Louie had a rough start in his short life. He and his litter mates were abandoned at 3 weeks of age by the couple that bred him. All but he and his sister perished; they were grabbed up by a concerned neighbor who bottle fed them and kept him until recently. He was raised in a situation of domestic violence for which the boyfriend of his Good Samaritan has been incarcerated. She, however, has been advised by her landlord to get her dogs off the property.

Louie will be in our care as of March 7th and will begin his preparation for adoption next week. He has a vet appointment for comprehensive blood work, fecal check, chip and his neuter has been scheduled

Louie is, in a word, a large PUPPY. He was well taken care of but no formal training. He is house broken, crate trained and was an indoor dog. He just turned 2 years old this past New Year's Day. As usual, we evaluated him in a public park and it didn't take long to figure out that he likely hadn't spent time in one before. He was totally distracted, much like a youngster at Disneyland, and offered little eye contact for us. He knows sit, think that's about it. Of course, once he's less distracted, there might be more to his repertoire.

He was very interested in the adult male dog he met but no aggression..very good for an intact male. He's been described as very dog friendly and historically has submitted to more dominant dogs.

He loves people. That said, our impression is that he's very much GSD in that he would't let some stranger really push him around.

LOUIE'S 1st day in foster care he meets tiny little Stella under the watchful eye of his new friend Janice. He just wants to know how she smells...we'll see if that changes when she is moving about freely. This week, the cat check...stay tuned.

We will provide more info as we learn about him; please check back for updates

UPDATE: 1st VET VISIT: When we don't have any medical history on intake, we typically do extensive blood and lab work on a new dog, not only to establish health, but also in order to be able to provide a baseline for the new owner when the dog is adopted. It can provide insight as to how the dog handles stress as well.

Louie started his medical work-up with a blood draw that he was not at all happy about. We think that this was his 1st and only vet visit and while he was curious and peppy about being somewhere new, having the tech hold him down was something he was not accustomed to. Thankfully he did not bite anyone and was very forgiving once it was all over; but only after having to go from a neck to a leg draw due to his resistance.

His lab results were normal, all values within range; organ function good, tick fever negative and final results showed a very weak (1:2) valley fever titer which is usually an indication of a previous infection handled by his immune system. He will have a re-check VF test in about 6 weeks.. He got his Rabies shot and microchip. We decided to wait on his fecal exam until next week when he is scheduled to be neutered.

While it's still very early, most of our observations have, so far, been confirmed; he loves life, needs manners and basic training. He weighed in at 75lbs yet is a big boy...will probably do best with older kids...time will tell.

One gorgeous creature on the move



Once he's healed from neuter surgery, training will begin. He is currently with a staff member with less freedom in the house than we would like, so we continue to seek a foster home, preferably someone with training/handling experience.

Lou's progress to be cont'd......

UPDATE: Louie's neuter was uneventful. His sutures will be removed the week of March 30th, at which time he will also be de-wormed and checked for any parasites. Some training in public places might have to wait due to the current COVID-19 situation. We will update when we have something new or significant to report.

UPDATE: Sutures removed and results of his fecal exam: he is currently being treated for Giardia (an intestinal parasite). We had the appropriate antibiotic on hand so that should be resolved in pretty short order. Folllowing a full course of his meds, he will be re-checked to ensure he's negative.

We think we might have the opportunity to move Louie into a home setting with a new foster, however, given the current circumstances there will be no moving of staff or dogs for at least two weeks...playing it safe.

So far, Lou has had comprehensive blood work done, has been vaccinated, chipped, neutered, bathed & groomed (ain't he purdy?), and just a tiny bit of leash work.

Job one, if and when he relocates, will be teaching and learning house manners with freedom. As soon as it is safer, our staff volunteer will be starting him on basic obedience.

Louie celebrating the removal of the post neuter cone from his head...

Gettin up close & personal with little Stella and what's better than a belly rub?!

Adoption fee to be determined.