OVERVIEW: Lexi is a senior girl whose owner took relatively good care of her while he was alive. She has been given a clean bill of health after a dental cleaning and x-rays by our vet. She gets along well with other dogs and most people. Young children are probably not a good match due to her age. We don't know about cats. She's a sweet gal and a great companion.
While Shelli was at the westside shelter bailing out Grace, there was a phone call -- could she take a look at another white GSD that was currently at the shelter. Shelli called to ask if we could squeeze in one more and we told her if she could come up with a foster, we'd figure it out. All we can say is, LEAVE IT TO SHELLI!!

Turns out Shelli had bumped into someone at the shelter, Shawneen, who was at the shelter to save a dog from the e-list. As it turned out, that dog was already taken care of, and so Shawneen wanted to know what she could do to help. Shelli told me to "follow me and I'll show you!" So, not only did Shelli turn up at our staff member's home with 2 dogs, but also with a ready made foster mom!!!

Lexi and her black lab friend were turned in to the westside shelter when her owner died. Even though she's listed as a senior, it's obvious she has been well loved and, while her nails are long and her teeth could stand a good brushing, she is clean and looks to have been well taken care of. Shawneen, who coincidentally has a black lab of her own at home, was more than happy to offer Lexi a safe haven until her forever home can be found. THANK YOU, SHAWNEEN and welcome aboard. We could not have taken Lexi today without your offer of a foster home.

So happy to leave the shelter

Shawneen has promised us updates and photos as Lexi settles in to her temporary safe haven.

Lexi and Shawneen

UPDATE 6/21: Lexi saw our vet today for an initial checkup. She was found to be in relatively good health, with the usual aches and stiffness of a senior. Her teeth are in need of a good cleaning, so we have started with some rinses that should hopefully improve things, and some medication to make her feel more comfortable. She does have a "snaggle" tooth, but that will probably resolve on its own (it did).

Lexi's "snaggle" tooth

FOSTER UPDATE 7/7: When asked how our senior gal was faring, Shawneen replied, "Good, her breath smells better; she's lost the other front tooth. She gets along with Bella. She's getting totally spoiled."

Nap time!

UPDATE 7/18: Lexi saw our vet today for a dental cleaning and overall well check. The vet thought that she was younger than we had been told -- more like 8 or 9 rather than 11 years as she was generally in good health. She will be on antibiotics post-dental and should be right as rain in no time at all.

Lexi is enjoying her vacation in Lake Tahoe

UPDATE NOVEMBER: A frantic call from Lexi's foster mom told us that a lump had suddenly appeared on one of Lexi's legs and was growing fast. Of course, our first thoughts turn to CANCER and the need to get the problem diagnosed and resolved as quickly as possible. Our instructions to Shawneen? COME HOME ASAP!!!

UPDATE 11/21: Lexi was examined by our vet at Dynamite Creek and scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, November 29th. Surgery is going to be expensive ... almost $1,000 -- and Lexi could sure use your help.

I don't feel so good...

...and this is why... OUCH!

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UPDATE 11/29: Today is surgery day for Lexi.

Not sure what I'm here for, but I'm definitely sure I'm not going to like it!

Shaving the area in preparation for surgery

We hadn't realized just how large the lump was


Lexi's surgery went very smoothly and seems to have been a success. We will, of course, have to wait for the pathology report, but the growth seemed to come off cleanly. Lexi is resting comfortably at the home of her foster mom Shawneen. She will be seeing the vet for follow-up on Friday.


UPDATE 12/2: Lexi saw our vet for a wound check this afternoon. We are still waiting for the pathology results.

UPDATE 12/5: Lexi's results are in: Spindle cell carcinoma (cancer) but only Grade 1!! The vet feels that removal was successful, but these types of growths will sometimes reoccur but are generally slow growing.

Thanks to our successful fundraiser on Sunday (Santa Paws) we have been able to raise most of the money for Lexi's medical expenses to date. Thanks to all who participated and got their photos taken with Santa! It was a wonderful event attended by many old friends.

UPDATE 12/7:

Healing well

UPDATE 12/13:

Suture removal day

UPDATE 1/16: Lexi had another surgery today to remove another Spindle cell carcinoma (cancer). She tolerated the surgery well and the vet feels that he was able to remove all of the growth. Hopefully this will be Lexi's last surgery, but we will be standing by if she needs more.

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