers men over women (although we believe this is simply because Mandy's main person has always been a man. She had no trouble with either our staff member or our volunteer [both women])
  • Has not been socialized with people and other dogs -- she simply barks at them
  • Loves to play ball
  • Crate trained
  • Housebroken

Mandy is spayed, microchipped, up-to-date on shots and has been on heartworm preventative since puppyhood. She's been well loved and taken care of by her person, but her world began and ended with the four walls of her former home. Mandy needs someone who is ready, willing and able to expand those four walls.

UPDATE 12/9: Mandy found her foster-to-adopt home just in time for Christmas. When Michele and Roxanne lost Rio (formerly "China," adopted from us in 2007), their home was just too empty without a dog. They reached out to us to see if maybe they were the right fit for Mandy -- turns out they were!


Within 15 minutes (maybe less) Mandy was climbing in their laps, taking treats, and she was more than happy to play fetch! We're hoping this is going to turn out to be a very Merry Christmas for all concerned. Michele and Roxanne have promised us updates.

FOSTER UPDATE: "Mandy had a good day 1. She explored the whole back yard and house multiple times. She waited patiently in the back of the truck while I went inside the restaurant to pick up dinner. She learned the down command over some tasty sirloin. The cat did scare her and hasn't warmed up yet. Mandy almost jumped into my lap when the cat approached her sideways. She's laying at my feet now falling asleep."

FOSTER UPDATE 12/10: "It was another good day. We let her off the leash in the back yard and she ran like the wind back and forth until she sat down in the grass to pant. We took our first walk today. Not perfect but a good start... She's not perfectly housebroken but we're working on that, too. The cat is still scary but its more the cat's problem than hers. She wants to be a part of everything and we will need to work on not creating a Velcro dog...but it's hard when she's so cute and affectionate."

Adoption fee $395.00.

If you are interested in Mandy, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Mandy or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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