Loki is basically an owner surrender -- not to us, but to a kill shelter, which we simply don't understand. How difficult is it to find a rescue for a white German shepherd? Judging by the number of dogs that have come through our doors, we're guessing pretty easy.

According to the shelter notes: "Dog was nervous but friendly initally on impound. ... Dog was nervous in the kennel but took treats. Handler was able to leash dog by letting him come through the kennel door. Once out dog was nervous and jumpy on the leash. Dog entered the yard in a nervous body posture and greeted the same. Dog was timid of the yard lead and pressure on the leash. Dog explored the yard and was very tolerant of the other dogs but did not engage with them. Dog may do best with a rescue partner."

According to the owner's surrender notes: "KNOWS SIT. DID WELL WITH HER KIDS FROM BIRTH TO 16 YRS OLD. LOVES TEDDY BEAR. LANDLORD DOES NOT WANT IN HOUSE ANYMORE. NEIGHBORS HAVE CONTINUED TO COMPLAIN ABOUT DOG AND LANDLORD CALLED POLICE. FRIENDLY WITH OTHER DOGS AND CHILDREN." [Note: We are assuming "Teddy Bear" is another dog (perhaps a small one) or possibly a cat in the household.] Owner listed Loki as one year old -- still lots of puppy in there for sure.

Once at the shelter, this youngster was scared to death and simply did not do well with the shelter's "assessment." Rather than sign his death warrant, shelter personnel reached out to us to see if we could help. We asked our dear friend, Shelli of Arizona Lost Dogs, if she could go and meet this boy.

UPDATE 4/4: Shelli went to the shelter to meet Loki today and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, he was upset at being in a very frightening place; however, Shelli found him to be sweet and BIG! Weighing in at 111 pounds (we were surprised, too); he's a gentle giant and was very grateful to be leaving what was probably the most scarey place he's ever been in his life. It was obvious he'd never been asked to load up into a vehicle before, but Shelli persuaded him.

Hi, I'm here!

Julia was the one with the treats, so she immediately
became Loki's new best friend
Thanks, Shelli

Stella was fine with the big, handsome stranger

Handsome and looking' for love

UPDATE 4/9: Loki has been pretty much "shell-shocked" since his arrival at his temporary foster home. He has no idea what has happened to his life, but today we saw signs of life ... our first tail wag! He's definitely coming around to his foster mom, although he is still suspicious of the man of the house, who is making it his mission to win Loki over with treats.

UPDATE 4/16: Loki is settling in to his temporary foster home. It's obvious he's only been used to a woman and children, as he has no problems with either. He is a complete sweetheart with his foster mom. Men are another story. He is highly suspicious and just plain afraid of them. Once he has gotten over his kennel cough (a foreseeable consquence of his short shelter stay), we will be taking him on outings to The Home Depot and PetsMart and other pet friendly places where he can learn about the rest of this big wide world of ours. This boy has led such a sheltered life and we definitely want to improve it for him.

Adoption fee to be determined.

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