In late October, we received a plea from the Bakersfield shelter in northern California, "We have a beautiful lady needing rescue immediately, we are so full :( Please let me know if you can help!" When we inquired, we were told, "She came in as a stray, I doubt that she is spayed. She's very good with people and other dogs."

We immediately reached out to our friends, Chuck and Jon at Husky Camp Rescue to see if they could make a trip up to Bakersfield to give this lovely lady a hand. They were booked until the second weekend in November, but if the shelter will cooperate and hang onto her, they can help.

UPDATE 11/6: We received an update from the shelter today, along with this video. "So I got her out this morning and she's looking bad; she's lost 10 lbs since she came in on the 19th. We need to get her out immediately!" We told them we had transport for November 10th, and they agreed to not only hold her, but to open the shelter on a Sunday so she could be picked up! Our hearts broke when we watched the video -- 10 pounds gone, but still so sweet.

UPDATE 11/10: Bright and early this morning, Chuck and Jon headed for Bakersfield and picked up Lisa. Was she ever happy to see them! According to Chuck, "She's very sweet. She does like to try and lift gate latches; she will tell you when she needs to potty when she's in a crate. She really liked our friend that dropped off her girls. She's got the sniffles, so we gave her doxycycline last night. She ate her dinner with no problem."

One of our staff members will be heading west to pick up Lisa tomorrow. Thanks to Pete and Ginny L, Lisa will have a ready, willing and able foster family waiting for her once she's checked out by our vet. Could a girl ask for more?

UPDATE 11/11: Lisa was picked up in Quartzsite this afternoon and brought to Phoenix, where she is settling in at her temporary foster home.

Where am I?

Chuck & Jon help

Skin and bones ...

... but beautiful inside and out

Time for a potty break in Quartzsite

You can count every rib

"Meeting" the statue in front of the house ~ this is one weird smelling dog!

Lisa will be seeing our vet tomorrow, after which we will map out a plan for her rehabilitation and future spay. She's finally on the right road!

UPDATE 11/12: Lisa saw our vet this afternoon and weighed in at a very underweight 55 pounds. Other than a slight URI (upper respiratory infection, common among shelter dogs), she was in good health. Lisa was put on antibiotics for 2 weeks and scheduled for spay surgery in December. We're hoping she'll put on at least 5 to 7 pounds by then! If not, we may postpone, but other than being underweight, our vet found her to be in surprisingly good health. A trip to the groomer is also in her future.

UPDATE 11/29: Lisa is doing well and moved in with her new foster folks, Pete and Ginny, and foster brother, Trooper, today.

FIRST FOSTER UPDATE 11/29: "We are going to have to get used to having a taller dog. :) Had some leftovers on the counter getting ready to warm up for dinner. The only uncovered bowl was the gravy. Stepped out of the room but hurried back when I heard a dish clink. Guess who enjoyed herself some wonderful gravy? (Trooper was put out that he missed out.) We'll have to work on those 'table manners.' It's like having to 'child-proof' our house all over again. Ha. But we don't mind. She's a sweetheart. Everything great. We need to get some toys soon. Lisa is feeling very comfortable and playful. As I'm typing this, I hear Pete laughing loudly on the back porch. I looked out and Trooper and Lisa are chasing each other around and having a great time. Good exercise for Trooper."

FOSTER UPDATE 12/3: "Hi. Been so busy havent thought to check in. Lisa is doing great. If we survive puppyhood, we should all be fine. Will she grow into her big feet? Guessing she isn't fully grown??? I hope we aren't too boring for her. She is keeping us on our toes ... but what a beautiful creature she is. She loves to try to get Trooper to play, but he mostly hides from her until she settles down. We make sure he gets his share of loving and attention.

We had 4 adult family guests here on Sunday evening and she did well. We let her hang out in the crate while we ate but then she joined in later and got plenty of attention ... they also have a big dog so were very comfortable with her. My friend with the female 7 year old Australian Shepherd service dog stopped by for dinner last night and that went well. Had to calm down both dogs now and then but they did very well overall. ... She greets the day with lots of energy and playfulness but settles down nicely during the day, except when she decides she wants Trooper to play. We are loving this girl."

Adoption fee to be determined.

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